The report of the NESARA

Demonstration of December 5, 2003 in front of The Peace Palace in The Hague.

Welcome to the eighth demonstration day (Dec. 05, 2003) in front of the
World Court, Den Haag, Netherlands, with the NESARA Take Action Team.

Dear All of Us,

There we were again at the Peace Palace on december 5.....but this time we
weren't there to support the Judges, but we were there to support HUMANITY!!
Nothing is going to stop us......
We the people should take responsibility.......

Today we did not use the banners with the the
judges.....And we put all the banners facing the public.
Zorica (Germany) sent us a really beautiful banner which shows the Love she
put in it. Both sides are beautiful. One side is Mother Earth resting in
human hands........
Horst Hektor came from Hamburg again. He made his own board which said:
N.E.S.A.R.A. IS YOUR LIFE. He carried it all the time with a big smile on
his face.
Jelle came to our NESARA Meeting Point and brought us a CD-rom with a
videofilm on it of Dr. Steven Greer (see this link:
We did talk to a lot of people about NESARA. Again there were a lot of
Chinese the coming days I am going to try to find me a Chinese
friend who wants to translate the flyer, so next friday we will be able to
inform all the Chinese tourists about NESARA.
Catharina, Paul, Hugo and Mari-Elise will tell you how this day felt to them

With love and dedication.....Nel.


Hello Everyone!

After the devastating news from Dove that the timeframe was closed we sat
together, stunned.
We heard that 200 business people who had supported NESARA called the White
Knights they new and urged them to contact the Forces to ask for help to get
NESARA announced. These White Knights were surprised. SURPRISED??? Then we
heard that more White Knights were joining the original ten who wanted to
work with the Forces. ONLY TEN????? Were have these White Knights been
lately? Don't they know that the UFO's have been flying around our ears for
quite a while now? We, The People, know about them and are VERY SURPRISED
they had not been asked for help!! No phone number of Saint Germaine? Well,
I suppose Dove helped you out there. If not, I can think of something: call
Jennifer, who calls A & A, who tells KOS, who calls you back! There is
nothing wrong with just asking either, things do tend to work that way, you
know. As you can see, we were not exactly pleased with the situation. But we
decided that nobody can stop us from going to the Peace Palace again, to
keep spreading the word about NESARA. So, we were there again last Friday,
and we are not giving up, although, I must say, it was horribly cold this
time. The Peace Palace has a very unique energy, it attracts a lot of people
and people are starting to recoginize us. Especially Japanese and Chinese
people come by the bus loades. And they are interested. China is waking up,
folks!. The highlight for me was when we joined hands and prayed for
protection of the White Knights among other things. A very high energy shot
through me, almost swept me off my feet. What a confirmation!! We had a
wonderful setup of banners, talked to people, in short, had a great time
again. Dutch people are tolerant, but we are fighters too. We will be there
again next Friday. May That Be The Last Time!
Love, Catharina.
Hugo and Mari-Elise:

Nesara Meeting Point [New Masters Presence].

Today I felt we were, more than ever, in our own strength.
Nobody even told us to be there. On our own in the most basic sense,
standing in the desert.

Masters present:
Paul, Hugo, Mari-Elise, Catharina, Nel, Nel B, Miep, Monique, Anton, Elly,
Janna, Horst [D], Lenie, Jelle, Corry.

We had a very joyful time talking to, and getting our pictures taken, with
the ever present Chinese tourists.
Chinese cigarettes are lovely, thank you !
In between we had some very good, eye opening conversations amongst our
They help tremendously to built the Energy so it can culminate in the Violet
Prayer around noon and expand until 14.00 and beyond.

