The report of the NESARA

Demonstration of November 7, 2003 in front of The Peace Palace in The Hague.


Dear All of You,

The fourth day at World was fabulous!!
It seems that the energy is building-up every week.
Twentyfour people were at the demonstration today.

I cannot find words to express the feeling we shared there in front of the Peace Palace.
So much has happened today......several Angels came across our path today: Catherina who came to give everyone of us a big hug from Dove, a film crew from Syria, the FedEx with four more banners, Naomi (Corry's 13 year old daugther) who gave so much Love to Miep and me when we needed it because the feeling of gratitude we both had brought tears to our eyes, Richard (NTATDirector Germany) who called precisely at the end of our meditation and Johan in his beautiful very old truck bringing us delicious tea at the end of a glorious day.

And then All of You were there, we felt your presence so strongly.......THANK YOU!

And all the banners from different countries.......they are so beautiful. Thank you for all the Love you put in them.......It really showed.....

I just have one wish:.......Next friday I want to be there again with all your banners, including the ones that we couldn't use, because they were delivered in Groningen or they are delivered after today in The Hague.

With deep feelings of respect, gratitude and Love in my heart......Nel.

Alex, Rob, John, Nelleke, Hugo, Ad and Marianne want to share their experiences with you:

Alex ( from Germany):
We had a wonderful time at the world court today. I arrived at 9:30 with Peter, a new team member from Germany. Nel was already waiting for us. This time we had a lot more banners especially from the US supporting NESARA and also some new people came to support the NTATs.

When we finished hanging up all the banners, the first busses with mostly Chinese people arrived. Some of them spoke German and were very interested in what I told them about the new law and its history.

After a while we decided to speak a beautiful prayer calling for the mighty I AM presence and the violet flame. We all held our hands and repeated some parts several times. When we finished we thought of all people worldwide supporting NESARA and in this very moments my mobile started ringing. Its was Richard C., the NESARA Director for Europe. A magical moment ­ he called just in time.

Some moments later we recognized that a judge was standing in front of the world court, obviously waiting to be picked up. I just said to him that we all appreciate very much what he is doing. Then he smiled to me and said ³Thank you². It was a wonderful experience speaking in the name of millions of people !

All of the sudden a camera-team from Iran showed up. Immediately they inquired everybody what this was all about and decided to interview some of us about the Iraq war and ³this new law². Hugo and Rob did a great job and spoke for all of us. The interviewer asked the group to stand together, to look into the camera and to say: ³No to war ­ Yes to peace !². So we came together and everybody said: ³ NO to war ­ YES to peace ­ NESARA NOW !! ³ for several times. In the meantime two African people arrived at the place and joined the group. One of them grabbed the microphone and told the interviewer how much his African brothers demand peace for their children and the entire world. The whole moment was very emotional and when he finished everybody applauded.

At round about two o¹clock as we just had packed up all the stuff an old, strange looking bus drove up outside the peace palace and a Dutch man jumped out. He told us that he read about NESARA at the internet and just came here to give everybody a cup of tea. The whole group was very impressed by this nice attitude and we enjoyed a warm cup of tea.

And so another lovely day at the world court went to its end.
Thanks to everybody supporting us with your nice banners and energy work !!


Love and Light
Alex (NTAT Germany)



I arrived in Den Haag this morning and immediately took the tram to the
Peace Palace where all was in readiness for the demonstration. It was
wonderful to meet old friends and new ones as well as seeing the special
banners that arrived for display from Canada, Germany and the US already set
up facing the court house and judges.
Miep was everywhere at once handing out flyers as well as offering us drinks
and sandwiches, while Nel, Hugo, Mari and Monique kept the banners flying.
Eric copied and handed out a wonderful meditation which we all recited
together. The usual tour buses and tourists on foot came around asking
questions and received our flyers. Two Iranian men from the Sahar Network
News were there with a french cameraman covering I believe some issue being
resolved in World Court concerning Iran(not NESARA related). They were very
interested in Nesara and interviewing some of us about the war in Iraq and
the situation in Palestine. We explained how NESARA benefits every country
and people in the world and answers all their concerns and how G.W. Bush
does not speak for all Americans just as Ariel Sharon does not speak for all
Israelis and Jews. You could sense their excitement that they were talking
to us Europeans/Americans and hearing the same fervent desire for Peace,
Freedom & Prosperity they hear in their own country. I believe they hit the
'good news jackpot' with us. One of the highlights of the day for me came
when I received a long, warm hug from Dove, via her friend Tina (Catherina) who just
arrived from the states. We were ALL given that big warm hug per Dove's
request as well as a message to let us know we are all appreciated.
Although it was sunny today, the temperature was around 45F so that by 2pm
we were ready to pack it up and go inside for a hot chocolate. While folding
the banners, a large, funky. 1925 ish converted truck(with a rainbow colored
license plate) pulled up with the driver looking for the NESARA demo. It
seems he is a Dove reader and came by to bring us tea and biscuits. Having
that truck parked there today seemed as odd as having a UFO land there
instead. Two wonderful surprises for us, all in one today.

