The report of NESARA demo on March 12, 2004 in front of World Court.


Dear All of Us,

Today again there was a cold wind. It was a quiet day, I saw some CDJ
licenseplated cars, but I did not recognize any World Court Judge.

We have real Chinese flyers now! Somebody translated the US 6point flyer and
the US debtrelief flyer into Chinese!! Dear One, thank you so much! That was
what we needed! Dove said they looked like 'art'. Well, they really do. We
handed out a lot of these Chinese flyers today. And the first time I did
that I was very curious if the man would understand what he was reading. And
he sure did! So, again, thank you for the translation!

We met people from Spain, New Zealand, Iraq - and now they all now about
We met a woman with her young daughter who lives near the Peace Palace. She
was very surprised to hear that we were in front of the Palace for the 22th
time. She heard about NESARA for the first time. And she was very grateful
and happy with the NESARA news. She and her daughter put their names on the
Dutch flag. Her daughter even wanted to draw the footprint of their dog on
the flag.
And we met Louella. Corry and Horst spoke with her for a long time. Horst
tells you more about her in his report below.
It felt like a quiet day, but yet we handed out a lot flyers.

Next week we will do two demonstrations: on March 19 we will be in front of
World Court and on March 20 we will be in Amsterdam (on the Dam). On March
20 on the same time, there also is a demonstration against the occupation of
Iraq on the Dam in Amsterdam.

Let our voices be heard on March 20, 2004: We want NESARA to be announced in
March 2004!

With Love and Trust, Nel.


Friday 12th of March 2004 at the Peace Palace in the city of The Hague, in the Netherlands.

And then, in the middle of the day, she happened to appear with the suddenness of a wandering star, Louella, student of the faculty of law at the famous University of Leiden with the
overwhelming air of the Eternal Feminine from nowhere else but the Caribbeans.
There is nothing new about NESARA we were immediately confronted with as an
introduction, instead of a hallo or anything of that sort its all, yes, you know where ?, no not that directly, well, in the Revelations.
With our latest NESARA flyer in hand she tornadoed through the six points of it with the perfection of a most persuasive attorney, interrupted only by moments of angelic smile reminding us of the soft breeze from the sea in the shadow of the palmtree.
Precious metal backed money, income taxes, corrupt governments, bank debt
forgiveness, common law, all of it : Revelations!
Attentively looking at and listening to her Corry and I were waiting for an pening to enter with the wisdom of our own. And there it was, my chance. I took it. Common Law! Roman Law will be deleted, good bye to it, world wide, I said casually,
My gosh, I never had a more attentive concentrated listener in my life, she grasped in a fraction of a second the ultimate meaning of this news and immediately jumped into the air as if her favorite team had just won the cup.
Then Corry took overin Dutch and then back to English. I joined the party by being able to insert calmly and almost intimate: you know, there are New Revelations out nowadays. Very fresh from God, not translated through several historical languages and necessarily fitered accordingly, made in USA, published, however, in London in 2002, I think. Her face being a big, big question mark at this moment, it came to my memory that I was carrying them with me in the car among some other literature.

You would like to see them? Wait a moment, I'll pick them up from my car over there. And then we set to read:

"God, please be here. We need help.
I am here.
We need help.
I know.
Right now.
I understand .
The world is on the brink of disaster. And I'm not talking about natural
disaster; I'm talking about man-made calamity.
I know. And you're right.
I mean, humans have had disagreements before, and serious ones, but now our
divisions and disagreements can lead not simply to wars - which are bad
enough - but to the end of civilization as we know it.
That is correct. You have assessed the situation correctly. You understand
the severity of the problem: you simply do not understand the nature of the
problem. You do not know what is causing it. So you keep trying to solve it
at every level except the level at which it exists.
Which is?
The level of believe. The problem facing the world is a spiritual problem.
Your ideas about spirituality are killing you. You keep trying to solve the
world's problems as if it were a political problem, or an economic problem,
or even a military problem, and it is none of these. It is a spiritual
problem. And that is the one problem human beings don't seem to know how to
Then help us.
I am."

Louella promised to come back to us on one of the Friday's.
There is so much in the air around the Peace Palace and this Earth we are on.

Lots of love




Rob, Jan Kees, Monique, Miep, Lenie, Hugo, Horst, Mari-Elise, Nel, Menno en Barry.