Report of the demonstration in front of the Peace Palace,

The Hague, The Netherlands, d.d. februari 13, 2004


Dear All of Us,

Today the petition would be brought in.........excitement was in the air....
We used our new material today: new banners (see the pictures) and new
Also Edith was visiting us. She is a NTATdistrict leader in the USA.
Did you know that her NTATdistrict in the USA handed out 3000 flyers on
November 21, 2003? That is a lot!
And we celebrated Rob's birthday......

After each demonstration most of us make reports about the experiences we
have had. Paul, Marianne and Ad, Mari-Elise and Hugo.....they all made a
report of todays demonstration. Thank you for sending them to me. But there
is one report that touched my heart. Miep seldom sends me her experiences.
But now she did.... she gave me her report by phone....I translated it in
English.....and it is beautiful......
Dear Miep....thank you for being......

Coming week we probably will do two demonstrations.....Wednesday and Friday.

With a happy heart full of trust........Nel.



Dear All,

Today again we went to our well-known spot in front of World Court, at
09.20am...a bit earlier than usual, because of my curiosity of "this morning
the petition will be brought in and maybe I can give this person who is
doing that a flyer".
Monique, Rob, Nel and myself were being quite busy this week making new
NESARA FOR ANNOUNCEMENT NOW! Plus a new one with Dove's favorite text: END
TERRORISM OUST BUSH NESARA NOW! We used pillow-slips, bed-sheets and
markers to get it done before Friday. Also we needed new English flyers on
beautifull coloured paper. And we did it all before Friday!
The normal entrance in the fence around the Peace Palace was closed. That
was great! Because now, everyone who wanted to get in, had to pass our bench
to get to the other entrance. Well, terrific! I already handed out my first
flyers. I met wonderful people.....not to speak of my favorite Judge......I
met him twice!! That makes my day very, very special. What an emanation and
such a sweet face.
A lady was walking our way, very slowly. I felt this lady was looking for
something. And yes, she was....Monique had a wonderful conversation with her
and she went away optimisticly and with a smile on her face she went to....I
don't know where....
Another lady was coming my way also very slowly. I felt something and I
thought:"Well Miep, just ask her if she wants a flyer". To my amazing, this
lady said to me: "You must be Nel". I answered immediatly: "Than you must be
Edith from America". She said: "Yes". This was so beautiful. She specially
made our birthday boy Rob a sandwichboard. And she made a banner saying:
THANK YOU FOR NESARA! We put this banner on Paul's bus. Nice to have Paul
with us again. There was really a festive mood. During last weeks, Rob often
told me: "Miep, I want oliebollen.......". Upon which Nel answered: "When it
is your birthday next friday, I will get you oliebollen". And that is what
happened. Well Nel, to me it was a delicious bite... Thank you.
There was this man from Morocco who was on his way to his Dutchlanguage
course. He already spoke a bit Dutch. I gave him a flyer to give to his
teacher and ask him or her to discuss it with the other students.
A lot of people told me: "This is so good what you all are doing here". Or
out of an open carwindow: "I support you!!" or the letter V with two
vingers, or thumbs up. Cars pulled over and stopped to accept a flyer and a
modest "Can I please have another one for the backseat?" One car specially
drove in a circle to become a flyer.
The foreign chauffeur in his grey 8-persons bus, the taxidriver working for
the Peace Palace, stopped at us three times with a wonderful smile on his

People now do know what NESARA means. I feel it. These coming weeks will be
exciting. But together, all of us, we are strong. And the energie overthere
in front of the Peace Palace, both beneath the ground as above, is giving me
wings. Like when you are feeding a bird, that is what I am doing by handing
out flyers to people...... And they take it all very friendly from me. I am
so grateful and so happy that I was able to come on this road......the
NESARA road. Here I feel Love, real Love and compassion. Like the age of 70
(seventy) that I am going to reach in April, I have never had that feeling
in my whole life. It used to be pityness and being sweet to receive
something back.....take it all, because it was so beautiful....but when
nothing is left, then it is over and out......this is short but true.... it
is hard and right now tears are all over my face......
I feel completely accepted as I am when I am with all of you. A human!
Nothing less and nothing more. You are giving me the power to do all that is
good for humanity and the world. But today, within me, there was a silence
for a moment. Why.....I told Lenie what I never did dare to ask......That
'finance' could not take care anymore for bread, etc. Lenie went to Nel and
talked to her. Nel came to me and told me she would help me with this. She
told everybody to bring his own lunch in the future. But I will still want
to take care of the coffee and tea.