Each one of us left each other in total happiness and confidence and with
the hope to all meet again soon, to celebrate the birth of NESARA.

Soon after it finally happens,
We will soon forget,
Just how long, a soon can be.

In Peace & Love,

John and Nelleke:

Dear friends,

What an amazing day again!
For the second time again we went to the World Court in The Hague, about one
hour driving from our home.
The weather was beautiful, a blue sky and the sun was shining the whole day.
When we arrived we hugged our friends Monique, Miep and Erik and some new
friends Paul and two from Germany.
Within an hour we told about twenty persons.
We handed out flyers to many different people and it was a wonderful feeling
to do this.
It was striking this day there were people from much countries: Japan,
China, Canada, Iran, Syria,Germany, Africa and Great Britain.
After two hours there came a women from America, Tineke, and she came to
bring us a hug from Dove.
Wow, Dove told her that her arms were to short to give them, so she came to
Holland to her family and came to us to do that. Is was such a good feeling.
Something like one family!
I had a beautiful experience with a man and a women on a bicycle and the
women was very interested.
The man was cool, he said, but both find it so brave what we are doing with
each other.
Hugo, Rob and Monique were interviewed and filmed by people from Syria and
Iran. They filmed for about one hour, also all the banners and the people.
What a happening!
Then two man from Africa came to us. One man was very excited and spoke very
loudly and after a few minutes we shouted together "No war, Yes peace,
Nesara now"! ( Is was also filmed by the people from Syria). After that the
man asked: "What is Nesara?" We explained and so on.
Nearly the end we got presents from the States. Four pockets with banners
and we show them up together. See the pictures. Beautiful.
At last there came an very old truck, a special Nesara friend, and he made
a high-tea for the Nesara people.
Unbelievable, what a day, what love can do with us!

Love John en Nelleke

Miracle day.

Blessings are upon you dear readers,

All of you who were there in thought, thank you! Your presence was definitely felt and needed !

First of all to those beautifull US, Canada, and German people who put in a lot of effort to get their banners in time to "mrs Smith" : Detlev made sure last week the two German banners were here; Monique, Mari-Elise and yours truly handpainted two Canadian banners; FedEx delivered two US banners to "mrs Smith" yesterday, one other arrived in Winsum and because that company was moving to a new location today that banner did not reach us. Today "mrs Smith" got four more US banners !
That was miracle number one ! Let me sketch that sequence for you.
I phoned FedEx NL while in the bus to the Peace Palace because I knew mrs. Smith would be attending the demo and Dove knew of at least one more banner on its way. "Any item in delivery today can not be rescheduled or redirected." Thank you so much for your cooperation. While demonstrating Mari-Elise and I noticed a FedEx van on the doorstep to the Palace. We intercepted that van when it came out. The very helpfull [thanks !!!] driver phoned his college and about fifteen minutes later I got four fingers up from Mari-Elise who was accepting the packages on behalf of "mrs Smith" who was busy elsewere. Good work lads !
Those four banners were on display the last half hour. A majestic half hour ! Details will definitely follow.
While I'm typing this, mrs Smith found a banner from Nesara team Italy on her doorstep, she found it to be beautifull.

All you wonderfull people who made it possible for us at the World Court to receive such abundant Spirit filled tangible support, thank you, thank you, thank you !!! We were blessed to have those cries for world peace with us.

The first three hours [10 AM to 1 PM] of the demonstration we spend being creative using sticks, ropes and Pauls tools making sure every single banner had its audience. We socialised while nothing much was going on.
One noticable fact was that Miep caught one of the WC Judges walking by, who gladly accepted one of her leaflets. This Judge took a real good carefull look at all of the banners.
Miep handed out a whole bunch of leaflets in her usual style.

At about 1 PM Doves emissary Catherina took her time to give every single one of us a hug from Dove.
OK Dove, that made our eyes water ! That was about as good as actualy being there yourself.

We were just about to do a group prayer Erik brought with him, so after some time we included Catarina.
At the end of the group prayer Nel asked all of us to hold hands and concentrate on those who were with us in thought. I felt an energy boost. Thanks for being present !

