The report of the NESARA

Manifestation of December 19, 2003 in front of The Peace Palace in The Hague.


Dear All of Us,

It was a coldday, without rain and without sunshine, a grey sky......but with the NESARAspirit!!!

Today, again we shared so much withpeople from different parts of this beautiful planet........

Some new NESARAfamilymembers joined us today: Jan-Kees (Dutch and Spanish speaking) and Johanna (a friend of Nel B.) And this week we received a new banner for Spain, saying: DESDE CATALUNA, ESPANA POR LA GENTE DEL MUNDO NESARA SI NESARA AHORA. Thank you for this was at the right place in the right time!! Atelevisioncrew from Honduras came by. They were at World Court yesterday (dec. 18), because of the following case: Application for Revision of the Judgment of 11September 1992 in the Case concerning the Land, Island and Maritime Frontier Dispute (El Salvador/Honduras: Nicaragua intervening) (El Salvador v. Honduras) . Today the televisioncrew returned to the Peace Palace to shoot pictures.......

Also this week I waslucky to find me a very nice Chinese friend who was willing to translate some NESARA info for us (Thank you!!!!). She wrote the Chinese words on the flyer next to the Dutch words......I used it as it me it felt like putting the Dutch and Chinese enthusiasm together.

More beautiful things happened: Corry not only handed out a flyer to a busdriver,but also made him a cup of coffee (see the picture).....A Judge and Paul and Horst recognized eachother and greeted......When leaving the afterNESARArestaurant we all received a small candle for Christmas from Hans and Lies (the owners). Thank you, Hans and Lies...Merry Christmas to you too!

Today we decided that we are not doingdemonstrations, but manifestations. Because that is what we are doing together with all of you! So the next manifestation will be on January 2, 2004, from 10.00am till 14.00pm in front of the Peace Palace in The Hague, Netherlands.........

During Christmas time we will be with our families and friends.......the NESARAenergy we build up during all those weeks will grow and float all around this planet during our Christmas let Us All Be One in Spirit to keep that energy floating..........




Dear All of You,

Today we had for the first time a Chinese translation of our flyer, for the numerous Chinese tourists who each time visit the Peace Palace.

This was a great success. The Chinese people were very enthusiastic about it and several want to be photographed with us in front of the banners and the Peace Palace.

We had a new banner from Catalonia Spain in Spanish. Also Jan-Kees came for the first time to take part in the demonstration. He said he knew us from the internet where he read the Dove reports for over a half year now.

We believe this was no coincidence!

Later on a television crew from Honduras arrived. They spoke nearly only Spanish. We could demonstrate them the banner in Spanish and it appeared that Jan-Kees speaks Spanish fluently because he has a Spanish wife. Catharina explained a lot about NESARA in English, and Jan-Kees did a simultaneous translation in Spanish while being filmed.


Marianne and Ad


Hello everyone!

What an awesome day again! When we arrive in the morning we never know what will happen, it is alway different and such a joy...

Demonstrating for a New World, for peace on earth during The Season is very special. I was so glad we had something in Chinees. A bus arrived from Nan-Nin, in the province Guangxi, China. A very few new some English, and I understood they were Police Chiefs from that area. How wonderful to be able to explain about Nesara to them! Then I had a long talk with Tariq from Pakistan, studying for lawyer in the UK. He was very interested and such a nice, intelligent young man. Then there were those two lovely young ladies, one from South Korea and one from the Pilippines. They thought it was great what I told them and said they felt it was surely meant to be they had come to the Peace Palace that morning.!

We did an interview for a Television crew from Honduras and at the end we got very busy with a bus full of people from Pachaburi, Thailand. I found out they were all public prosecuters, so I went for it, with hands and feet and some english and my chinees flyer. They were interested, but one of them shook his head (I could see he did not believe me at all) and said something like he wished me well, but that it could never happen. At that I shot up and pointed my finger to him and said: oh, no sir! THIS IS THE TRUTH and IT WILL HAPPEN!

Ah, what a day.....

Peace Be With You,

Love, Catharina



Namaste all NESARA fans

''If i hade the wings of a white turtle dove'' Friday i dit my driving & contemplating in my car this morning. It was not clear that i would come this day. For me its all about balance; is there guidens i would say YES;

And signs started in on monday i am singing in a shanty choir,and the director asked me if i would sing a new song, it was ok with me , ( irish ballad: If i hade the wings of a white turtle dove.) LOL

On thursday i went home from my yob and on the ground in front of me satiated a white turtle dove. And it was clear i would go to the peace palace on friday.

And again I AM proud to be a WINGMAKER and represent all off you there and also very close to a dark period before chrismas a celebration of light ,like today only cloudes not realy comfortable .like the white turtl dove bringing a message of NESARA.


Paul a 5thD NESARA builder



Behold the Nesara train,

Miep as the engine and all of us dancing along the track of divine providence and synchronicity. Nel arranged a Chinese translation of the Dutch flyer. A Spanish-speaking enthusiast joined us. And you know what? Humor is back! We had a very, very good time.

The busloads of Chinese tourists just kept on coming. Almost all of those wonderful people are very receptive to the idea of world peace, clean earth, no money troubles and that all that is ours to choose. A man from Peking marked those items on one of the Chinese flyers. A camera crew from Honduras took a small interview from Catharina translated by our new Spanish speaking addition. Jan Kees had joined us minutes ago. Well !

We did our Violet prayer twice, slower this time on Horst's request, and that added more depth and power. In between we did a very powerful meditation to manifest, within our joined hands circle, all the things we wish to be in our new Golden Age.

Freed arrived late with his camera and that too was perfect because now we not only have todayıs set-up on digital film but as a spicy addition also the very interested swarming busload of Thai judiciary employees. Absolutely brilliant !

Genesis II is awakening to our world to grow and to be cherished and nurtured in our compassionate hearts.

The train: Miep [engine], Nel B [ticket-collector], Horst [the guy with the red flag], Freed [front window], Nel [headlight], Paul [engineer], [wheels, seats, structural elements]: Monique, Lenie, Ad & Marianne, Jan Kees, Catharina, Hugo & Mari-Elise, Johanna, Menno.

On behalf of all of the Peace Palace activists we wish you a wonderfull Christ mass and an enlightened new year !!!

Here's a card for you all:

In loving gratitude.

Hugo & Mari-Elise