Writing this, I realize: "Miep, there are millions of people on this earth
living within flies and garbage and who have nothing. Shame on you, not
being able to do this anymore. Here in the supermarkets there are 400 to 500
different kinds of catfood. And other places have nothing...nothing at all!"
Please, please let NESARA be here.....right now!!!! So we can resolve these
problems first!

I will be there next wednesday when we will do an extra demonstration.
I thank everybody being present and in spirit with deep respect and very big
hugs......your Miep.




It was lovely quiet weather with a reasonable high attendance. Among others Edie, over from the U.S.A. joined us, besides the whole regular and semi-regular group.

The day was special because of Friday the thirteenth, Robís birthday, hmm delicious fritters, a Dutch treat on the occasion of that, and especially the message from Dove, that the petition from the Supreme Court would be at the World Court at 10.00 A.M.!

For the first time since long we stood there especially for the World Court Judges with new banners and a new English flyer. In the front of this flyer and on the new banners was text, which confronted the Judges with their duty to approve a date for a new NESARA announcement period. In the back of the flyer was the normal six-point NESARA flyer text.

Miep was able to give this new flyer to her favourite Judge early this morning. He accepted the flyer again with a big smile, while Miep gave him an encouraging pat on his shoulder.

We talked to several enthusiastic people, like a Française, who studied astronomy for 4 years in Groningen, and therefore spoke already a bit Dutch and a group of German tourists, who after the inspiring explanation of Horst, took several flyers with them and certainly planned to look at the website too.


Marianne and Ad


Dear All,

It was a beautifull day for a demonstration. Our special guest for today, Edie, from USA, State Washington, said she made sure the weather was okay, no rain today. And she was quite right. The funny thing was, she saw her State Banner for the first time today. And although we had a different focus for todays demonstration (I hope Nel told you all about it already), the banner from the State Washington with the Indian Deer was displayed. This one is still one of our favorites, don't ask which ones are the others, we won't tell. Every banner has her story to tell, her own spots of dirt, his own energy, and have a special place in my memory. Just wait untill you see them displayed during NESARA in a museum or special centre; you will know what I mean.
The meditation was with the same quality as the whole demonstration: sweet, powerful, in harmony and almost close harmony in words. Today it was with our very powerful I AM presence present, like everyone else in thought. Thank you.
The demonstration felt like a present for everybody attending it, not only for the birhtday boy Rob.

The following people were present in physical: Edie (USA), Lenie, Corry, Miep, Mari-Elise, Hugo, Paul, Catherina, Rob (having his birhtday exactly on the same day he was born, friday the 13th), Monique, Jan-Kees, Ad, Marianne, Horst (D) and Egbert.

At the end of all the demonstrations we have to memorize all the names of all the people when we see you at the party. That's why we keep records. So make it harder for us to remember all the names and come to visit us. You are very welcome.

Wishing you a very good time, see you all next week same time, same place, except when NESARA is announced. Then we only have time for a party. So NASARA now please.

Mari-Elise and Hugo


Namaste All out there

When i drive to the peace palace i am passing a museum place
(Madurodam, for more than 50 years Holland's smallest city, is opened all
year round. The canal houses of Amsterdam, the Alkmaar cheese market and
parts of the Delta Works, all replicated in minute detail on a 1:25 scale.
All is set in beautiful gardens.)
In front of this museum, lie a diky in there a hole, a litle boy put his
finger in the diky to prevent braking through.

This Day The 13 feb is like a new beginning in my feeling i puld out mij
finger out the diky.
So NESARA floate the world , the boys insite this peace palace can prevent
braking true this NESARA ocean WHE people of Holland puld out our fingers
ou the diky.

The interesting thing of braking true of new energie its not to stop.

On a surten pointof the day a women stopt on here bike she read a articel
in the news paper
The recollection in about NESARA news, Hugo and I spoken for half our
about Nesara new energie and implemantation of the law.
The wake up cole is happening.

Its for me very surten NESARA s not stopebel

ITS HAPENING The old infra structure is braking true NESARA THANK YOU.


13 IS a new round ,world chance PAUL