The report of the NESARA

Demonstration of October 31, 2003 in front of The Peace Palace in The Hague.

The third day at World Court....

.....Carl Straw came to join us. He came all the way from England. He left
his home at 09.30 in the morning and I picked him up in Hoek van Holland at
the ferry at midnight.He made a very long trip to get to us, but we shared a
wonderful day together. Carl went back home at 16.00 hours in the afternoon.
Dear Carl, thank you for being with us!
..... Also Detlev Marx and Sabine and Alexander came to join us. They came
by car from Germany and they left their homes at 05.30 in the morning. They
arrived at the Peace Palace about 10.30. For Detlev it was the second time
he came to be with us in front of the Peace Palace and he is trying to be
there again next friday. Dear Detlev, Sabine and Alex, thank you for being
with us and bringing the beautiful prayer with you!
........There was this Swedish journalist with a photographer who had seen
us when they were passing by in the morning on their way to the Swedish
embassy. They came back to us to ask what it was all about...unfortunately
we already closed the demonstration......we gave them a flyer and advised
them to go to the website.

Again this was a very special day for all of us in front of the World Court.
All of You who were there with us in Spirit......I thank you.... together We
made a difference.

With Love and Light, Nel.

A wonderful day in front of the World Court (31 october 2003)...........
It has been another amazing day again at the World Court/Peace Palace. Since
the first day we've
been meeting there, every time we get to meet more and more beautiful
people, the family gets just
bigger and bigger and so is the energy surrounding us. Thank all of you for
being there with us,
whether in spirit or physically, the feeling is just wonderful, beyond
Today I recognised at least 2 judges passing us by though I have a feeling
there were much more
passing us by, though the judge that really sticked with me was Judge Abdul
G. Koroma, what a
Later on when I moved my car to a free parking place I nearly bumped into
his car, luckily he'd
already seen me so nothing happened and he just smiled.
Afterwards, a lot had already left for their journey back, we stopped over
at what we started to
call "our office", a cozy cafetaria around the corner for some hot drinks to
settle down with. When
we returned back to our car around 16.30pm and said goodby to the last ones
Corry and Nel, mother
Miep and I noticed some amazing activity at the World Court.
We just we're dazzled by all the cars driving in constantly, mostly cd and
cdj license plates, all
of the driveway (3 sides) were fully parked, there just wasn't enough room
to park all cars!
I have never in all the time I've been at WC seen so many cars driving in,
for us it felt like there
was a big gathering, a party going on, and I had a strong feeling it was
all about NESARA! Of
course this can well be wishful thinking though there was definately
something out of the ordinary
going on! We stayed there for about half an hour watching the whole parade
passing by, just enjoying
this grand finale, what an awesome day it was......

Today for me and José the day started early and we both woke up a lot last
night, it was the energy of NESARA who was preparing us for the day at the
Peace Palace. We arrived early in the Hague and saw already many traffic
towards the World Court. This was going on the whole day. We talked a lot to
Japanese and Chinese people who were excited about NESARA and wanted to make
pictures with us and them on it. They even asked if we could give them a
flyer in Chinese language. We asked them take the information to their
media. I know for sure that they know in Japan and China about NESARA. We
kept the day dry and sometimes the sun was saying "Hello" to us. In the
afternoon we were present with the number of 19 bodies and a lot more
souls!! We prayed together in a circle for the manifestation of NESARA in
the people of the World's lives. Detlev was reading the words of Light!
I personally had a beautiful experience with a Kid on a bike he was
approaching me and asked what this al was about. I explained him that this
was a coming together for Peace in the World and people to Love each other,
No more war, no more Hate but Freedom and LOVE. He was listening very wise
and careful. I gave him a Flyer, he said very excited that he would give
this to his parents who lived behind the Peace Palace and then I thanked him
and he drove away very pleased!

