The report of the NESARA

Manifestation of January 16, 2004 in front of The Peace Palace in The Hague.


There All of Us,

We had a very stormy and rainy day at the Peace Palace. It was like an adventure to me. On my way to the Peace Palace I had a flat tyre. So I arrived a bit later than usual.

Because of the storm and the rain we only used four banners: two Bush removal banners and two NESARA NOW NESARA YES banners able to resist this kind of weather. Horst was with us again and so was his 'NESARA is your life' board. Horst drove 4 1/2 hours to get to us. Horst, we feel deep respect for you......

We received a new banner from Namibie: "Thank you dear Sabine!! Please look at the pictures: there it is!"

An adventure day:

......There was this angry man shouting at Marianne.....

......And we talked to a man who was a securityman at TPG. He told me that in the past he worked for the International Criminal Court in The Hague. He resigned because he could not agree with a lot of things happening overthere. He told me the reason he left that job is the same reason we are standing in front of World Court, doing NESARA demonstrations. Then we noticed why he and some other security men were at the Peace Palace.....250 people (all board members from TPG worldwide: TPG is a mail, express and logistics company) came out of the, we began handing out lady came to us saying we should not bother these people and we could not be handing out flyers to them. Then the securityman we spoke with came to her and he told her that we sure could hand out flyers! He told her we had a permit to do this and therefore we could hand out flyers!! Wauw.......that felt so great!! At the end of the demo we were out of Dutch and English flyers......!!

And today again (like we do every week) we used the pins Hall made for us. "Dear Hall, every friday we have them on our coats!! Thank you, we love them."

Also the handgloves Suzy and Herb sent us were used again today. "Dear Suzy and Herb thank you both!"

I am looking back on this demonstrationday with a deep feeling of gratitude......

With Love......




Thoughts at the Peace Palace by Horst (D) on Friday, January 16th in

Dear Friends of Peace around the World!
YOU have taken the trouble of interrupting the cozyness of daily routine and rushed into the action of making the banners for NESARA to be supported by the Forces of Light and it was YOU who paid the money for the precise forwarding them to the very special City of THE HAGUE or as the Dutch people call her DEN HAAG
in the Netherlands. And it is us, an ever varying selection of people the names of which you find in the weekly reports, who collaborate with your hearts and minds over any distance in time and space from Namibia to Spain, from the state of Colorado to Croatia and from New Zealand to Texas. In the meantime we and the banners from The Hague appear on photos in China and Thailand with people who have the education and determinedness to travel far and spread the news among people of their
kind at home. Yes, indeed, the PEACE PALACE and its territory is a special power place dedicated to the THOUGHTFORM OF PEACE. And you can reallly feel this woundrous energy of PEACE that inspires us anew each time we are there. So, now you know why we are almost addicted to go there and do what we have to do, representing your intents, will, and thoughts, taking care of them, nourishing them by adding our ENERGIES . Thus I invite you to look at the photos and feel as if you
were there, see the area, the building, the light of the differentseasons and the smile on our faces and the gestures of our communication. This is all REAL, HUMAN and DIVINE.

Blessed we are.

Monique and Miep:

Fridaymorning arriving at the Peace Palace, the rain was pouring down, and there were busses parked
all over the place. Before we stopped the car Miep already wanted to get out eagerly reaching for
the flyers. A little disappointed she was to see there were no passengers inside, the driver told
her they were on 'stand-by'. While he was leaving his bus to join the other drivers for a coffee she
handed him some flyers along to discuss over coffee.
Together with Hugo & Mari-Elise we were wondering where Nel was, she is usually the first to arrive
at the Peace Palace on her bike. There she arrived with a flat tyre in the pouring rain, with the
most 'dry', loving face saying 'Yes Miep, that can happen when you ride a bike..' That is typically
our Nel!
Under 'our' tree 2 ladies were hiding from the rain and when Miep offered them a flyer they
responded "We feel quite embarrassed to tell you, but we received orders not to accept anything from
you people here". When a car with a CDJ license plate stopped, the ladies got in the car and drove
off to the Peace Palace entrance. Oh yes we did get the may be cold on the outside but
definately all warm inside, all is working so well!
We did our violet prayer, beautifully led by Horst who joined us again all the way from Hamburg!
At the point of finishing up for the day a most wondrous gift arrived. A beautiful white peace dove
landed in our presence under the tree, it was so touching!
Miep danced in the rain and sang of joy and happiness,
Thank You all for experiencing this most wonderful day!
Lots of Love and Warm hugs,

