Report of the demonstration at the front of the Peace Palace, d.d. March 5, 2004


Dear ALL of Us,

I arrived at the Peace Palace very early: 09.15 am. I saw three white doves flying over this beautiful building. I sat down on a bench and I felt the peacefulness and the stillness in the air. There was no wind.

To me it felt like the Earth was meditating. Soon after my arrival Paul came and the two of us sat there for a while enjoying the peaceful surroundings.

Today we handed out the flyers I downloaded via the website a few months ago: the Italian, Spanish, French and also the 'partly' Chinese flyers again.

I translated the new English flyer which we started to use last week with the March 22 date on it, into Dutch. Again it striked me that this March 22 news, as the beginning of the new NESARA announcement period, brings NESARA much closer to people.

Barry came to be with us today. He is a new NTATmember. Barry came on his bike. It is a very special bike: a lying-bike (the dictionary could not help me to translate the Dutch word 'ligfiets'). But it is a bike onwhich you have to lay-down. At the end of the demonstration Miep wanted to try Barry's bike.

Barry, thank you for being with us.

There was this Judge approching us slowly in a car. We recognized this Judge as the one that only ones accepted a flyer from us, in the begin period of our demonstrations. But today, this dear person stopped the car near Miep, opened the window and friendly accepted a flyer.

Parents with their two children were sitting on a bench in front of the Palace for a while. One of the kids came to Miep and asked her what NESARA was. Miep told him and gave him a flyer for his parents. Jan Kees toke over Miep's conversation with the little boy, because some cars were approching the Peace Palace and Miep wanted to hand out flyers to the drivers. After a while, Miep looked at the parents and with a satisfied feeling, she saw that they still were sitting on the bench and were reading and discussing the flyer.

There also was a Dutch teacher who is working with refugees. She was looking at the citymap that is placed in front of the Palace and she told Miep she was lost. Miep and this teacher talked about NESARA and the lady was very happy that she had been lost and that she had found us. She said she would spend the whole weekend learning about NESARA on the internet.

Miep met an older couple and told them what the demonstration was all about. The men told Miep he thinks that what we are doing, is beautiful. They were impressed by all the banners from other countries, by us doing this demonstration for the twentyfirst time, by all those people all over this planet doing all they can to achieve NESARA being announced. They wished us and all of you a lot of strength and succes.

Thea came with her two dogs. And she had gifts for all of us. Marianne and Ad will tell you more about these gifts below. Dear Thea, thank you for being with us!

And Ada came again. She was holding candles and little presents for all of us. These candles were already lit by the World Peace Flame. The World Peace Flame was created in July 1999 when seven living flames lit by prominent peacemakers on five continents of the world were flown across the oceans by military air forces and commercial airlines and united into one eternal Flame. The European Flame was lit by Irene van Lippe Biesterfeld, Princess of the Netherlands, and carried to the UK by the Royal Dutch Air Force. The same crew looked after the transport of the American flame, which was lit by an Indian Tribal Chief. The Australian flame was lit by an Aboriginal woman, who prayed for years with a flame for peace and who had prophesised that the flame would one day be collected. The Asian flame was lit by a living follower of Ghanddi and comes from the flame that has been burning for 40 years on Ghanddi's grave. The African flame was lit by Mansukh Patel in his birthplace.

These flames were then carried by the Dutch, German, Australian, South African and British Air Forces and Air Lanka to the UK. From England the 5 flames were brought to Wales and Mansukh Patel lit a central flame. This is the World Peace Flame.The flame continues to burn in North Wales as a symbol of hope and peace and also of unknown power. The flame will be spreading arount the world. See Dear Ada, thank you for everything you are doing!

After having our after-NESARA-hotchocolate I walked to my bike. I parked it near the Peace Flame. And what I saw was beautiful: people did put flowers around the Flame. We just missed something, I guess. I took a picture of it. Enjoy!

We want NESARA to be announced in March 2004!!!!!!

With Love to All.....Nel.


Marianne en Ad:

Dear All of You,

It was damp cold, but dry and now and then sun. Much better weather than forecasted at the beginning of the week.

On our way to the Peace Palace in the Hague, we saw a peculiar phenomenon in the air. It was almost completely clouded. The sun was shining slightly through the clouds. A bit to the right we saw a square piece of a rainbow between the clouds.

In the beginning it was quiet so there was sufficient time to catch up on each others news.

Later on Thea and Ada came with some presents for the group. Thea had a coin for everyone, which can be sticked on a wireless telephone, to diminish radiation and an energetically loaded stone. This was a small bag full, and after Barry, Jelle and Egbert joined us, exactly all stones were distributed!

Ada brought us among others candles, which had been lit by the original world peace flame in Wales. Thank you Thea and Ada.

The new NESARA-flyer in English and Dutch, with besides general information also the approval date March 22 for the beginning of a new NESARA announcement period, was a success!

From a group of various nationalities, which I addressed, an Italian woman asked first for an Italian flyer. I gave her an Italian one, but also brought the new English flyer under her attention, because of the more up-to-date information. After reading the English flyer she went to look interested at the banners and called enthusiastically to her group, there was also an Italian banner.

At the end several Judges came by, which all took a flyer. Especially one gave us a very good feeling. This Judge who on former occasions often drove on with a set face, now stopped and took a flyer with a smile.

Love and blessings,
Marianne and Ad


Namaste All Nesara Fans,

Today's gathering was like baking a meal for the family.

When you put a steak in hot oil you have to be attend for a while, for the

best results.

Exact was my feeling about today's demo. We the people of this planet have to

keep our light shining.

This demo was respectful and harmonic.

At a certain point a car with 2 friendly (business like) men, they put there

thumps up telling us its good to have peace.

We spoke a while. It was a real kind and lovely conversation about respect

and trust,and the car went off.

Monique and I looked at this car and I told Monique it's a Opel Omega , it's a

nice sign OmegA .

It was fine to be here again in the flesh.

Light & love to all Namaste



People attending the demonstration today:

Menno, Nel, Jan-Kees, Miep, Monique, Ad, Marianne, Lenie, Hugo, Mari-Elise, Paul, Ada, Jelle, Barry, Thea en haar hond Kulta en haar dochterís hond Mazzel.