At the end of the day we made a circle of Light again holding hands and
saying thank you and knowing "NESARA is in our lives already"!!
Love and Blessings,

Beloved readers,

today [october 31] at World Court was an energetic and eventfull day !
We had 18 lovely people together in beautifull sunshine, again. More than
doubling our presence from last week [8].
In addition to last week we had two splendid new banners reading :
"We Love The FORCE" from Erik, and a very USA style beautifully done "Dear
Judges, we trust and support you" from Miep and Monique on grandpa's old
The first bus of japanese tourists arrived when we were just about ready to
hold banners and had just greeted Carl who came across the channel from
I immediatly got a request from a lady who wanted to be photographed with me
and Mari-Elise's banner. They must be spreading the word fast there in
Japan. The rest of the bus was holding a wall of camera's, first
photographing the demonstration and then the Peace Palace. We seem to be a
hit in Japan.
Detlev who joined us from Germany, taking two friends, had taken a
beautifull prayer with him. We recited the prayer in unison.
Under the benevolent rays of the sun we blended beautifully into a sea of
activity handing out flyers and keeping our eyes open for the countless CD
license plates and especially the CDJ ones. It was remarkable. So many of
them ! Wonder what's cookin'. ;-)
Miep managed to get many CD windows to be rolled down, she just didn't take
no for an answer.
If you good people thought getting attention from one Judge is an
accomplishment, try three, and possibly four !
I think it was Miep who managed to hand out a flyer to one of the WC Judges.
Can you believe this ? This warm and centered judge actualy rolled down his
window and with a big smile accepted a flyer.
I caught another judge looking at the banners kind of schrugging his
shoulders in light amusement thinking what am I going to do with this ?
Monique saw another judge.
Whith all this exitement going on it was time for an intermezzo. A bus of
chinese tourists provided just that.
One chinese man got his picture taken joining the banner crew. Another man
just couldn't stop making the V-sign and thumbs up. They cuddled us with
their enthousiasm. Quote "Chinese people loves peace !" unquote.
The tourists kept on coming and made us turn the banners around at every
occasion. Miep kept stopping cars and handing out flyers. One driver asked
Miep for some extra copies to share with her friends. Way to go Miep ! We
kept our eyes open for those lovely CD and CDJ plates. CDJ allert !
Try this for topping: the second set of gates to the Palace, which are
always closed, were opened. Police motorcycles closed the nearby crossings.
"Yes, someone big" a police officer confirmed. In one move we and the
banners where lined up close to the entrance. The police was forming a guard
of honour in front of us. It turned out we got the attention from the
Hungarian president.

Not bad for a days work. ;-) Thank you every single one for being there !!!

Just a bit after 14.00 after closing the official meeting we formed a circle
around the peace flame and did the prayer with a little more emphasis.
It is a beautifull day and we all met some new friends, and : we are making
a difference !
The acceptance within CD and CDJ circles has grown to be blessed by the
sunrays with us out there.
The "regular people" were coming towards us instead us chasing them. We've
lighted a fire and there's no stopping it.

Those present in no particular order whatsoever :
Nel, Miep, Monique, José, Paul, Detlev [D], Sabine [D], Hugo, Pieter,
Mari-Elise, Erik, Ad, Carl [GB], Marianne, Elly, Antoon, Alex, Corry.

The Force is with us !

In Love and Light,

Ad and Marianne:
At a quarter to nine this morning we left home to go to the World Court in
The Hague. In the car Ad said he had visualized that all traffic jams would
dissolve in front of us and so they did. Also we pictured nice weather with
a blue sky above the World Court in spite of the weather forecast. And
indeed, while we were walking from the parking garage to the Peace Palace we
saw the first blue sky of the day. When we arrived and were introduced by
Nel to the rest of the group the sun did shine.

For the two of us, this was the first time we took part in a demonstration
and we did like it a lot. We enjoyed it very much to meet all those
like-minded people. Most people we gave flyers were very interested. A
gentleman walking out of the World Court didn't need a flyer, but he said
with a friendly smile: "I am completely informed." This felt like a real
confirmation. At the same time a car with a CDJ licence plate came out of
the gate. The chauffeur shaked his head at first, but his passenger made him
stop the car and accepted with a friendly smile a flyer from Miep who was
handing out flyers next to me, even the chauffeur took a flyer then. This
gave a big YES-feeling. Some time earlier Ad, holding a banner, had seen
another CDJ car passing by. The passenger of that car waved with his hand
and gave a friendly nod.

Suddenly the second gate of the World Court was opened and after some time a
limousine arrived escorted by several police motor-cyclists. From a
police-officer we heard it was the Hungarian President. We showed of course
our banners.

We closed our meeting by standing hand in hand around the eternal peace
flame. When we stood there the bells tolled, this was a wonderful feeling.

We did enjoy this day very much, thank you to all of you. I hope we'll meet
again soon for a very big party.
Love Marianne and Ad.