Report of the extra demonstration February 18, 2004, World Court

Dear All of Us,

I arrived at the Peace Palace at 09.30 am at the same time as the police. I
saw crushbarriers...they are already placed there because of the Israelian
wall case.

Today we did an extra demonstration in front of World Court.......We
adjusted some of the banners to the new situation.... "the NESARA
announcement period to begin on March 22, 2004" (see the pictures).
Today really was a great day for handing out flyers.....and using the new
banners and boards....We saw many CDJ cars.

When I was standing in front of the entrance holding our new board saying:
WORLD PEACE: MARCH 22 NESARA NOW! two CDJ cars drove by.....they slowed down
........the Judge in the first car read it...thump up.....a smile and a nod
and we waved...leaving me standing there very satisfied....

Then a bus stopped. The bus was full of young people. And in the back there
was this young lady.....she was waving, clapping her hands above her head,
cheering.......trying to get our attention. She recognized us! She pointed
to the banners and to us and then to herself saying: "I too".
They did not get out of the bus. I saw a guide inside, telling her story
about the Peace Palace I guess. So I walked to the door of the bus and the
chauffeur opened it. I gave him a flyer. He read it and was
smiling......waving with his hand that he wanted more flyers. Then the guide
in the bus probably disturbed by this, looked at me and said that she would
not take anything from me. I told her very friendly: "But the driver
will..." and I gave him about 15 flyers. He smiled at me and closed the
door. Miep and I hugged this young lady in the back of the bus without
touching her......"Dear one, dear girl in the bus....if you are reading
this.....Thank you and take care......".

There was this group of runningpeople.....I went to the man in the front to
hand him a flyer.....: "Only if you run with us....." he said. And I
did....running between those man....telling them about the NESARAlaw and
handing out flyers.....we went around the corner.....I thanked them and ran

Today physically present were: Monique, Miep, Rob, Mari-Elise, Hugo, Corry,
Lenie, Vera, Janna, Jan Kees and Catharina. Paul and many, many others were
with us in spirit.

When I arrived home......I found the new banner from Germany in the mail on
the floor. Thank you dear Detlef, Tatjana, Detlev, Sabine and Volkmar! It is
beautiful......we will use it on Friday. we are going back to World Court this friday.....planning to make
a line-up again of all the banners on the way to the entrance.

Dear All.....thank you for being with us.....seeying you or feeling you
again this Friday (Febr. 20).
With a lot of Love....Nel.




In spite of the drizzle and cool temperature we were given two omens to
start the day. The first was having one of the six rare, free parking spots
available right in front of the palace. The second omen was a beautiful
rainbow which appeared to the side of the palace as we were setting up the
banners(hopefully the pics turned out). From there it just got better.

It seems most of us were engaged in conversations that I call 'premium
packages'. In other words, those who we spoke to were ready to hear about
NESARA in depth and asked pertinent, thoughtful questions that anyone who
believes would ask. Coming off those long and uplifting encounters makes our
presence there seem worth while. I've mentioned this before however once
again it stood out. Coming from North America and comparing police presence
there with here in The Netherlands is like comparing apples and oranges.
There was a larger police presence today and each group were friendly, down
to earth, interested and fun to be around.

Miep, who is truly an inspiration to us all, was once again at her best
handing out flyers and engaging all vehicles in and out of the palace gate.
It has gotten to the point that almost anyone working at the court has at
least been engaged once by Miep and all greet her with a smile. Today I
watched as she put herself close to a departing chauffeur driven CDJ
Mercedes with a somber looking Judge in the back who much to my surprise
opened his window to say hello and gladly accepted her new flyer and
greetings. Miep will talk to whom ever will listen and they all leave her
looking happy.

My focus today was to make sure all vehicles and pedestrians in and out of
the court saw our new banners demanding they approve a date which today we
added to say March 22. We either held the sign between outstretched arms(me,
I'm tallest) or held it in pairs and moved it so that it was always in view.
My english was only needed once today and it was with a young man who
focused on the merits of a gold backed currency system. Instead of engaging
him on that issue I chose to state that the main focus of NESARA is that it
initiates world peace, over whose merits we did not have to argue. Monique
was moving about carrying a new smaller banner with the date held aloft with
a stick. There was a lot of judges coming and going today and at least 3-4
gave us the 'thumbs-up'. One judge even stopped his car, rolled down his
window to say hello to Miep, take our new flyer and smile to all of us as he
departed. It's clear what side he's on.

Today as well I got to see what the construction at the palace gate last
week was for. It's ironic, however they installed a new 'security fence' in
front of the palace entrance in order to deal with the Israeli 'Security
Fence' issue coming up next week.

I thought the day was magical from beginning to end. By sharing from the
heart, we touched and were touched by many people. Monique came by at one
point to share a most wonderful experience. A man who was sitting on the
bench asked her about NESARA and after Monique explained the main points, he
reacted with utter amazement and joy, as his vision of a better world
encompassed what NESARA stands for. It was a coming home for him and what
appears to be a moving experience for them both. One man who spent time with
us last week came by on his bike asking for some flyers as he wanted to
leave them at his favorite restaurant. We even had Chinese tourists holding
our signs taking group pictures with us. It seems those who needed to hear
about NESARA found us today and as a result, most of us present had a
touching experience sharing the truth and the positive vision.

In Peace & Love,