The First Manifestation in 2004, Peace Court,

The Hague, The Netherlands


Dear all of you,

The first NESARAmanifestation in 2004: we stood in the snow, with a blue sky
and sunshine.
Horst came from Hamburg (D) again. Tatjana and Detlef Dorsch (Washington
State USA) were with us (thank you for being here with us....!!). And a
journalist and photographer payed us a visit.
Today, I met a Dutch man and a Chinese woman....they were passing by on
their bikes. They saw the manifestation and asked what it was about. I gave
them a flyer. The lady was very interested. And when I told her about
NESARA, she began to cry and we hugged for a long time.......This is why I
am standing there every friday. Telling people about NESARA gives them hope!
We were lucky there were 3 people speaking fluenty German, because there
came two busses with German people. It was a quiet but beautiful (cold)
day........ Miep and a Judge greeted eachother.......we met two wonderful
people (Tatjana and Detlef).....and Egbert came by: NESARA was new to him,
Monique explained it and after an hour he came back to us, because he wanted
to have a picture with all of us. During the after-NESARA-hotchoco, we met
him again......See you soon, Egbert!

Dear people on this earth....all of you.......I wish you all a very, very
happy new year.....Nel.


Happy New Year everyone!
There we were again, on the 2nd of january, 2004, still going strong. It was
a quiet day at the Peace Palace, sunny, but colder than ever. Ik got to talk
to a nice couple from Slovakia and 2 busses with Germans came in, yes, the
Peace Palace is the place to be if you want to share something peaceful with
the rest of the world - it attracts people who are interested in peace.

We knew how important it is to "pray like we have never prayed before", so
we joined hands in a circle again, saying our prayer as best we could,
hoping to help rise the consciousness of our world. Is it high enough to
make NESARA happen?

My thoughts went back to what I saw on TV yesterday: the world song-contest
of "Idols". Eleven countries sent their "Idols"-winner to compete. Eleven
young people presented themselves very professionally. But there was one who
did not fit the mold: humble Kurt from Norway. One of the judges hit the
head on the nail: Kurt, your voice is beautiful, but you do not LOOK good at
all! Yet, you have a goodness and innocence radiating from you....amazing!
I wondered who would the people choose? Would they go for outer glitter and
glamour or would they choose for inner goodness and innocence? HOW HIGH WAS
The world chose Kurt. With a landslide victory and I cried.
I think We The People are ready for NESARA.
Love, Catharina.

Hugo and Mari-Elise:
A happy new year it is beloved ones !

Today we had a quiet, peacefull, gracefull day at the Peace Palace.
Freezing cold and a beautiful snowy landscape.
Two busses filled with German tourists took our flyers.
The expected and warmly welcomed journalist and photographer from the "Haagsche Courant" joined us.
They made a beautifull article in the saturday issue. Thank you Jorrit and Theo !!!

Creator was present with us.
We did the traditional Violet prayer again, strenghtened through Detlev and Tatjana.
The sun, Aton, was in my back. Following the third time we did the Violet
prayer Detlev expanded the thought and I felt compelled to conclude with "so
be it", Mari-Elise: "so it is". Our hearts vibrated. Creator was with us this time.

Thank you Detlev.

Expressions of Creator present:
Rob, Nel, Miep, Monique, Catharina, Horst [D], Tatjana [USA], Detlev [USA],
Corry, Maaike, Lenie, Hugo, Mari-Elise, Janna, Marijke, Jan Kees, Egbert,

Creator desires every one of us to be fullfilled and filled with Love inside.
Blessed you are in this brand new year. Your will be done.

Hold fast your ideals. You are in our hearts. We are One.

Hugo & Mari-Elise