Highlight for me today was our Violet prayer and Nel B's addition to it.
It never felt so in place, so needed, so helpful to support the White
Knights before.
White Knights: inquire into all things and only keep the good. Its our
Right after the Violet prayer Nel [B] told us we were standing there as
Masters and we could ask the Ascended Masters, as equals, to provide the
necessary helping hand to get the Nesara parade on the road.
It felt like stepping on an open platform, out in the open, with the
Ascended Masters already awaiting us, with Creators breath forming the light
breeze. Strength, wisdom ...

Lets make Christ's mass 2003 one to be remembered.

Love and Blessings to all !

Hugo & Mari-Elise


Today a free day to put energie in a place a cultural heritage like the
peace palace
in the Hague this are one of those places which are placed on the worlds
don't bom them.

different time different approache NO REACTION WE ACT

JUST addition, an old trick stay by your self.
We people of planet earth made again the difference together we made an
And humble ask, demand our divine part masterd a profound part of our being.
Boys and girls out there it is simpel, become like children and ask like the
master in you for HELP
on the bridge they will deploy our help by clear in asking.
We did our prayers not in MIND, not in our HEART, just in the feeling
of our BEING.

Todays Energie was a strange rollercoster action in the mind, but also
sharing our deepest feelings.
There was a good man had just one of his rollercost ride LOL, and talking
about NESARA
all part of it knowledge came up from within, the aHAAA moment strikes.
In giving others attention and comfort.
The I AM give me a picture of a gigantic computer the mother board is so it
works but we have differentiation of workmemory its just 256mb.
Too execute and and implemant this funny low (ever hurt about NESARA) WE
FOR one thing I AM sure it's no longer a oneman show anymore
This week I was in the rollercoster too ,just when I read the reports on the
internet it gave me back this tickel just like Peter Pan happy thoughts
only than we bring and ring the BEL OF declaratoin.



Paul a builder of heaven on earth


-----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
Van: maarten []
Verzonden: dinsdag 2 december 2003 14:44
Onderwerp: I have a dream


Please read the following and make others aware of this letter too.
It's my vision personal vision, so it's not a copy of anyone elses thoughts
or writings.

Kind regards,

M. Lusink


I have a dream......

Call me naive, call me a socialist, name my thoughts Utopia, but don't say I
make myself look ridiculous! With that statement, you make yourself look

I want/wish the following:

1. That mankind need not worry about finances;
2. mankind need not worry about socially limited laws;
3. mankind need not worry;
4. mankind can enjoy life;
5. mankind can focus on personal growth

It would be beautiful if we could make that happen all together, wouldn't
it? I presume that at this moment you won't say I make myself look

On the internet there is ever more information on a new law of which several
people want it to be legislated in the United States, after which it will
become legislated all around the world. This law has the same result in mind
as what I want and wish for mankind. Many people seem to be hard at work to
get this law legislated, but other people and internet sites call it a lie,
a farce and blackmail. Many say (because of this) not to believe in it and
therefore not to support it, because then you make yourself look ridiculous

What if all of it were a rude lie and that this law sprouted out of the
phantasy of one person . what if?
What if the majority of mankind were to support this fantasy and would say "
That's what we want!"
Wouldn't there be a slight possibility that this fantasy would become
What is stopping us then, to say we support this fantasy and all together
make the fantasy become reality?
What is stopping us getting Utopia from the realm of shadows and fables and
make it tangible?

Let's say this so called law doesn't exist, then let's see to it that it
will exist. The name isn't all important, is it? So let's use the one
already in use.


It's too bad that those people, who don't believe in it, make N.E.S.A.R.A.
look ridiculous. Each one of them tries to shout hardest in letting people
know that who gets involved makes himself look ridiculous. In fact they're
saying that dreams deceive, never can become reality and that dreamers are
making themselves look ridiculous. While most of mankind's great inventions,
events and songs where the result of someone's dream.

Too him/her who still calls me or this letter ridiculous ... I petty thy,
for you don't dare to dream and probably only live in fear. But still there'
s hope for you, for many people dare what you don't dare and say:

I dare to dream!

Sovereign Independent Pressagency Netherlands