The Netherlands, The Hague, May 21, 2004, Demonstration at the doorsteps of the Peace Palace for NESARA.


Dear All of Us,

Monique and I started this demonstrationday at 9.30 am by visiting the police headoffice, making the request for extending the permit for the NESARA demonstrations in front of the Peace Palace. Although the department relating to the permit was closed for today, we could do the request and soon we will hear the answer.

Today we spoke to tourists from Germany, Spain, Italy, France, China, Kuwait and the Netherlands.

Dutch schoolkids were very interested in the NESARA law.....they realized NESARA is about their future. Also there were schoolkids from France and we spoke to their teachers. They were pleased with the French flyers.

Miep and I talked to a Dutch lady, who heard about NESARA for the first time. She told us: "It is so good what you are doing overhere, whether NESARA is true or not, I don't know. But the important thing is that you make people think."

Last week there was a lady of the Life Foundation who promissed us to come back today and bring us a plan of the World Peace Pathway which tells us exactly which stone is from which country. This lady did come back and told us that the plan of the stones is not ready yet, because more stones will be placed into the Peace Pathway and that this will take about two weeks.

Across the road there is a tram-stop. Two people waiting for the tram, came over to ask about NESARA and they took flyers in three different languages: Spanish, Italian and Dutch. One of them was listening to the NESARA explanation and the other one was keeping an eye on the arrival of the tram. When the tram came, they ran across the street, waving and wishing us succes.

I spoke to a lawyer from China. She told me she is a financial lawyer. She was very interested in NESARA and she is going to take action to activate people in China for supporting NESARA.

I also spoke to a Dutch economist. And he was enthusiastic about the benefits NESARA will bring all of us. The NESARA law is what we need, he said.

And there were four men from Kuwait. They did have a lot of questions. They said that learning about NESARA gave them hope.

While we were finishing the demo, a very nice World Court Judge drove by slowly and waved to us.

It was a good demonstrationday, with a strong wind and a little bit of sunshine.

People present were: Henk, Monique, Miep, Corry, Ada, Nel, Hugo, Mari-Elise, Barry, Marijke, Johan Peter and Annette.

Next week we will be there again - we will be there for as long as it takes. Peace on Earth - NESARA Now.

With love to All of Us, Nel.