Report of the Fifteenth Demonstration at the Peace Palace,

The Hague, January 30, 2004


Dear All of Us,

I read the reports of the people who handed out flyers in the US......they
felt so close to me......thank you for doing what you did......this is good
work: telling people about them hope.....!!!

Today at the Peace Palace people seemed enthusiastic: several judges waved,
people were asking for flyers.....
Never before have we seen so much CD and CDJcars going to the Palace. Also
there were a lot of military people going in.....we don't know what was
going on....but we sure handed out a lot of flyers.

There was this 'delegation of men' coming out of the Peace we
were ready with our flyers. The man who walked in front of this group (I
have seen him many times before) began to talk to me. He said while
spreading his arms wide: "I read all there is to know about NESARA but I
still have one question.....". He looked at me and while he was pointing his
finger to me he asked this question.......: "Now you tell me where can I
read the original words of this NESARA law? Where can I read what it is
saying exactly?" I told him that he cannot read the exact words untill after
the announcement. So he answered: "Well, than you have nothing." And then
they left.

I talked to a Russian mother visiting her daughter who is living in The
Netherlands. She told me about the situation in Russia at the moment. She
said that there still is no freedom of press, no freedom of speech. I told
her that to my opinion here in The Netherlands people aren't free either to
hand out flyers or for example, to let people know about NESARA....... We
have to ask permission for that....we need a permit to do that.....

But we saw a lot of smiling faces today. Hugo and Mari-Elise will tell you
At the end of the demo we were out of the English flyers. By the way....we
have flyers in several languages now: French, German, Italian, Spanish,
English, (a bit) Chinese and Dutch. Today we had two different people asking
for a flyer in Hebrew. Most people we meet here in front of The Peace Palace
are from foreign countries. Today we could have used Japanese flyers

Every friday we have a great team .......every one of us is doing his of her
part.....we always are there for each other....
And I want to thank all of you for being with us in Spirit and for calling
us on the phone and for supporting us by email....and for making those
beautiful banners.....

With a lot of Love......Nel.


Hugo and Mari-Elise:

We had a lovely day at the Peace Palace!

It was about 3s Celsius with a strong wind, which broke quite a few poles we
use to hold the banners up.
The nine of us and two guests had a wonderful time talking about NESARA and
handing out a lot of flyers to, again, a very international audience. I
think the Peace Palace proves to be a perfect spot for spreading the good

As opposed to the last two weeks, it really was most remarkable to me that
there was so much positive receptivity towards our efforts from people
working inside the Palace. A World Court judge even stopped, rolled down his
window and summoned Miep "I'll take one". Hypothesis: did the US Supreme
Court call the World Court thanks to all the postcards they received from
us? I hope so, because then we have a NESARA train on the roll.
More than one car driving by beeped its horn and its occupants gave us very
enthusiastic thumbs up.
Miep got a beautiful message from somebody saying that everybody inside the
Peace Palace knows about NESARA and is talking about it.
There was a lot of activity from CD cars and military personnel mainly going
into the Palace. People were rushing from the public transport towards a
meeting. Some military personnel had to park their cars in front of the
second gate, all other places were apparently full. We never saw that

Three cases of Divine providence:
Rob tried to transfer his views of how the world really works to a New York
student journalist who happened to come by, suitcase and all, trying to find
out details about the Israeli- Palestinian case being prepared right now.
A musician on a bicycle took a different turn, decided to go and see if a
girl friend of his had time to come out of the Peace Palace for lunch and
found us there. He said he spends a lot of time surfing the internet, but
hadn't come across NESARA yet. He said he was definitely going to look into
it and if he could agree with what NESARA stands for would come back, with a
bass player, to make some music at our demonstration.
Barbella came to see the Peace Palace. She had to wait three hours for her
visa to India. I guess Miep, already gave her a flyer. Mari-Elise was
sitting next to her on the bench. They started to talk about Amsterdam, the
demonstration, and India. She was thinking the other day that the economy
had to change somehow. She was quite startled to hear that we did a
meditation, wondering about this coincidence she rolled in to. Barbarella
lives in Amsterdam in the last stronghold of free thinking people. While we
were talking, she recognised two other people, who happened to pass by, who
where living there too. Needless to say that these two other people accepted
a flyer. When she went away for a walk, after being with us for almost 2 1/2
hours, she thanked us for the love she had felt, taking some flyers with her
to spread at her home. Have a nice trip!

Because everybody was half frozen by 2PM, we spontaneously cuddled around
the modest warmth of the peace flame and did our violet prayer three times,
making sure we synchronised, and ended with a very powerful solemn silence.
We did the prayer that late - usually at noon - because we were just to busy
handing out flyers. It was a busy, happy day!

Thanks again to everybody there in spirit!

Fine human beings ready to live the Golden Age present today:
Rob, Nel, Mari-Elise, Monique, Miep, Lenie, Hugo, Jan Kees, Corry.
Special guests:
Barbarella & the saxophone man.

"Accept the Gift with a quiet mind and an open heart."

Bless you all!

Hugo & Mari-Elise