The report of the NESARA

Demonstration of November 21, 2003 in front of The Peace Palace in The Hague.

Dear Dove and dear All of You,

This morning, when I went to the Peace Palace on my bike, tears were rolling
down my face......I so deeply realized the importance of living my life in
this moment of time: being part of getting NESARA manifested here on earth.
It was 09.15 AM when I arrived at World Court and I sat down to feel the
energy. All those weeks we were demonstrating at the Peace Palace, I have
not seen a single white dove. And I was so used to see the white peace
doves overthere. So, while sitting there, still with tears in my
eyes.....there they came.....four beautiful white peace doves...they flew
above me in a circle.....

And after 15 minutes the other human peace doves arrived: in total there
were 27, including Kultha (Thea's dog). Horst Hektor came all the way from
Hamburg, Germany. And Zorica came all the way from Frankfurt, Germany. And
she brought a delicious nutcake (home-made) with her. Irena came to us from
Los Angeles. There were more 'new' people: Lenie, Marijke, Barry, Leonardo.
We meditated in a circle twice and after one of those meditations, Carl
called from London: They were also doing a NESARA demonstration at the
American Embassy. They said there also was a demonstration against President
Bush, so there were thousands of people overthere, including the press. It
was so good to hear their voices and to feel their energy, knowing they were
there at the same time we were doing our demonstration. It gave me a lot of
strength. Dear Carls (there were 2 Carls) and the other two people overthere
in London, I thank you for calling meant a lot to me!

We made pictures and videofilms of all the banners. Again it was a
NESARA-day of sharing love and joy with eachother and all the people we met.

With a lot of Love in my heart.........Nel.

Below are reports of some of the human peace doves with us today.
Irena Ilona from Los Angeles:

Dear Dove,

Friday, Nov. 21st, 2003, I had the great pleasure to join the Dutch Nesara
group in front of the Vredespaleis in The Hague, The Netherlands. I
understand why St. Germain is touched to tears by the efforts of these
wonderful people. A blistering cold wind was blowing, permeating its icy
grip through our bodies.Yet, these people seem so determined to assist Dove
and bring forth Nesara that even this freaky fricking cold could not deter
them; they did not even seem to notice. They glow from the inside out,
intuitively knowing they are making a major contribution to one of the most
major shifts during our civilization..They left the comforts behind of their
homes, families and jobs to put up the banners, reinforcing them repeatedly
against the howling, strong winds. Many banners filled me with warmth and
pride; especially a beautiful "Lone Star"banner from Texas. There was great
interest in the flyers and websites. People from everywhere expressed their
need for Peace. Busloads of Chinese tourists visited the Peace Palace and
took many pictures of all of us together in front of the banners and
demanded PEACE . Two nations, so different, yet ONE VOICE, let there be
PEACE. People on bicycles stopped and joined us for a while, some people at
the tramstop crossed the busy streets to share their hopes and dreams. The
Euro has negatively affected many Dutch people and they feel NESARA gives
them hope.
I thank you Dove, St.Germain,the Masters and these Diamond Shining Life
Streams who assist the Earth once more, bringing Peace to our beautiful
planet, so we may all walk and talk again with Them and create Heaven on
Earth. Peace be with you.
Irena Ilona from Los Angeles, visiting the Peace Palace.....


Horst Hektor from Hamburg, Germany:
11/21/03 in The Hague.

Why driving over 1000 km to and fro dropping professional work and
demonstrating the most peacefully and in an atmosphere of grace united with
other people hitherto unknown to each other.
Because love is in the air and joy to see our bretheren from out there
stepping in when NESARA is announced to shake hands with us and help us to
discover who we really are. While mother earth is wholeheartedly ascending
all the time.
Friends do we know well enough that humanity on earth IS the indispensable
key to permanent galactic peace. Nothing to add.

Gracefully, Horst.


my summary of today's meeting Nel asked me to write)

The Peacepalace awaits economic reset

21 people at the Peacepalace in The Hague awaited the announcement of
Nesara, but yet unanswered. The judges and other personnel still don't
talk, but their bodylanguages speak "soon soon soon!". It was my
first-time, like there were more new people, of whom one had traveled 5
hours from Frankfurt, Germany and had brought home-made cookies.

It still appears difficult to tell people about what's going on. Someone
came up with a simple idea: it's like a computer running out of control:
it just needs a reset.

