Report of the Manifestation, January 9, 2004

Peace Palace, The Hague, The Netherlands.



Dear All of You (Us)......

When I went on my bike to the Peace Palace this friday morning, I felt all
of you already with me. I knew this was caused by the telephonecall I
received the night before from Germany. Detlef, Tatjana, Detlev, Sabine and
Volkmar called me and their phone was put on speaker, so I could hear them
all at once. That gave me a lot of energy...Thank you overthere in Germany
for the wonderful NESARAphonecall!
So this morning I still felt that energy and I felt all of you.......All of
us were on our way to the Peace Palace....

In my bag were the flyers. Today I also had French and German flyers with
me. I downloaded them from the site. We used both the French and
the German flyers. Also we should have had Italian and Spanish flyers.....we
will try that for next week.
Anneke and Agneta (both Dutch) came to visit us. They told us that in
October 2003 they took part in a NESARAgroupmeditation in the Peace Palace.
Thank you for joining us today!!
And we met Egbert again......Egbert learned about NESARA a week ago. A new
NESARA fan.....

We did a meditation on request of Menno...he called me from his office and
wanted to be with us in Spirit....and there in that meditation, I felt all
of you still with us........thank you......

During our after NESARA-hotchocolate, I felt satisfied. I thought of the
emails we receive regularly from Aruba, different parts of the USA, UK,
different parts of Europe, the Netherlands.......the phonecalls from the
USA, UK and Germany......I thought of all that has to change to create a
better world....I thought of all the people that are in trouble financially,
traumaticly.....I thought of all the children in the world.......I thought
of all of you being with us here.....and I thought of NESARA as the
beginning of a new world!!!

I love You (Us) All......Nel.


Dear All of You,

When we drove to the World Court this morning we had to stop for a traffic light in The Hague. We saw a car with a CDJ- license plate in front of us. We recognized a World Court Judge. We followed the car and the driver showed us a short cut to the Peace Palace, where precisely one parking place was left for our car. Thank you Judge for showing us this short cut!

Today we had flyers in 5 languages, English, German, French, Chinese and Dutch. It is so heart-warming the enthusiastic reactions we get when we bring the news of NESARA to the people passing along. Also today I talked to several people who expressed that they really appreciate that we bring them the news of NESARA and thanked me for giving them a flyer with some extra background information. We also never see people, throwing a flyer on the ground, after first accepting it and then reading it while walking away.

We did our meditation with the Violet Prayer three times and a wonderful prayer added by Miep.

Shortly after that Marianne and Nel saw the first white peace dove.

Two newcomers, Anneke and Agneta, joined us.

Menno called Nel from his office and asked her if we could do another meditation at 1.15 PM because he was then able to join us in spirit. So we did.

At 1.15 PM we did another meditation thinking not only of Menno, but of all people who are with us in spirit, but not able to join us physically.

After the second meditation Nel, Jan-Kees and I (Ad) stood at the peace flame monument warming our hands.

I saw three white peace doves flying over the flowerbed, directly followed by four black jackdaws flying in the same direction. It seemed that they wanted to join the white peace doves. It felt to me that the black birds, figurative representing the darkside, gave the signal that they finally had chosen to come to the light again, represented by the white peace doves. Well they are more than welcome!

For me, thinking of the report of Catharina from last week, this was another signal that WE THE PEOPLE ARE READY FOR NESARA!

We love you all!

Marianne and Ad



Its fryday morning dark and wet, i went to the Hague up to the big peace
and as all way i have this feeling there is somthing to bedan but what?
So i jumpt in my van and moved .
The cold was out site and insite my body so my brains on zero and my eyes on
Half away the the trip warmt came in my whit the feeling that this is the
first day to move to your new house and like the caretaker-hallporter i have
to open the doors of this new building .
I Am aware of our role in this NESARA HOUSE.

This day is/was an expressoin of the collectif consiousnes.
Its cold inside.
Our thingking is like a spin-drier this centrifugal energie pull us out of
our centre
and on a surten point we become aware that our thots where in the outer
place of the spin drier .
Te good thing is we earthlings have free choices to centre our SELF.
And whit a bite of humour (our life line).
On our beare feets like a hobbit.
We people of the earth helpt each other and our self to CENTRE our SELF and
Humble ask and thank .

This is our way to anchor the basics of life respect independence love

We people have DREAM individualty unitid in unitie we thank that NESARA is
activeted on earth.

I AM glad by part in this building proces Welcome


Fourteen little Hobbits went to work.

I don't know about the rest of the group, but we experienced this meeting at the rainy Peace Palace as quite different from the previous ones.
What was different you ask? Usually Mari-Elise and me are just tired, but filled with satisfaction afterwards.
This time we felt exhausted and were wondering what caused that.
We didn't have to many passers by, hardly any busses and fire trucks were making nice lap times around the Palace during the entire demo. The atmosphere reflected some restlessness.

It took us until the third Violet prayer to join energies. One should think practise creates art. Well, it does, we just really had to put our backs into this demo. I felt like a Hobbit removing cob webs and looking for that clear blue sky. Paul is a great conversationalist and put in his dimes for sure. He helped us get through the day.

By the time we got to the third prayer I saw that clear blue sky and Miep with tear filled eyes pouring her heart wishes out to Above. Mari-Elise feels it was Mothers day today.
Bottom line: we started the demo with a lot of dark chocolate which took a lot of time to melt. Then we added some white chocolate and we hope the result agrees with all of us, and you!

Lovely [most of them ;-)] Hobbits putting in their fair share of work at the chocolate factory:
Nel, Corry & Ignace, Ad & Marianne, Miep & Monique, Paul, Jan Kees, Lenie, Hugo & Mari-Elise, Anneke & Agneta.

Lets go bake that cake next week!

Wishing all of you Love, Wisdom and Strength,

Hugo & Mari-Elise


Today the demonstation was a proces. The theme was primordial mother. Everything needs to be integrated these days, to work together. We started off with the negative aspects of the mother, a mother who was anxious, restricted, to much caring. Of course the children want to be free, to fly their own course, to grow up. Then the positive aspects of the mother came to the frontlight. Miep is the mother of the group. She takes care of everything. She handles flyers, takes care of the food, healthy fruits, tea, coffee, a hug, a smile, if you are a bit sick or not, she notices and gives advice. She is just wonderful. Miep is just there, she never dares to be in the first line to get the attention of everybody. But she managed to give the flyers to everybody she sets her heart on. Today at the violet flame prayer she opened her heart and shared her hearts prayer with us and the world. Untill today she never dared to do this. She ended her prayer for everybody who was with us in energy and for the whole world who desperatly need NESARA. She was in tears. While talking with Paul we saw a flock birds flying from left to the right in a beautifull dubble V form. The V from Victoria. This form reminded me of the graincirkel with the birds.

While I am writing this message, I remember Lenie. She was sick today. She managed to be at the demonstration for 2,5 hours. After the violet flame prayer she went home, to sick to stay longer. But she didn't want to give in, she comes every week, sick or not. I hope she will be allright soon.

Miep, we all love you.