Report of the Demonstration, January 23, 2004

In front of The Peace Palace, The Hague, The Netherlands.


Dear All of Us,

This friday in front of the Peace Palace we handed out a lot of flyers and we talked to a lot of me it was a very good feeling.

I met two Isrealites who were at International Court of Justices because of this case:

Legal Consequences of the Construction of a Wall in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

I told them about NESARA and they were very glad to hear about this new law. The lady of this couple is going to Houston this saturday. She told me that when she would arrive in Houston, she would make copies of the flyers and hand it out to everybody.

I handed out flyers while running along with several joggers and was fun for me and them!

During this demonstration there were only one or two busses stopping, but there were a lot people passing by.......were hardly had time to do our prayer. But when we did our prayer near the Peaceflame, we attracted some attention from the felt like some of them wanted to join us........I hope next time they will.

Also Monique will tell you about an Iranian she met........ Ad, Marianne, Hugo and Mari-Elise will tell about a criminologist we talked with ..........We all thank you for being there with us again.......

With Love...... Nel.



It was another cold but heartwarming day at the Peace Palace.
While setting up the banners a man approached me. He works near the Peace palace and had seen us
standing there a couple of times before. He already had a flyer and asked how he could be of help.
'Well sir, you could help us spread the word' I said.
Very kindly he offered us something warm to drink, he said he would pass on the message to all of
his clients and that he would be back later.
And so he did...he returned bringing us sweet fresh dates from his homecountry Iran and left us his
business card, in case we might need anything like warm coffee or a toilet stop.
What a heartwarming feeling to receive this kind of support, thank you so much sir!
Two students from Canada were attracted by the Canadian banners and came to see what it was about.
With great interest they took a flyer and enthusiastically said to 'check it out'
Also an american guy could hardly believe the good news, kept saying 'this is so amazing!' and with
a happy twinkle in the eye he left.
It does give a wonderful feeling to be able to share good news, especially when it is so well received.
To see eyes lit up and receive a smile, a happy face or a 'thank you for your work', is the most
invaluable gift of all, giving us wings to fly.
Thank You All for your loving support from everywhere, it is being felt, shown and deeply


Ad and Marianne:

It was lovely weather today. Dry, damp cold, but also some sunshine.
We had another couple of interesting conversations with passers-by.
Like with a Bosnian lady, who complained of the treatment of prisoners in Guantanamo Bay and was glad that the Bush government had to resign with the announcement of NESARA.
We also spoke with an American criminologist, who was moved to the Netherlands, because she could not stand the present situation in the U.S.A.
She especially had problems with the recent promulgated laws in the U.S.A., which limit the freedom of citizens and gives the government a permit for extreme measures instead, all under the cloak of the war against terrorism. She also mentioned the unworthy of man treatment of prisoners in Guantanamo Bay. Apart from that she told us that one of the World Court Judges had been her instructor in the field of human rights. She was glad that we come forward with the news of NESARA. In the U.S.A. she only knew a few people, who dare to give their opinion upon similar ideas, like Dennis Kucinich.
Towards the end, when we were just saying goodbye tot the others, Monique spoke to a member of a squatter-movement in the Hague. He was very interested and said he would inform the other members of this squatter-movement.

Marianne and Ad


Hugo and Mari-Elise:

A relatively quiet, rather cold, but beautiful day at the Peace Palace. Paul couldn't be there, but called extensively. Lenie had a funeral and had to leave at 13.00 hours. Freed and Menno joined us for the last half-hour.

The heart of the matter: people care, and manage to be present, whether in spirit, by phone, or physical.

Two bikers coming out of the gates found it was time we gave up and went home: "You've been here for months! Don't you think it's enough?" Sorry guys, not until Germains TV show! World peace is just to important for us to give up on!

Some of the staff going in and out, in my opinion, ignored the demo on the edge of unfriendliness. Persistence is a powerful tool. Like Dove stated, we've got a license and we are NOT moving!

A very friendly American lady on her way inside took the time to talk to some of us. She is involved with criminal justice and hadn't heard about NESARA until now. She had had some lessons from the American World Court judge some years ago. She was open, sincere and left us with a feeling of warmth for the American judge.

Our Violet Prayer had a rush to it, a powerful definiteness and a very e-motional intimacy. Very special to me.

We noticed that the mention alone of the word NESARA triggers an interest in people. Miep, Nel, and the rest of the group handed out a lot of flyers today and had some good, warm, conversations explaining NESARA law to tourists and passers by. Warmth, compassion and making a heart connection to the person you're talking to makes most people accept a flyer.

An Iranian man from a travel agency nearby came over to hand us a box of fresh Iranian dades. What a lovely gesture! Thank you.

Souls sharing the Light at the Palace today: Ad & Marianne, Nel, Mo & Miep, Catharina, Mari-Elise & Hugo, Lenie, Jan, Kees, Corry & Naomi, Freed, Menno.

Truth will disperse every dark cloud on Shan. The New Day is breaking!

Live long and prosper.

Hugo & Mari-Elise