Report of the demonstration, d.d. February 27, 2004 in front of the Peace Palace, The Hague, The Netherlands.



Dear All of Us,

Today was the first demonstration after the World Court Judges approved the March 22 date.

So we adjusted some of our banners again. Monique worked hard on this to get it done before today. So the banners we made for last week are now saying: APPROVED DATE 22/3 FOR WORLD PEACE NESARA NOW! and WORLD COURT DID APPROVE NESARA MARCH 22 FOR ANNOUNCEMENT.
In front of World Court today, I added the letter D to the word Approve on the German banner. So now it is saying: APPROVED: MARCH 2004 FOR THE NESARA ANNOUNCEMENT. (Dear Detlef, Detlev, Tatjana, Volkmar and Sabine, I hope you do not mind!)

And we made new flyers for today. In consultation with Dove we printed the latest news on the back of the 6pointflyer, such as: World Court's approval of March 22 as the beginning date for the NESARA Law announcement period to be broadcast worldwide from Washington DC; that the announcement is expected later in that week;

some of the international effects of the NESARA Law; that the NESARA law initiates Peace, Prosperity and Freedom for ALL the worlds people, allows for the introduction of free energy devises, as well as technologies to clean our air, land and water; and we added info about the gag-order. So to me, giving this flyer to the World Court Judges, felt like giving them a confirmation.

Miep met some Judges again:

- One Judge always comes by foot and today he walked at the other side of the 'flower-bed' (which was covered with snow today). He had a big smile on his face under his umbrella. Miep said to him: "Goedemorgen" and he answered: "Goodmorning" , holding his umbrella higher and lower again and again, like he was giving her a lot of nods with his umbrella. He accepted a flyer and put his thump up. Miep said: "Have a nice day. Oh no, a nice weekend" and he answered while pointing to all of us: "The same to all of you".

- Miep's favorite Judge drove by, slowed down, put his right hand on his heart, put his thump up, smiled and drove on.

- Another CDJcar: all people in the car accepted the flyers and when they came out of the Palace we saw the man in the back reading our new flyer and again we received thumbs up.

- One more CDJcar came by and this man even opened the door of his car to accept a flyer. Miep said: "The latest news" and the man said: "Oh Great!".

- Also there was this man in a CDcar who never took a flyer in all those months.....but today first he stopped his car for Miep and opened his window and accepted a flyer. Then he stopped his car next to me and also took a flyer from me with a smiling face.

All those experiences gave us a lot of satisfaction!

There was this family from Friesland. Today they were visiting The Hague and they had heard about the NESARA demonstrations in front of the Peace Palace. So they specially came to us for more information and to share the good news.

Zorica came all the way from Germany to be with us again. Dear Zorica, thank you for being with us!! And also Ada came again. In January Ada saw the newspaperarticle about our demonstrations in front of World Court and since then, she brings us delicious warm snacks every friday. Thank you dear Ada......see you next friday?

It was so good to tell people about the March 22 date as the beginning of the NESARA Announcement period. I found out that this makes it more real to people.

But it also made me realize that so many people have been working real hard for years now to get us NESARA announced. All those people that we do not know....

To all those people I say:

'Wherever you are and whoever who are, I THANK YOU!

With my deepest respect...Nel de Best".


This morning it was like waking up in a fairy tale landscape. Overnight it had been snowing big
flakes, and early in the morning the sky was clear, as the sun came out all was looking just
Trees around the peace palace were all covered with a layer of snow, giving it a breathtaking look.
Hugo & Mari-Elise arrived this morning with Zorica, who came for the second time over from Germany,
it was great seeing her again, she's always a shiny, happy person who's smile is just contagious.
Hugo and Corry had fun throwing snowballs, in which later Ignace, Corry's son joined.

Some of the Judges even seemed cheerful, one stopped over saying he'd received already so much
flyers, but when we replied we had a new one with the latest news, he replied 'Oh Great! I'll have
that one, and with a big smile he took one and put his thumb up when he left.

Ada arrived just on the spot for our prayer and immediately joined in, she brought us a box of
delicious snacks to keep us warm out in the cold, it was really yummie and so heartwarming to
receive this kind of support, thank you Ada!

I had a nice conversation with a man working for a governmental service, who was really open. He
said that the ways of the old weren't serving us anymore, that change in awareness was needed on all
After some life changing occurrences happened to him, he felt it now being his task to bring this
awareness into his work where there is still a (as he called it) 'macho-orientated' culture present.
He described it as the 'quiet change', working from the underground to rise to the surface.
Though he believed it would take hundreds of years and generations of people to complete this
change, I said with NESARA this could happen much more rapidly, he spoke out his hope and wished us

With a satisfied feeling we broke up and left the scene, looking forward to a hot drink and warm
surroundings, we were surprised by a visit from Jelle.
Jelle, who is studying political structures and it's related connections, so it's always
interesting to hear what he's upto and into.
All in all again a wonderful day, and with the news of the upcoming announcement period nothing can
stop or put us down.
The vision of NESARA can really be felt.

With loving anticipation,



This morning I left home earlier than usual, because it had been snowing during the night. Yesterday there was a traffic chaos, that is why I left early to the Peace Palace. The busses were all on schedule today and I arrived at the Peace Palace as the first one being there at 9.30 am. It was a beautiful sight, all was covered with snow. So peaceful....
Last week I drove by the Peace Palace twice and it looked like a fortress (there were crush barriers all over the place because of the Palestine-Israel case) it looked grim. But this morning all was peaceful and white....and all of that for the NESARA demonstration. Great!
We started to put the banners up at 10.00 am. Monique made a new one (because of March 22) saying: THANKS WORLD COURT FOR APPROVAL NESARA MARCH 22. And she adjusted some of the other banners.

Today Zorica was with us from Germany. Also her banner was put up today. It is a beautiful banner with the globe on it which is being held in two hands. Zorica, thank you for being with us.

Some of the Judges waved enthusiastic and wanted to accept our latest NESARAnews. We had nice and good conversations with people passing by and with tourist who came to make pictures of the Peace Palace.
Ada came to visit us again with warm snacks...great and thank you!

It was 1.30 pm when we felt it was getting colder and with cold finger we cleaned the place up at 2.00 pm. During our after-Nesara-hotchoco we warmed up and talked about everything we had experienced today. Also we met Jelle there.

We came one Friday closer to March 22. I am looking forward to that day....
With love to All, Lenie.



People at the demonstration:

Nel, Miep, Zorica, Monique, Lenie, Corry, Ignace, Hugo, Mari-Elise, Jan-Kees and Ada.

People in spirit, as far as we know of:

Horst, Marianne, Ad, Elly, Antoon, Paul, Catharina, Rob.

People in The Heraut: