The report of the NESARA

Demonstration of November 28, 2003 in front of The Peace Palace in The Hague.

Dear All of Us,

This week we received three gifts from the US. Suzy Star and Herb McKirgan sent us fine gloves and handwarmers. Thank you, dear Suzy and Herb!

The second gift we received were pins (see the picture) sent to us and made by Hal. The pins are made by unemployed Veterans! There also were some 'pins' to use as a magnet on the refrigerator. Dear Hal, thank you for these pins.....we will use them at every demonstration!

The third gift came from Dove. She sent us a beautiful card with a white dove at the front. Dear Dove, thank you for your messages to all of us.

So on behalf of everyone present today....... thank you Suzy, Herb, Hal and Dove for all those gifts.

What a beautiful morning to ride on my bike to World Court....a blue sky, sunshine, no wind and the daw hanging over the fields.......a promise for a wonderful day.

Because of the very nice weather, (unfortunately) there was no need to use the gloves Suzy and Herb sent us. We will save them for the next demonstration.

We did use the pins. Everyone of us put one on their coats. Now we really were recognizable for the public!

Five NESARApeople came to join us all the way from Germany: Detlev, Mira, Alex, Eckhard and Horst. It was so good to see and to feel your presence again! Thank you!

An ambassadors car drove slowly and the two ladies inside the car both took a good look at the banners. When they stopped, I offered them a flyer, and when they opened the window I asked them: "Do you want two?" While pointing at the banner from Canada and Arizona (which says: Manitoba Canada & Arizona USA want PEACE!!! No Bush No War!Nesara Now! USE All Forces!!!) the lady behind the wheel said: "We can't say anything, but........Off course!!!" And then they both put their thumbs up and gave us a big smile. Because I did not recognize both ladies from the pictures we have of all the judges, I told Hugo I wanted to have a look at those pictures (Hugo had them in his pocket). And while looking at the pictures of the judges, there came a car out of World Court and Hugo told me to have a quick look in that car.....and you know what, it was the judge of the picture I was just looking at. The car stopped , the window opened and Miep handed out a flyer.....the judge took time to wish Miep a very nice weekend. Yes, what a great feeling that is, every time we receive a confirmation.......these are very, very beautiful gifts to us. Thank you dear judges and people in the ambassodors cars, thank you very much!

Then a man arrived at us.......spirit lead him to the demonstration.....Catharina will tell you all about this.

And a car accident happened just at the time two policemen came to us because they were interested in NESARA.

We had so many me it felt amazing to stand "between" all those banners. I found it very impressive. Please take a look at all the pictures we made. Maybe then you can feel what I mean. We felt all of you in spirit when we did the Violet Prayer.......Thank you for being there with us and thank you for all the banners!

At our "afterdemonstrationparty" we had hotchocolate with cream, coffee, tea, something to eat......Dear Dove, on behalf of everyone present.......Thank you for this!

It was the end of a really wonderful day at World Court.

With a lot of Love and Gratitude.....Nel.


Horst Hektor, Hamburg / Germany

Impression of friday 28th nov.2003 at the PeacePalace in The Hague.

A soft sun rose in a silent turquoise sky layers of mist creeping over the meadows. Another gift of eternity to celebrate. Where do we stand with NESARA we the people on earth, in the galaxy and the invisible dimensions? There are questions about merits in the air. Do we really deserve NESARA? Within the peace of today I am reminded of the tears of relief those students spontaneously experienced hearing the first time about forgiveness of college and education loans through NESARA. There will be tears of relief astonishment and finally of unspeakable joy on this globe this universe might probably not yet have seen and responded to.

Are we really mature for NESARA?

I stand for it that this unreleased but ready to flow ocean of tears of relief and joy IS our gift of maturity to existence.

We the enormous majority of the collective consciousness demand those who reportedly can perceive of literally each of us the president of CIA and the beggar included any wish we have, to demonstrate their peaceful and lifesaving superiority over any means of mental and physical weaponry in the hands of the rulers of this civilization and to step forward openly to end the earthly blackmailing between the strata of power.

There are no words available anymore.




Marianne and Ad:

Dear NESARA supporters,

It was a demonstration with beautiful weather and a very clear CONFIRMATION of NESARA!

First of all I (Ad) would like to share with you how I miraculous could get this day off from my work, so we could go to the demonstration once more.

Normally two of my colleagues have to be present. Maximal one colleague can be replaced with a colleague from another function group.

One colleague had the whole week 48 (this week) off and another colleague would be on an introductory course for a half year, starting in week 48.

Last week on Tuesday I was on a course with the first colleague and he asked if I could take over his availability service for week 48, because he had the week off. When I arrived at my work last Thursday I heard a strange message.

There had been made a mistake in the administration of the leaves of absence, and the first colleague had NOT a week off in week 48 but in another week. Certainly a miracle, because my first colleague himself thought only last Tuesday that he indeed had a week off in week 48.

After this miracle I thought that it would be possible to replace my second colleague with someone from the other function group.

However when I arrived at my work on Monday morning this appeared to be impossible.

Because I was certain that the first miracle had his purpose, I kept thinking" I AM PRESENT on the demonstration of November 28".

At roundabout 11.00 A.M. a second miracle occurred. I saw my second colleague on the working-floor.

She actually had gone to the introductory course on Monday morning, but there it appeared that the course had been cancelled till spring 2004!

Now about the demonstration.

It was a very beautiful day with lots of sunshine, a clear blue sky with only a few small clouds. Yesterday we had a very foggy day and last night the weather forecaster on our television showed a computer model of the weather forecast for Europe for today. It appeared that nearly whole Western Europe would be clouded, but only the Netherlands was completely in the sun. The weather forecaster doubted if it would be that sunny, and expected the fog would still be important today, but she was wrong, it truly was magnificent weather.

The demonstration started quietly. We had some new banners from South Africa, Namibia, Utah and Nevada. Fortunately Paul was back this week and with the help of his carpenterís equipment we found the best way to show all the banners to the public and the judges till now.


A car with a CD-license plate stopped with two or three ladies. The driver and the woman next to her readily took a flyer from Marianne and Nel.

Then the driver said: "I canít say anything, but off course! " making the thumb-up, and giving a big smile!

Love and blessings,

Marianne and Ad


Nelleke and John:

Dear friends of Nesara,

This day we had again a wonderful day in front of the World Court. The weather was very beautiful, the sun was shining and the wind very calm.

Paul was there with his bus full with tools and sticks, so the banners stand in no time on there places.

After one hour there was an accident in the neighbourhood and John walked to the place where it was happened. He met there two older men and they were talking about the demonstration for Nesara.

"I thought it is for one time and you never heard again from it" said the man, "but I see it now every friday. I got a flyer and I did have a look on the website and I totally agree with it"! Of course was John (and me too) very happy with this. This is an example where we all do it for!

Miep was, as always, handed out the flyers and very busy with coffee, tea, bread and so on. She is so sweet.

Every friday, when we leave, we say to eachother: "till next friday or till the celebration".

We hope so..........!


John en Nelleke


Hugo and Mari-Elise:

Vessels of Light celebrating the existence of Nesara in a harmonic dance of Unity:
John, Nelleke, Alex [D], Lenie, Mira [D], Eckhard [D], Horst [D], Marianne, Ad, Detlev [D], Catharina, Monique, Miep, Nel, Hugo, Corry, Mari-Elise, Paul, Naomi, Johan, Barry, Menno, Ishtwan, Jelle.

Example of "coincidence":
Nel wanted to know what a certain Judge looked like and asked me for my printout.
"I can't find that Judge .." "Other side Nel, here ! And if you look up and into that car over there you get to see the moving version."

Two women in their CD car stopped to accept a flyer. "Can I hand you two ?" "We can't tell you anything, but ofcourse !" and they gave us a big thumbs up.
A fluffy white dove in the radiant sunshine.
Dove's handwriting on the card she sent.

A beautiful meltingpot of separately grown and ripened energies, blending into a beacon of Light.
Togetherness, joy, respect, wisdom, experience, creativity, serenity.
Supporting the Judges by being present.

Indispensable pillars of inspiration:
The ever-growing diversity of dedication put in artwork.
Those not physically present.
The Violet Prayer.
The Forces of Light in the form of Sunlight and otherwise.
The Judges taking time to give us attention.

In gratitude,

Hugo & Mari-Elise



Hello everyone!