Besides all expectations published I still carry my own dreams. The
whole moneysystem is imperfect by itself. For years I've worked on ideas
to color a new-style system that runs like what we need: balance,
wisdom, simplicity. Maintaining energy and life-cycles. Hardly anyone
has ever listened but today. I believe Nesara's reboot is just to clear
the path for color-economy.

Barry Voeten


Marianne and Ad:

Dear All of you,

It was another wonderful day in front of the World Court.

We had some new banners, among others from Australia and New Zealand. All
banners were photographed and filmed, as the physical proof of the support
for NESARA worldwide.

We met some new NESARA supporters, like Irene, coming over from Los Angeles,
to visit her mother in the Netherlands and to attend a World Court
demonstration. She told us that she was following the news on this subject
already from 1991, starting with the charges of the Farmers Union. When we
mentioned the name of U.S. Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich, from which we
think from the speeches we read on the internet that it would be a good
candidate for President of the U.S.A., she told us that she really had met
Dennis Kucinich, and she agreed on our positive opinion about him.

We also met the very enthusiastic Zorica over from Frankfurt, Germany,
originally coming from Yugoslavia, who brought with her a plate with
delicious German "Kuchen" (cake).

We made a circle and did a meditation, with the inspiration from Nel to
imagine a network of light linking all NESARA supporters worldwide, with a
special focus on the people attending other NESARA demonstrations in
Australia, the U.S.A. and London England on the same day.

It was great to feel the energy of LOVE, PEACE and JOY flowing through my

When I (Ad) stood next to Miep by the exit of the Peace Palace, two World
Court judges came out. Both stopped their car and took willingly a flyer
from Miep with a big heart-warming smile on their face!

Carl, NTAT team-leader in England, called Nel to tell us that they were
demonstrating with four people in front of the American Embassy in London
England right now. What a good message that was.

We made a circle once more to say out loud the NESARA PRAYER, with special
thoughts to our fellow demonstrators in England, and a second time to make a
video of it. Then we had to leave roundabout 1.30 P.M. because we had to be
in time back to bring our son to his gymnastics class and our other son with
some other kids to their swimming club.

Love and blessings,

Marianne and Ad



Delegation of "we the people" present at World Court today:
Erik, Nel, Nelleke, John, Miep, Kultha [dog], Thea, Ad, Monique, Katharina,
Hugo, Mari-Elise, Irena Ilona [USA], Marianne, Horst [D], Robin, Zorica
[D], Erik [no.2], Corry, Barry, Freed, Marijke, Nel B, Jelle, Leonardo and

As you can see, again we met some wonderful "new" people. It never ceases to
amaze me how each blend turns out Loving Harmony. All That Is Love.

Dove: you did great on the weather. ;-)
Just a light grey cloud cover keeping us relatively warm and ... no rain !

At precisely 10 AM we began putting sticks in the ground [thank you Miep and
Thea for providing them !] and tying ropes to trees and lampposts. We made
sure the newly arrived banners got a very good spot.
Thank you all for sending them !!! They look beautiful together and make a
firm international statement to World Court, Corps Diplomatique [CD],
tourists and passers by. We hope it shows on the photos.
We managed to get most of the banners around the sides of the flowerbed in
front of the gates were they are sure to get a good audience. And they did.

We were so lucky to have so many tourist buses, CD cars and a CD bus
[Bosnian people], Ministry of Defence cars, ordinary cars with serious
looking people in them and CDJ [Judges] cars passing of which most allowed
"unstoppable Miep" to hand them flyers. I saw three World Court judges
myself who accepted Mieps handouts. Those Judges are such warm personalities
! They find the time to stop for a good handfull of seconds and to roll down
their windows. It is such a big stimulant to us all.

Nel had this wonderful idea to join forces with the other groups taking
action in London, Australia and the US.
We formed a circle holding hands, and connected all efforts in meditation.
Nel B got a phonecall from London. Carl found a spot close to the American
embassy where an anti Bush demonstration was going on. There was press
present, so let's see what we can find on BBC.

Just a little after noon we did our traditional Violet prayer, twice. The
second time was done to record it on film [digital]. I found that second
time to be the most powerful.

It was a very busy day with all the traffic going on. Luckily, there was
also time for a cup of coffee and good conversation. Thank you Miep, Corry
and ? for the splendid catering. Zorica brought a large baking plate of nut
cake, all the way from the south of Germany.

I feel we did a good job representing "we the people".


Living the Light,




Dear Readers,
Normally I don't write something about the demonstration. But today I feel
my little piece has something to do with it.
It will be in 2 parts, and it all began yesterday evening.

