The report of the NESARA Demonstration

October 24, 2003 in front of The Peace Palace in The Hague.

Again we shared a very deep feeling of Love ......I am so grateful.....
With unconditional love, Nel.

It was snowing when we left home.......It was +1 degree Celsius........But
the sun was trying to get through!! I arrived first with my banner,
together with two policemen. We shook hands, talked about NESARA. They
told me that they weren't planning to stay with us the whole time. They
were very nice and again they were interested in what NESARA is.

Rob, Monique and Miep (Monique's mother) arrived with the rest of the
banners and we did our best (with cold hands) to hang them all in the

Then Hugo and Mari-Elise arrived with their banner. By that time the sun
was shining, the sky was blue and we felt great! By turns we held the

Tourists were interested and were taking pictures of us and videotaped the
demonstration. Those pictures will be shown in different countries! We
stand with those banners faced to the World Court! We felt so strong!
Miep handed out flyers all the time: there was no stopping her....she did
a very great job out there! And she brought us coffee, tea, chocolate
milk, bread, etc. She was our mother out there. Thank you, Miep!

I will let Hugo describe this next event;

The group was standing under the trees by the Peace Flame to try to keep
during a little period of time we were not bathing in sunlight despite all
predictions of hail and wet snow. Nel's banner and Mari-Elise's were
stretched out in between the trees and clearly visible. We noticed there
was a car coming out of the gate where the little white gatekeepers box
is. The car with a CDJ license plate (Judicial Diplomatic Corps) hesitated
a split-second in accelerating to exit the little square the short way,
and the most logical way out which would be straight forward towards the
main road. The driver looked at our group and banners and steered his car
towards us making a 90 degree left turn to do so. He halted a few meters
from us with the nose of the car very closely pointed towards us. He then
gave us a very intense and extensive nod.

Monique and Hugo both recognized his face from the list of World Court
Judges. Thank you, Judge !

It means a LOT to us !!!

Corry, a dear friend of mine came to help us for about half an hour and
the sun came back.
So again we were standing with our banners facing the World Court. I had
the urge to do the NESARA Global Meditation which Nancy Tate sent out in
her emails this morning. So the five of us, standing there facing World
Court did that beautiful meditation. The feeling we had was so intense!

And then Erik from Helmond came to help us. He had driven for 3 hours to
get to us! Good work, Erik, thank you for being there with us!

We talked to a lot of people about NESARA: One man was waiting for his
visa to India. And he really took time to listen to us. He was amazed, he
said he found it hard to believe. But he also said his heart told him it
was the truth.....

At 14.00 hours we thanked the policemen, shook hands again, and asked one
of them to take a last picture of the whole group.

We gave each other a big hug, knowing we all made a difference!!

With Love from All of us....Nel, Rob, Monique, Miep, Hugo, Mari-Elise,
Corry and Erik.