Report of the demonstration in front of the Peace Palace,

The Hague, The Netherlands, d.d. februari 20, 2004


Dear All of Us,

Today there was a very cold wind blowing.....but also a lot of sunshine.
I arrived at the Peace Palace at 09.20 am. The police was already present. I
told them about the agreement I made with the police headoffice about using
some of the crush-barriers for holding up the banners. Today, sometimes the
wind was so strong that even some of these crush-barriers were blown down.
But it was a beautiful sight: all those banners in the wind......

Today Radha and her friend Madhav were with us during the whole
demonstration. Radha is a sister of Ashok Sharma, who is in NTAT South Asia.
Since it is impossible for Ashok to be with us in front of World Court, his
sister came....and today she and Madhav learned all about NESARA.....At the
end of the demonstration Radha left with tears in her eyes. "Dear Radha and
Madhav....thank you both for sharing this day together....your presence was
very much appreciated. And dear Ashok...thank you for being with us in

There was this car stopping to take a flyer from Miep. The man behind the
wheel looked at it and asked: "What is NESARA?" Since I was standing next to
Miep I came closer and the man asked me: "Are you against Arafat?" I
answered: "We want Peace.....Peace for all the world's people." The man
said: "Thank you....I want to shake hands with you.......I am the Ambassador
of Palestine......."
When he left the Palace, he was not driving the car himself, but sitting
next to the driver. They slowed down and he waved at all of us.

Several Judges drove by. And we did our very best to show them what was
written on our banners and boards. Some greeted us, waved at us, smiled at
us......(everytime that happens we share that moment together feeling like
we made another score).

We met Gabbi......Gabbi is helping mothers with their children who are being
evict or eject. She is doing that all over the world. And she was very
enthusiastic when she heard about NESARA and its benefits. We exchanged
information and flyers.

We also exchanged flyers with three Orthodox Jewish Rabbis. Rob will tell
you more about this below.

And the demonstration came to an end.....knowing that in that Palace were
World Court Judges, people from the United Nations and Justices from US
Supreme Court. And the World Court Judges had to vote for a date for a new
NESARA announcement period to begin.....and All of Us, all over this
world....., we wanted them to vote for March 22, 2004.
The demonstration came to an end.....without us knowing what it would
Early in the evening I received a phonecall from Dove.......YES!!!! They did
vote for......March 22!!!!! Thank you, Dove!! And then the tears
was gratitude....a lot of gratitude.....Thank You Justices and Judges!

Next week there will be another Friday......and if the mayor allows us, then
we will be there again.....for as long as it is necessary!

With my heart full of Love......Nel.


Rabbis.jpg (215092 bytes)


Today's demonstration started for me as soon as I walked out the door. I was
carrying a hand held sign that says End Terrorism Oust Bush NESARA Now!
when a man walking by me going in the opposite direction, caught sight of
the sign and immediately went into a tirade about Bush. I of course agreed
and said 'he's out' and then I made a kicking motion with my foot to which
this fellow responded: 'kick his ass out of there, he's bad'. (And I thought
I was pumped enough before I left the apartment).

The weather was clear and sunny which over here in wintertime means 'cold'.
It was a bit of a challenge getting the banners up, what with cold fingers
and strong gusty winds. In honor of our guests from the US Supreme Court and
those from the UN, we arranged all the banners we had along both sides of
the driveway to the court entrance where our demand for a March 22 date was
clearly visible. As well, Nel received permission from the police to use
some of the many barricades in place for next weeks activities(Israeli
Security Fence) which we used to display our banners. There was much
activity in front of the court with dozens of police officers everywhere. A
demonstration occurred at the gates while we were involved with ours. It was
a small group from the Malukan Islands carrying their flag and chanting:
Indonesia Terrorists. They stayed for about an hour and then left. With so
much anticipation for next weeks demonstration here in the Hague, our demo
today attracted a lot of people who assumed we were part of the Palestinian
issue, so we were being photographed and asked a lot of questions about
NESARA. We were even interviewed and photographed for a local paper. What
makes our mission so special is that NESARA will take care of the
Palestinian problem, the Malukan Island situation and just about any other
issues that could be addressed at World Court. I had the opportunity to talk
to a large group of English speaking students waiting to take the tour who
wanted to know more about NESARA. Although they found it hard to believe
they stayed with me and asked good questions. A Spanish couple who Jan and I
spoke to were very appreciative and thankful to hear the great news that
Bush will be gone with the announcement. A group of Japanese tourists came
by who spoke no English and because their tour guide spoke French, I was
able to explain to him what we were doing there. Tineke, Nel, Monique, Jan
and Miep were busy as well handing out flyers and sharing the great news.
Before I knew it, the clock on the tower said 2 o'clock and we were through.
After taking everything down and before we broke for a hot chocolate, a taxi
pulled up close to where we were gathered and a Orthodox Jewish Rabbi got
out of the car to look around and then went back into the taxi. Tineke went
over to them and said 'May God bless you with peace in your country'
whereupon one of the Rabbis came out of the car and said 'But we do not
believe that Israel should be a state. We are here in support of the
Palestinians'. These Rabbis belong to an Orthodox sect called Neturei Karta,
that believes that Israel's existence is a rebellion against God. At that
point we all came closer, exchanged flyers, took some photos together and
wished each other well.

Although when we left we had no idea if the March 22 date was approved, we
all felt very confident that we are almost there. Nel has a habit of
'skipping' when she's happy. I noticed she did a lot of that today. Writing
this report now knowing that the date was approved, makes today's
demonstration so much more complete.

In Peace & Love, Rob



This day is becoming history. What a good feeling. To me it is not a dream.
To me it is real, it is tangible.
Today it was very cold and there was a very strong wind, but it was nothing
to me. The heart was warm.
We tide the banners (received during these last months from all over the
world and also made by ourselves) at the crush-barriers. Nel asked the
police permission to do that. We did this with icy-cold did
not work with gloves on. Nel was kneeling beside the Texas banner: "The
'New' American Revolution" and I heard her roar with laughter. I asked why.
She said she was secretly amused.....(she found it funny not to control her
cold fingers anymore). But all worked out fine.
And while I behold this complete sight, I felt my heart beat....what a love
....what a warmth....what an energy people put in all this. From all over
the world. Thank you, thank you All for doing such a wonderful job!!

The Netherlands is a small country, but when it comes to Peace.....we go for

Your Miep.

People today attending the demonstration:

Miep, Radha & Madhav, Nel, Monique, Corry, Rob, Hugo & Mari-Elise, Lenie, Catharina, Laura, Juan, Jan Kees, Egbert en Ada.