Miep & Monique

Ad and Marianne:
Rain, wind and cold, nothing can stop us!
It was a wonderful day again in front of the Peace Palace, although you could not say that of the weather. It was a day of extremes. There was this man in a track-suit walking towards me (Marianne) who was very angry. First of all I did not understood him well, for I thought he was talking about a bus, busy pointing at the bus stop. But it appeared that he was outraged because of a banner we hanged, saying, NESARA REMOVES BUSH. He said that we should not abuse Bush, because he liberated Iraq from Saddam Hussein. I said we did not abuse Bush, but he would not listen, continued his tirade and walked away, leaving me flabbergasted. I only thought, if you only knew, how much good NESARA will bring to you.

Short after this a totally different man came into my direction, very well dressed, I think he came out of the Peace Palace. He said that he had already a flyer, but he gave me a pat on my shoulder and said, you are doing a great job here. What a glorious feeling, thank you sir!
Another man told us he knew already about NESARA and was happy that we stood there. Immediately afterwards we talked to another interested man. He told us that he had worked for the International Criminal Court, located elsewhere in the Hague, but he quit that job because he did not agree with the way they worked there. He said he supported us in bringing the news of NESARA.
Then a large group of people, came out of the Peace Palace, all wearing the same blue umbrella´s. We wanted to hand out our flyers, but the lady in front of this group, probably the tour manager said that she did not want us to bother the group with our flyers. The man we just talked with, spoke to this lady and told her that she had to leave us alone, and so she did. In no time we went through ALL our Dutch and English flyers! How wonderful.
Ad and I went for the first time to the restaurant afterwards. Normally we have to go home early for our kids, but now we had made special arrangements. We enjoyed a nice cup of hot chocolate and shared our thoughts and experiences with the others of the group. We also met Egbert there for the first time.

In spite of the weather this was again a very, very beautiful NESARA-day.
NESARA is in the air, NESARA is there!
Love and blessings,

Ad and Marianne

Good day every One! We had a very good demo!

It was raining. The icy wind chilled our bones. One of those days you want
to stay in bed, or in front of the fireplace. Those weatherproof banners you
lovely people send us sure came in handy! Even those got blown away in the
harsh wind.

We had our very good humours, the Sun peeping through in a patch of blue sky
occasionally. Lenie had brought cake! She read something about that in last
weekıs report.

When the first of us arrived, there were five VIP busses parked, clogging
the not so big square in front of the Peace Palace. "We are just on stand
by." Then, a little later, they moved out, empty. About the time Nel was
collecting her strategy for finding out what two friendly gentlemen standing
at different spots for some time now where doing, a whole strain of people
carrying blue umbrella's - some of them were blown away by the strong wind -
came pouring out of the Palace. 250 Or so, international board members of
TPG, a very big postal company. One of the hostesses was very insistent we
didn't bother them with our leaflets. But then a security man turned out to
be a Nesara supporter [!] and said it was OK. We only had Chinese and German
flyers left by the time they had disappeared into special streetcars and two
of the busses we saw earlier. That was a very satisfying experience! Even
when seemingly only once in a while someone passes by we end up handing out
quite a few leaflets.

Someone told us the people working inside the Peace Palace had had orders
not to accept any more of our flyers. Who is getting nervous in there? We
like it! It's attention.

This time Horst led our Violet prayer, which we did under the trees in front
of the peace flame.
At the end of our meeting we handed flyers to two ladies who turned out to
be members of the "Foundation of Life" which donated the peace flame. They
had no prior knowledge of Nesara.

Warm Souls bringing Light in petrifying conditions:
Nel, Miep, Mo, Lenie, Hugo, Mari-Elise, Horst [D], Ad, Marianne, Jan Kees &
Thank you all for being there, also those in thought, and for being on this
planet at this Time!


Hugo & Mari-Elise