The report of the NESARA

Demonstration of November 14, 2003 in front of The Peace Palace in The Hague.

Dear All of You,

another glorious day at World Court.....
so many experiences,
so many feelings,
so much Love from those present: both physically and in Spirit,
so much respect: both physically and in Spirit.

Every time we are there in front of World Court, we are creating a NESARA
meeting point (both physically and in Spirit). Today people came unannounced
to be with us, to share the energy, to help getting NESARA announced: Horst
(Hamburg, Germany), Annika and Fabian (also Germany), Nel B., Thea and her
dog, Freed and Guido (all from the Netherlands), Yinka (Nigeria). Detlev
came from Germany again and Mira came with him. Thank you for what you all
did today.
And then Dove called at 13.00 o'clock in the afternoon.....she took the time
to speak with all of us. Dear Dove, thank you for the love and respect you
gave us. .....We love you..... During Dove's long phonecall we received a
beautiful message from a man coming out of the Peace Palace.......
After breaking up the demonstration we went to 'our little restaurant' and
used the $20,= Jane Pugh (Int.Coordinator) send us on november 4th. Dear
Jane, from all of us: THANK YOU!! We had coffee, hot chocolate with cream,
tea, beer....
I feel so honoured to be there at World Court every friday, to represent All
of You not being able to be there yourselves.

Another glorious day....
Cannot find words to say.....
Only want to pray.....
NESARA is here to stay!

Still with deep feelings of respect, gratitude and Love in my

Hugo, Mari-Elise, Catharina, Miep, Erik and Paul want to share today's
experiences with you:

A very good day Sparks of Divine Light,

First: we had five additional banners. Italy, Manitoba Canada & Arizona USA,
Hawaii, Illinois USA and California, Nevada & Hawaii USA. Unfortunately
those send to us by DHL from Australia hadn't reached DHL computers this

Unique representatives of Light present:
Kulta [dog], Freed [st. Germain fan], Horst [Hamburg], Thea, José, Hugo,
Paul, Mari-Elise, Catharina, Nel, Mo, Pieter, Adeyinka [Nigeria], Detlev
[D], Miep, Elly, Antoon, Nelleke, John, Janna [Mari-Elise's daughter],
Annika [D], Fabian [D], Erik, Mira [D], Guido, Corry, Nel B.

Officially the demonstration permit was valid from 10 AM till 2 PM. We
always make sure to stay within legal limits for obvious reasons. Also at
each demo we show our new banners to Nel. At 10 to 10 Mari-Elise was showing
the California, Nevada & Hawaii USA including the globe and Dove to Nel when
a CDJ car came out of the gates. This car went slowly back and forth for a
wile while the Judge was plucking his chin and looking intensely at the
banner. Thinking about it ? It certainly made a promising start.

With a lot of help from Paul's carpenters van and it's contents we
constructed a washing-line of "Forces" banners facing the Palace. The other
banners were held in place with sticks, poles & ropes in "hands free"
The weather wasn't as warm as the previous times so we were glad to be able
to warm our hands on cups of coffee and tea. The catering was splendid as
usual and received a very warm welcome, especially from those who had
skipped breakfast in order to be on time.

Old friends, new acquaintances and spiritual family gathered once more. A
little rain was coming down as well as some banners occasionally. We had
something good coming and we knew it.
We did our traditional circle "violet flame" prayer.

Erik had visualised the whole group cheering, a phone and some good news.
He did not know what some of us knew [lucky us !]
Dove joined the meeting by telephone [!!!] and insisted on talking to every
single one of us. And she did, well, except for our Sirian friend. ;-) Dove
had had to set her alarm clock at 4 AM. Poor soul !
Then Miep came running towards us. A man had walked out the gates of the
court and with a very wide smile and radiating a lot of happiness wile
receiving a flyer said to her, and please mark these words, for they are
historic, dear Yorick : "This is your last day here." Well thank you Sire !
Well, how about that ! Before I heard the end of that sentence Catharina
hung around my neck and the Word spread across the group. Tears and joy
everywhere. Energy had a ball dancing up and down our spines. Hugs, tears,
Thank providence for making Dove get that news straight from us. She sure
deserves that ! And Lord knows.

By then it was about time to break up. Experience creates efficiency and so
the largest group of us was filling three quarters of the small café "around
the corner" in a short time. This was truly a warm family meeting. So many
totally different people, so well informed in their own expertise¹s, putting
so much creativity on the table ! If this is the way [and it undoubtedly is
!!!] our new society is going to be we will be having clean energy,
scientific thought reforms, real holistic healing and you name it in no-time
at all. We had some very promising conversations enjoying hot chocolate and
The potential of this group is mind-boggling !