Today was my most memorable day at the Peace Palace. The Palace and its

surroundings looked beautiful in the sunshine, no Chemtrails and a lot of

our friends showing up. A lovely day. To our great delight Paul arrived

again with his Van and new ways of displaying our ever growing number of

banners. The Police came officially to check us out, as every week, we chat

and everyone is amiable. Then we get more Police, just out of curiosity,

they want to know more and then more police wanting to know more, it is

quite fun! They wish us well and are quite pleased with us, because we are

really careful not to overstep our bounds. We had several little miracles

happen. One gentleman came by on his bike, spirit had told him to take a

detour by the Palace and he ran into our banners. We explained and then,

with tears in his eyes he told us how he had had a vision in 1999, seeing

thousands of people gathering at the Peace Palace. They had been suffering

the evils of war and came here for healing and to be taught Living in Peace.

He said the Palace had a task in the future to teach people about Peace,

instead of how to wage war. And now, with NESARA he saw it could really

happen. We talked for a long time and he joined us in our prayercircle. We

looked up into the blue sky and he said to me: look!! The eagles! There were

4 of them. They were the local variety of the American Eagle and he said

they only come when the Spirit is present. What joy we felt! And then we saw

the ambassadors car with two ladies in there, driving slowly past our

banners. When Nel passed them her flyer they were so enthousiastic: "we

cannot say anything, but YES", and we got two thumbs up. Our new friend

observed for a while how we were passing out flyers and how the Judges' and

Ambassadors' cars always opened up their windows and took a flyer. He said

that was very unusual. They keep themselves at a distance as a rule and he

was amazed at how friendly they were. Being at this Friday demonstration

is a great testimony for us that NESARA is real. We always get confirmations,

one way or another, always new people come by led by Spirit, with wonderful

stories to share, it is a great blessing. We feel oneness and there is so

much light, inner light! I wish you all could join us but we do feel your

energy, it is awesome!



Mieps verslag:

Dear, Dear wonderful people. It was a brilliant, sunny day, arranged I think by the sweet angels,

without Your help we wouldn't be there.

Then I arrived with Monique and Catharina at our magnificent spot, the Peace Palace, the place I

feel such a strong connection with. At that moment you feel something so tangible, a real connection

with all above. And then, from all spots and places people come, all people with common/like minded


When I look up I see all sorts of birds flying over, I feel like we are all one with nature.

A bus arrived and the driver assured me the people would not be interested in my flyers, as they

were Swedish Judges. But that sounded great to me and I went over anyway and handed over a few

flyers together with Marianne. When we walked away some others of that group came to us, informing

us they were on their way to the Yugoslavia Tribunal, asking for more flyers, showing great interest

in what we were doing!

The prayers done all hand in hand bring such deep feelings in your heart, I pray that the whole

world may feel that no one is alone. Every call for help is being heard and answered.

At my own small spot, in front of the Peace Palace, with the flyers pressed to my heart I feel that

the right people will take my flyers by opening their windows, and the expression I get from their

faces is so wonderful and warm. The responses from Judges (we know they can't say anything, but

their expression tells all) with the thumbs up, like they're telling us it's great what we're doing.

Again lots of wonderful new people who join our little group, it makes me feel mighty strong, like I

could take on the whole world.

I don't have anwers to all the questions, but there are so many forces at work that can provide the

answers if you just open your heart!

This day I shared in love with all of you. You Wonderful people, thank you for the love and warmth

you shared with me.




Paul my report

When i was traveling to the Hague 2 our drive mostly I AM thingking&contemplething in my car.

On a surten point i was lisning too my radio in the car ,it was with a surten part of music.

My hart opend like atomic blast , and i was tuning in on the harts of my NTAT mate ,s

and put them in my hart.

The most interesting thing is OPEN your HART the energie was today high ,

Anchor your most value.s tools of life RESPECT ATTENTION LOVE.

This is what i feld today whit all the people energie of love is building up .

We are the yust normal people like all of you out there.

One thing became clear love fate respect is OUR is builing up whit in in hart and mind

please dont give away your energie (mind is for me a rollercost)

HART in a gate to my kingdom

HOPE is OUR life line stay in your ernergie

I AM awere goverment and the judge,s are people tools ,they are a reflection of what we are and think and feel.

NESARA IS THERE we pulling it in the world to day.

Give our SELF A HUGE and centre your love.

THIS is apart af anchoring of life becom independent that keeping love and share this whit people of good wil.