At this point we were cooking. Catherina was there, the additional banners had arrived.
Then a film crew was suddenly present.
I got in a "breaking the ice" conversation with an Iranian journalist. His Syrian colleague carrying a microphone was joining us. "Will you answer some questions ?" After checking with Catherina who was standing right in front of me I got the microphone stuck under my nose and I was kicking Bush out of Irak.
Rob [bless his soul for joining us today !!!] expressed some insights on Sharon, zionists and such.
Somebody better check Syrian and Iranian TV from now on. Could anyone secure a copy if it is broadcast ? 8-)
Besides Rob and me they've got a collection of bits and pieces from other group members and a wonderfull scene of our group strenghened by two African people who were very energeticly proclaiming "war NO, peace YES !". Thank you brothers !!!

And then, after all this wondrous exitement, there's tea , herbal tea .
It calmes the mind and relaxes the body. All I needed more was to follow Corry's advice and grab a tree.
Our tea arrived by rainbow camper wich belonged to Johan.
It's and his purpose : to be of service, full stop. Silence. Presence.
Thank you Johan, you were the perfect ending to a miraculous meeting of united souls.

Dear people, Nesara is here, 3D, 4D, 5D and as of today 9D.

Enjoy your Harmonic Concordance weekend in a blessed state as Galactic Citizens.
In Love, Peace and Harmony,


Those present, again in totally random disorder:
Alex, Peter, Rob, Marianne, Ad, Paul, Hugo, Mari-Elise, Elly, Antoon, Robin (webmaster, Monique, Nelleke, John, Nel, Corry, Naomi, Erik, Miep, Catherina, Stef, Jelle, Johan and a st. Germain fan.

Ad and Marianne:
This time we had some new banners send from different countries as Germany, Canada and of course the U.S.A. Thank you to all the people who made the effort to make such wonderful banners and send them to us. So we could show the World Court judges that the support of them and NESARA comes from over the whole world. The demonstration started quietly with less cars coming in and out of the Peace Palace and less coaches with tourists than last week. But later on some unexpected events did make this demonstration day unforgettable.

At a certain time a woman, Tineke (Catherina), came to us, with a message from Dove. She is Dutch from origin but now living in the U.S.A., and planned a trip to the Netherlands for visiting one of her kids living in the Netherlands. A friend of hers in the U.S.A. is a friend of Dove and so she could ask Dove if she had a message for us. She gave each of us personally a big hug from Dove and told us Dove asked her to tell us how much she appreciated the work we did and what a big impact these demonstrations make for getting NESARA announced.

After that we made a circle, holding hands with our thumbs to the left, and said out loud a wonderful prayer that Erik had brought with him.

We just finished the prayer when we heard the mobile phone of Alexander, one of the German NTAT members, ringing. It was a call from Richard Callard, NTAT Director of Europe. He would like to thank us for being there. What a perfect timing that was!

Some time later I saw three men arriving with a television camera. I went towards them to offer them a flyer. They asked if I spoke French. Since my French is not good enough to give an interview in front of a camera, I went to the others with them. Later on it appeared that the interviews could also be given in English. They were from the Syrian television and there was also an Iranian with them. Later on they interviewed several from us, like Hugo, Monique and Ad. There most important questions were what our opinion was about the War in Iraq and about war and peace in general. At a given moment we stood all behind several banners chanting ³No to War, Yes to Peace, and NESARA NOW² and they were filming us.

In the meantime two enthousiastic Nigerians passed by and after hearing our peace message, they joined us standing behind the banners. It was a wonderful feeling to stand there together with the Nigerians holding hands and making the peace sign with our fingers. One of the Nigerians also held a flaming argumentation for peace in front of the camera.

But that was not everything. At around 1.30 PM a FED EX bus did arrive with four packages with new banners, mostly from the U.S.A. and very original ones among them. One of them showed a reindeer, made by sewing buttons on the linen. What a wonderful job the maker of this banner did! Fortunately we still had half an hour to show them to the judges and the public.

It was about 2.15 PM when everything was cleaned up after the demonstration and we were about to say goodbye to everybody, when an old bus was parked near us. It appeared to be an old fire engine from 1952 rebuild to a camper. A man came out, introduced himself as Johan Peter, and said ³I have tea for all the NESARA people². He followed the Dove reports for quit a while on the internet and knew us from the pictures. He offered all of us a cup of tea and a biscuit. A very nice idea. Thank you Johan Peter!

Again it has been a very pleasant day. Next week we will not be able to come, but we hope that it will be not necessary anymore and that we can celebrate NESARA instead!

Love and blessings,

Marianne and Ad

Namaste light workers around the world.

To day was & is fantastic. We were by a proces of anchoring the needs of life.
Love, understanding and lots of respect.
People for all of us new in this life time( for so far ).
The day was filled with A H moments when we met people who were all recognizable old mates.
For me this day was like standing on the brink of the birth of NESARA
slipping in the 3 dimension.

DEAR All I consider it an honour to be your repesentative here and welcome NESARA.

in LOVE AND LIGHT, Paul ...... we made today a difference, the boys and girls must sensed our presence insite this peace court.