We are ready to Create.

Special thanks go to all of you who were there in thought.
Horst who arrived after a four and a half hour drive only just in time to
join the last group members into the café.
Erik for his Creation !!!
Paul for tools, craftsmanship and photo's.
Everybody else.
We Love you all !!!

Hugo & Mari-Elise

Dear Dove,

What a fantastic day it was! It started out as a dreary one: overcast, windy and cold. We had so many banners that it took us quite a while to set everything up. Paul was invaluable: being a carpenter, he brought his Van with tools, rope and a high ladder. We were not allowed to tie anything to
the beautiful and sturdy wrought iron fence of the Peace Palace, but lanterns and sewer systems are quite useful too! The trees became decorated, plant sticks were brought in and finally we decorated Paul's Van and parked it strategically, so We The People could see something too. Then it started
to rain and that helped to straighten out the flapping banners, so there is a good side to everything. Being from Phoenix, Arizona I was definitively shivering when lo and behold, there was Miep with coffee and sandwiches to keep us going. We hugged and talked, the atmosphere was heart-warming. It is amazing to see how many Asian people come to visit the Peace Palace. Today we met some from a city North of Bejing, only their tour guide spoke some English, which was enough for us. They were very interested and made pictures of us, together with them. Dutch people usually look at the banners
in bafflement saying: NESARA?? Never heard of that! Perfect opening for us to explain. It is great to be able to point out the website to them, they really like that. It is too much to explain in a few words anyway, but we try to wet their appetite, and it works. Last week two people from Nigeria appeared on the scene and today Yinka came back. He had read the website and had decided this was what his country needed and he wanted to be a team-leader. He is a journalist from profession and belongs to the Yoruba tribe. Great guy! And then Dove called! Tears flowed, spirits rose and Dove took the time to talk to everyone personally, which was greatly appreciated.
It did a lot to us, Dove! We are just a little band of people, usually frowned at or ridiculed by family/friends/environment and it is ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL to meet like-minded people. I'll tell you, Dove, these ordinary people are true Lightworkers. Very dedicated and loving. I am sooo happy to have met them! And afterwords there is the hot chocolate and we have an opportunity to get to know each other better. And one amazing story after another is told and we have a hard time leaving. We are creating a pre-NESARA archive, with lots of pictures, banners even a video and yes, we are planning a celebration. We would like to have it at the Peace Palace,
people have lunches there all the time. It would be appropriate, I think.
Thank you, Dove, for making our day and for all your work and dedication.
See you one day,
Love Catharina.

Dear Nel, Dove,

The report is from Miep, I (Monique) translated for her.

Friday morning at 9.00 Monique stood at my door with her sweet smile saying "mom, today we are gonna go for it again!!!
Me with sticks and banners, and food & drinks, en some cannes of catfood for the straying cats at the Peace Palace, that we met there last Tuesday night, those cats are fed every day by an old man on his bike with helmet on, giving the cats food with milk, in a container he hides for them in the bushes. That has made my heart so warm....We had a talk together there, what beautiful shiny furred cats!!. So I took some food along en did hide it there, for him to find tonight. This old man has done this for 8 years now, every day!!! What a true Animal Lover, I just had to say this... People who love animals have love in their hearts, I need to say this because nature is so important!!
We arrived at the Peace Palace, Nel, Mari-Elise, Janna and José with coffee ready for us, and a whole crate of foods & stuff with her. There arrived our Paul with his magic-bus, whatever you're missing, go to Paul, just about everything in it can be found. Whatever your problem is Paul will fix it,
came with a nice hearty friend Guido, again another person who knows at the right time to make your heart beat faster. At a certain moment rain announced itself, umbrella's, plastic coats came out, not for me, as more rain falls besides me than on me. Little traffic going around there, but a lot more people, that was because of the beautiful banners hanging there, that waved beautifully, like the laundry drying on a clothes-line. Paul with ladders and cords, he put it all together, having the banners waving high towards the Peace Palace. The helicopter must have seen that, Paul my thanks to you!!!

