The report of the NESARA

Demonstration of December 12, 2003 in front of The Peace Palace in The Hague.


Welcome to the ninth demonstration day (Dec. 12, 2003) in front of the
World Court, Den Haag, Netherlands, with the NESARA Take Action Team.

Dear All of Us,

December 12, 2003: it was an amazing day here in front of the Peace Palace in The Hague........on my way to the Peace Palace, I knew that all is well as it is done......NESARA is here......We, the people of this Earth, did it!!

When I arrived I saw the beautiful Christmas tree in front of the Peace Palace. It felt so peacefull.........

Please take a look at the pictures......there are so many banners. Thank you for that. Thank you for the love you put in them. We, from the NTAT The Hague give All of You who sent them to us, a very, very big hug!!!!!!

We received a new banner from Florida!! It said: FLORIDA NEEDS NESARA. Thank you!

Unfortunately I did not succeed in translating the flyer in Chinese yet.......but a whole new week is coming to try again.

People in cars blow their horns when they pass by the banners hanging near the road, saying: No Bush, No War!! And NESARA removes Bush!!

The other Nel came with dr. Carl from the UK. It was dr. Carl who was at the London demonstration on november 21. He took time to talk to all of us, to get to know us........For me, today opened the door to the period after NESARA is we did take a quick look behind that door and talked about it (thank you dr. Carl). And dr. Carl brought two banners with him, made by a baroness (93 year). Dear baroness, thank you (!!!) for the banners saying: PACE.....for help from Gods workers NESARA NOW LONDON. Dear dr. Carl, I thank you for sharing so much Love and Gratitude with us.......thank you for being.......

We talked with a lot of people about NESARA......

A car stopped next to me and a woman opened the window. The man behind the wheel said to me while he looked at the banners: "There you are again. Is this true?" I said to him: "Sure this is true! Would you like to have a flyer?" He answered: "You gave me a flyer a few weeks ago. And I did take a good look at the website. My God, is this really true? That would be fantastic!!" I told him: "Yes, sir, this is really, really happening!! Isn't is great???" The man, the woman, the children sitting in the back of the car and I were cheering together: IT IS TRUE!! NESARA IS TRUE!!..........

Al those weeks at World Court, at the Peace Palace, we received a lot of support from people by email. People who express their heartfelt thanks to us for what we do. We greet and thank all those people for being there for us in Spirit. Also we greet and thank everyone who joined us physically in front of the Peace Palace sofar:

In physical: ........Carl Straw (UK),Horst (D), Detlev (D), Mira (D), Alex (D), Peter (D), Zorica (D), Sabina (D), Fabian (D), Annika (D), Eckhard (D), Adeyinka (Nigeria), Irena Ilona (USA), Dr. Carl (UK), Nel B., Robin, Rob, Antoon, Elly, Janna, Lenie, Jelle, John, Nelleke, Naomi, Johan, Barry, Menno, Ishtwan, Erik, Thea (with her dog Kultha), Marijke, Freed, Leonardo, Jose, Guido, Peter, Stef, Pieter, Erik (2), Martin, and more...............

In spirit: ..........Dove, Richard and Susan (D), Lauri, Ellen, Atie (Aruba), Joost, Ran, Bernice, Ilona, Leo, Mark (Oregon),Mirjam, Nora, Tatjana and Detlef (USA), Harmen, Tandara (Greece), Milson (Canada), Jet, Anneke, Suzy and Herb (USA), Jeanneke, Tim, Benjamin, Bertus, Henk, Anton, Marja, Wouter (Belgium), Jutta (Belgium), and more...........

We, NTAT The Hague: Nel, Monique, Miep, Paul, Hugo, Mari-Elise, Catharina, Ad and Marianne, we THANK YOU ALL FOR BEING THERE WITH US, THANK YOU ALL FOR SUPPORTING US.........THANK YOU ALL FOR THE LOVE AND THE ENERGY YOU SENT US.......

See and feel you all again next friday........

PEACE ON EARTH..............with deep stillness........Nel.


This is the (second) prayer we did, written by Hugo:


Beloved Ascended Masters, Namaste !

We speak to You as equals
standing worthy in our shared I AM.

Freedom and prosperity has been ordained by Source.
The Plan is Divinely perfect; well under way.

We see the Beauty,
we feel It's presence.

Make it so !

Earth' people hunger for rest of heart,
long for chains to be cut.

Make it so !

Let's celebrate the Admirals birthday
within full strenght of compassion.

Let the Violet flame sweep clean
every corner of this Earth.

Let humanity celebrate
in their new found Glory.

Make it so ! We demand. So be it !

Ad and Marianne:

Dear NESARA supporters,

When we drove to the World Court this morning to attend the demonstration we heard a remarkable message on the radio. What we knew already that Halliburton, the company of which vice-president Dick Cheney was the former chief executive, makes excessive profits from the war in Iraq, was reported on the number one news radio in the Netherlands. For providing oil to the American troops in Iraq, Halliburton charges 60 ct/gallon where other companies would charge 25 ct/gallon. So the TRUTH is really coming out!

