Report of the demonstration at the World Court, The Hague, Netherlands, d.d. februari 6, 2004

Dear All of Us,

Another day in front of The Peace Palace..........

Before we even put the banners up this morning, I already had a discussion with three boys (about 16 years old). They did not know about NESARA but they understood very well what I was telling them. One of the boys said he had a much better idea to get rid of the Illuminati: He said it was stupid of us to do demonstrations.....why not go to work and earn a lot of money. We should be working untill we have as much money as that 5% of the people who have about 95% of all the money and then we should become part of what they are and of what they do. And when we reach that point then we should be getting rid of that 5% and we could prenounce Peace on Earth........

Also we met a very passionfull man who did not believe that NESARA would ever be true. He said it sounds to beautiful. But if it does come true, then he wants to be the new Minister of Education here in The Netherlands.......what a power and passion were in that man. He wants to change the complete structure in education. He gave me his name, address and asking me to contact him when we need a new Minister of Education after the announcement of NESARA.

And there were very enthusiastic tourists from China........

And.......: Egbert wants to join the NTAT.....Welcome Egbert! Horst came all the way from Hamburg again.......Vera came to join us, because she felt the time for NESARA is NOW........Nel B. was with us again with a friend of her: Richard.

Egbert, Horst, Vera, Nel B. and Richard...and all of you being with us in spirit.....thank you for being with us!

In total trust I look forward to what is to be.

With Love........Nel.


Dear all,

Before leaving for the demonstration I (Mari-Elise) took time to draw a single card from the Osho Zen Tarot. The card was Rainbow 16, "We are the world". And that was exactly how it felt today. The card is about celebrating people, with people. Where people celebrate life, they enjoy each other. There is no place for hidden agenda's or war, just Light. Speaking of light, Vera joined us today. She is a profound and experienced lightworker from the Netherlands. Before we did the Violet Prayer, we went into meditation following Vera's lead. In this meditation we put a vortex next to the Peace Flame. A vortex is a device that cleans the area and the energies. And at that time, it started to rain. With this rain, gently falling on our heads, it was no use to go on giving people flyers. So for the first time in 16 weeks, Miep stopped and said, "it is okay for today". Normally she runs and even when the demonstration is over, she rushes to people to get the flyers distributed.
After a while putting the soaking wet banners in the bags, we were standing at our cars. A judge passed the gate and saw us standing, so he beeped his horn. While waving we went of for a well-earned drink in our favourite bar.

People present today with light in their eyes and smiles on their faces:
Vera, Nel B, Corry (for only a split second to wave at everybody), Menno (again between 2 appointments and also staying too long and getting of schedule as usual), Richard (from the Netherlands), Egbert (you know, the one and only who finds us every time coincidentally, but now, alive and kicking, trying to out-run Miep), Miep (today's teacher of Egbert), Rob (carrying his weight and trying to improve his building skills for banners), Mo (sweet tough one), Nel (very relaxed being), Lenie (loves being with us, made copies of the flyers), Horst (oh boy, he was tired, but again he was with us, after driving for 4,5 hours. He managed to be in a traffic jam in The Hague. It was raining there, at the same time, it was dry at the Peace Palace, and it stayed that way for 3 hours!!!, until the mediation), Ad and Marianne (they made it again to be with us!!!), Mari-Elise (keeping an eye on the banners because of the strong wind and rain, and explaining the meditation to the new ones at the demonstration, Hugo (again with only 2 hours sleep, coming every friday to the demonstration after an evening and night working) and Paul (being more with us in spirit, then being at his work, we hope he didn't use his hammer to hit his thumb).

Very nice thing to see: Chinese people writing their names on the Dutch flag, because they approve Nesara. Nesara yes, of course...

Mari-Elise and Hugo


Fortunately it was less cold this time.

There were quite a few visitors for the Peace Palace. Especially a lot of enthusiastic Chinese people. They took a lot of pictures, made video camera recordings, not only of the Peace Palace, but especially with the banners in the background. One group wanted also Horst with his portable board with the text - NESARA is your life - on it.

After a Chinese first asked me for a pen to write his name on an A4 followed by the text - supports NESARA - he discovered our Dutch flag with NESARA NOW and our names on it. He and some other Chinese from his group wrote down their names then with a felt-tipped pen on our flag.

We had a few new participants. Richard, who knew Nel B. already, and Vera who follows everything on the internet for a couple of years, but now had the urge to be physically present once at the Peace Palace.

Vera, later on, leaded our meditation at the peace flame. We were called up for the meditation by rub-a-dubbing on a drum, originating from Mount Shasta, she especially brought with her for this purpose. During the meditation, for which she brought also one large crystal and several small ones, we visualized eventually a vortex of light in which all present blockades for the announcement of NESARA were dissolved.

Thank you Vera, for this powerful meditation.

Also our thanks to all persons who were with us in spirit, of which I would like to mention one especially.

Paul, who has often rejoiced us with his presence, but now had a difficult time, that he could not also be in our midst in physical.

Love and Peace to All of You.

Marianne and Ad


Namaste all Nesara Fans .

This is a special day for all of us .... this day I had to finish my yob before the weekend and most of the time I feel the need to make a phone call .

For so far I know I AM and I have a flesh and blood body, my spirit thought different so I called Nel.

I spoke for a while, for me it is so important that people ask for help, like a little child ask her parents to open the door.


It was a fine warm conversation and I went back to work.

Sending energy to my friends at The Peace Palace during my work, I became aware to be a part of this group of people.

Gratefulness & bliss made my call again and told Nel I loved all.

The crew at the PEACE PALACE , BEING THERE like a drop of water letting go and becoming an ocean.

WE PEOPLE from the Netherlands welcome NESARA and unite PEOPLE of planet Earth.

It is an honour to help on distance&close and anchor Light&Love