The new banners were heart warming. That little piece of land called
The Netherlands, that may speak for so many countries, for me a BIG honor!!!
There came Detlev, with his friend Mira, over from Germany. and then there was Tineke from the USA again joining us. Young people, Anikka and Fabian from Germany. Two young world explorers, loaded with heavy backpacks from Canada came by, they had not seen any news for months, Paul put them on photo in front of the Canadian banner. You see the happy faces... And of course our weekly
shining appearance Eric from Eindhoven. Nelleke & John were together in the tree, hanging up banners, he had 2 dead fingers because of the cold weather, but everything runs on on full enerrgy. Great sweet people. Another new face, Thea with her dog. Pieter came by to be with us again. With 26 people we did our beautiful prayer. The sweet face and trusty eyes of Adeyinka from Nigeria, who last week spilled everything inside hurting, on camera.... he signed up joining us in the Take Action Team, well done good guy!!
Corry and many people, thank you, thank you!! Then my work started with flyers to cd cars and cdj cars, and many other cars opening their windows, people on bikes, I have found my spot in front of the Peace Palace, whenever I stand there, all windows open and the heartwarming words I receive make me so happy and sad, sad out of Love and warmth, that I, yes I! can share with so many people.
Than at a time, phonecall...yes I had to swallow....Dove on the line, and I cannot speak any English, but I heard 'Hello Miep!", I couldn't speak out anything, my throat was stuck and tears rolled over my face, you feel your heart run over with streams of love from the other side of the earth, and yet so close!! Thank you Dove for your call!!!! It has touched us all very deep, I speak for myself, but I have seen the faces and emotions of all my brothers and sisters, We were One!!!! But I need to write this down...there came this gentleman walking towards me leaving from the Peace Palace, I asked him if he would like some good news, he took my flyer, and what did he say....." This is the last day you will be standing here, he looked at me with such a shiny and open smile...What? What did I hear??? Hugo had seen his face. For me this man has been an angel on earth, I cannot let go of this man, it stayes in my mind.. Then it was time to leave for the usual hot chocolate or coffee at the cafe, or a toilet stop, but of course I held up the gang, I had a feeling I was not ready yet to leave there, and then I saw
in the corner of my eye a blue car arriving, window turned open, I wanted to give him a flyer, but he said "I come for NESARA", yes he was at the right place, Horst is his name, he came from Hamburg, Germany for the demonstration. If I hadn't held up the crowd he would have been there alone, so everybody offered him to come with us to our cafe, eat or drink something with us. There he could talk and share with us, meet us face to face and with us in mind drive back to Hamburg.
What a great day, this one makes it complete!
Dear Nel, I name you last, You and only You! have made it possible to fully open my heart. Dear Nel, God has given you the power to help people for the good, You are my Angel!!! An extra Warm Hug to You!! Till soon, you will never leave my Heart!.
Everybody a Big Thank You for all the Love and Goodness!,

Blessings wished upon you by your Miep

Namaste All fans of NESARA

Again it was a big honour for Us to be in the Hague for all you people who
follow this on internet.
Demonstration is a rear thing, it feels like sitting on a well of energy in
the togethernes and physical to be a instrument it feld the powerfull
ernergie and anchoring the needs of life Love understanding and lots of
respect again. All of us where toucht.
Being a part of this shifting energie makes me feel part of the flow like
(encounters of the thirdAkind) and I be thrilt .
DEAR all I consider it an honour to be your repesentativAe to be here and
welcome NESARA.
One lovely things is Miep came to me and set OOOOOOOOOO Paul i give a
prayer which we used in our meditation in front of Peace Palace to one of
the judges, I said that OK this is bliss.

In love and light I greet You AL
It was again a wonderful day for me at the World Court. Only this time I
call it a "MILAGRO" ( miracle) day. Two days ago I visualized in detail that
I was at the World Court with all the Baners of the World and my beloved
family beside me. At one a clock, I visualized that someone was calling to
tell us the "GOOD" news about NESARA and we were celebrating with lots of
joy in our hearts. What happened in reality that someone called at one a
clock and talked to us all and gave us a lot of love and good news. We were
smiling, especially when that judge told us from his car a few minutes after
that this was our last day at the World Court.

I was smiling the whole day because I manifest in my life what I desired,

Love and Blessings thank you to the universe,



Dear Dove,

when we (Mira and I) arrived from Germany in front of the World Court there were just a few members there. After a while more and more NTAT members arrived. We hung the banners at any place we could reach to show the people and the judges that the people of the world are calling for NESARA.

It was a wonderful feeling to join all these people coming from different areas. We started again with a prayer we spoke all together. Most of the people felt deep in their hearts that this day is very special, there must be something extraordinary. And right: Miep had a short contact with someone from the World Court who told her that this time would be the last time we have to come here; it takes only a few more hours - then he disappeared. That was my version I was told of it!

We had good contacts with each other and we agreed in our opinion to come her again just for the celebration not for another demo!

At about 12:30 p.m. two more members arrived from Germany - Bavaria:   Annika and Fabian. They had a 6 hours trip to come here.

It is so wonderful to meet these spiritual and enthusiastic and passionate people and share the time for the same goal - the divine law of NESARA which will bring a lot of benefits to the world to develop more and more soul growth!

Thank the Lord and the Ascended masters,                                                                        Detlev Marx