When we just arrived at the World Court Menno, which we met at the demonstration of November 28, came by. We asked him if he had read the speech of Dennis Kucinich about the Department of Peace in the Dove report of December 9, because he told us in November, that he had plans to found a sort of Academy for Peace in the Netherlands. He had not, so we promised him to mail the speech.

He asked us if we would appreciate if reports of the demonstration would be put into several Dutch magazines he had contacts with.

That would be wonderful, Nel immediately replied!

Some time later Nel B. arrived with Dr. Carl from the UK, who was also present at the demonstration in the UK of November 21.

What a warm and great personality that is. We were glad to meet him.

Carl brought with him a small banner made by hand by a baroness of 93 years old in London. It is heart-warming all this support we get.

Thank you all!

While handing out flyers, we had some interesting conversations with people coming by. They seem to become more enthusiastic every week.

People who walk there regularly tell us how they are impressed by our perseverance and the new banners that are added every week from over the whole world.

A Dutch woman told us that NESARA seems to be just what the world needs. She was very pleased that we stood there for this important cause facing the cold weather and wished us good luck.

We met an international group of women, from among others Spain, Algeria and Somalia, which were very enthusiastic about NESARA. The Spanish woman told us she worked in a crèche for children of asylum seekers. When she got out after a visit to the Peace Palace she told us that she asked the guide to put the bad situation of the prisoners in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to the attention of the judges, hoping they could do something about it.

This time we did the meditation standing around the peace flame monument. First with one hand each on the monument, which was very nice and warm under the cold weather conditions, and later on holding hands standing in a circle around the monument.

After the standard NESARA prayer we did a new inspiring prayer, written by Hugo. Thank you Hugo.

After the meditation a coloured small van arrived. When Miep handed out a flyer, the driver told her he had several passengers from New Zealand with him. Miep told him we had also banners from New Zealand supporting NESARA. The driver drove around the flowerbed and stopped beside the banner from New Zealand and the one from Australia and New Zealand, so his passengers could take a closer look to this specific banners. Thank you for sending us this banners! Now you see how important it is for us to be able to show the support of NESARA from over the whole world!

When we drove home we heard a funny message on the radio. They told us about a website, which issued a contest for women to become the First Lady of guess who?......Dennis Kucinich, running for president in the U.S.A. and still bachelor.

Blessings, we love you all !

Marianne and Ad


Hugo and Mari-Elise:

Namaste dear readers,

Today, over our traditional hot chocolate, the remainder of us were

seriously talking about what to do after the announcement. Not only how we

are going to miss our little get-to-gathers [not if I can help it], but on a

more profound level, what can we do after The Announcement? Of course we had

some loose conversations about it on previous occasions, but now the timing

felt good, we could really, deeply, discuss it in length.

Dr. Carl, bless his soul, is the spark that got us going on that track and

it felt perfectly in place and time. We could really nestle ourselves in

that energy. That's new. The new Christ¹s Masters are ready to create, and

need to. It's about putting funds, capabilities, location and timing

together in such a way the resulting action helps roll this society of ours

the right side up. The people need hands at work once the funds start

flowing and a lot of receptive space to express their emotions and

questions. It feels like Source gave a warm welcome to the Scroll. The stage

feels set. Now lets go and see le Comte perform his little "piece de la

resistance". We're all set with popcorn and large drink.

Dr Carl brought a hand painted [both sides] pillow case with him. The

Baroness decided "to do one". Thank you so much ! In addition to our Violet

prayer, which we did surrounding the peace flame this time, we spoke as

Masters to Ascended Masters asking them to do everything in their power to

set free in abundance the people of this Earth.

We received a very hearty wave from a Judge driving by. We are becoming more

than less part of the Peace Palaces inventory. Lets hope we don't grow

roots. LOL.

The team: Monique, Miep, Nel, Nel B, Catharina, Jelle, Corry, Ignace, Ad,

Marianne, Dr. Carl [GB], Hugo, Mari-Elise, Menno.

See you soon !



Dear everyone,

In order to be on time for our demonstration at the Peace Palace, I need to

get up at 5:30 in the morning, walk to the bus, which will bring me to the

train to The Hague and then take another bus to the Peace Palace. It was

cold and still dark when I left this morning and I new it would be dark

again and still cold when I would come home in the evening.

And I wondered what on earth I was doing here by myself on a dark country

road early in the morning?

It is because I just KNOW, inside. I know these are crucial times for

mankind and I want to stand up and be counted. And I know that lots of you

out there would love to be with us and we feel that. We feel representatives

of you, with all your banners and we will not let you down. We want to put

our 5 cents in and help to push NESARA over the edge. We want a new world

with Peace on earth and Peace in the hearts of men and where better to

demonstrate for this then at the Peace Palace? What better vehicle to

achieve this than NESARA? All our meetings are special, deeply spiritual and

joyful. This time we had an overwhelming, joyful feeling of… IT IS DONE. Nel

had a complete vision, Anton called in and said it felt as if a great burden

was taken off of him, he felt utter joy and could not concentrate on

anything. It was all wonderful again. As I gazed at the enormous Christmas

Tree before the Palace, and all a the people visiting, I felt grateful to be

able to be there once more, to be able to contribute, even if it is only 5


Love Catharina