Yesterday evening I couldn't sleep. So I thought, "it wil be a great idea to
do some meditation for Nesara". I started to ask for Nesara. "No" I thought,
"I don't have to ask for and I don't like to demand." I just proclaim that
it is alreay here. So I praclaimed Nesara to the North, the South, the East
and the West. Then I thought, "It is a good idea to proclaim Nesara to the
elementals, Water, Earth, Air and Fire". After having done so, I made a
connection with Mother Earth, just part of my usual routine. But this time I
asked while making contact: "Mother Earth are you able to stand everything
till Nesara is announced?" Immidiatly her answer came:" Yes, my daughter, no
problem." Normally I don't hear voices or see images. But I saw Fairies
flying, vegetation spirits hugging, groundspirits rejoicing. And I trully
felt myself as her daughter and part of all the beautifull lives she

Part 2.
At the demonstration I was still shining. After one hour of getting every
banner on his/her spot, after lots of talks, socialising, flyers
distrubuting and hugging, I felt compelled to step on the side of the
flowerbed. It's in the middle. If you saw the pictures of last
demonstrations, you possible know what I am talking about. The flowerbed has
also a lovely view of the Peace Palace and it's frontdoor. All the
diplomatic visitors are using this entrance. This flowerbed is a about 60 cm
above the ground and also the best place to stand and make contact with the
Earth. So I stand on the wooden side of this flowerbed, high above
everything, looking at the beautiful entrance. It felt completely right to
stand there and I made again contact with my Mother Earth (and yours to
;-) ). At this moment the energy of Mother Earth starts bubbling in my
legs, higher untill it reached my heart. At that point I could direct it to
the front door of the World Court. It lasted for almost a minute. Then I got
the feeling, mission accomplished.
If you take my humble opinion, Mother Earth has send today her wish for
Nesara and her support to the Judges.
For the rest of the demontration, I suggest you read the reports of the
other NTAT members.

With love and regards for all of you,


John and Nelleke:
Dear friends of Nesara,

Today we were again at the World Court.
The weather was dark, but we had fortunately only a little bit rain.
Every time it's very nice to meet eachother and also this time we met new
One women (Zorica) drived 6 ours from Germany and brought us a very sweet
cake! Very nice.
This day again we had a lot of new banners from all over the world.
We were also two times standing in a circle and connect us with the people
in London, America, Australia and the whole world and at the end everyone
said "we demand for Nesara now".
In this heavy time it's very good for us to be and to share with all these
beautiful people, in expectation of the announcement.

Nesara YES, Nesara NOW!!

Love John and Nelleke



My report:

This week for me was alot of clearing things. I did a good job in that so I
could be ready for this day at the World Court with so much ( 27) wonderful
angels from Holland and Germany. It was an exposition of banners from all
over the World, Canada, USA, Australia, Italy, Germany, New Zealand,
Hawai,Netherlands etc. Many people with CD and CDJ on there licenseplates
went in and out of the World Court. Miep hold each one of them and most of
the time reached her goal to give a flyer and say thank you and have a nice
day. We talked alot about our experiences to each other and the people who
were passing by. In the afternoon a policevan came passing by and stopped in
front of me, there were for policeman in the van, i thought it was an
invasion but the policeman asked:"Are you from this demonstration, what is
it, we are just interested", so mI explained him short and told him to look
at the website. He said thank you with a smile and they drove away!
In the afternoon we did several prayers and sharing energy to all people who
were in there way living NESARA NOW.




Greetings. Since 8th of November, known as the Harmonic Concordance, it was
something new in my life. So many things happend and I realize that I have
to get active and come down from the fence (as Kryon says). It it not enough
to sit alone and sent the light out. It is important to see the own
possibilities and the own divinity.

My dear friend Ursula from Berlin, told me about Nesara three years ago.
Since five month I am able to read The Dove Reports in the internet. So I
had a so strong feeling last Tuesday, I have to go to Den Haag on friday. It
was the last day I can get free of my job. At 6.30 I started. The journey
was long but I arrived at the Court at 12.15. So many people and so many
wonderful banners from all over the world. It was a wonderful feeling, to
meet all the people and to talk about Nesara. So good to be there and feel
the energy. My english language is very simple, I could say so much more. We
stood there and made meditation in the circle. After 14.00 we went to drink
something together. I have met wonderful people, they are all new friends. I
am very happy, I was there. And it doen't matter that the journey home
lasted till 11.00pm. If it is possible, I will do it again, but I think it
won't be necessary! Nesara is just here now! We will celebrate it together.


In Love!