The report of the 23rd NESARA demo in front of the Peace Palace on March 19, 2004.


Dear All of Us,

Today's demonstration felt like a party to me. It was like a celebration. All the people that were with us today, they all brought happiness and gratitude.

Detlef, Tatjana, Detlev and Mira came all the way from Germany again. And with them, they brought a lot of German tourists! We met also a lot of Chinese people speaking German. "Detlef, Tatjana, Detlev and Mira, it was so good to see and feel all of you again. It was so good to share with you all that is happening right now, like : the March 22 date as the beginning of the new NESARA announcement period - the special feeling being in front of World Court gives us - I thank you for your presence!"

Today Heleen and Therees finally made it to us! They were planning to be with us for a long time and now they stayed with us the whole demonstration. They are following NESARA and the Dove reports for 4 years and today they felt that this could be the last friday before the annoucement of NESARA. "Dear Heleen and Therees, I thank you for being with us. And I know that we will meet again soon!"

Also Els came to us for the first time. Els is leaving near the Peace Palace. "See you soon Els and thank you!"

We met a man from Tunesia. He said he was a lawyer and therefore he was very interested in what we told him about NESARA. He wanted to have a picture with us with the boards saying: WORLD PEACE MARCH 22 NESARA NOW and End Terrorisme Oust Bush Nesara Now!

We received a beautiful Greek flag this week sent to us by Tandara and made by Natasha and Varvara from Greece. "Dear Natasha and Varvara, the two of you did a wonderful job! Everyone said it is really beautiful. Unfortunately it started to rain and the colours began to run. But we will keep using this Greek flag!"

During the meditation, Hugo, Mari-Elise, Johan, Johan's girlfriend and his son came. They joined in and Johan brought us some delicious warm tea. We did the meditation with 19 NESARA supporters.

One hour earlier than usual, we stopped the demo because of the weather. And because Detlef and I both had the feeling that it was enough. It was good the way it was. We all felt the festival mood when we were in The Heraut to have a hot drink and to discuss everything we experienced today.

Now, when I am writing this report, I still feel the celebration. Monday, March 22 is the opening date for the new NESARA announcement period!

WE, the People of this Earth, demand NESARA's announcement in March 2004!!

With my heart full of trust and Love for All, Nel.


Marianne and Ad:

It was cool with a stiff wind, first dry, but later on it started to rain and the wind became stronger.

It was busy with busses and in- and out coming people, so we could distribute a lot of flyers. The attendance for this demonstration was also very good.

Detlev, Mira, Detlef and Tatjana came over again from Germany, Johan Peter came with his girlfriend and child and there were also three newcomers Els, Therese and Heleen.

The Chinese flyers were a big success. We went quickly almost completely through our stock. If they spoke a bit of English, we gave them also an English flyer, because these have more information, and explained them some more about NESARA ourselves.

Marianne did also speak to a couple of senior citizens, which arrived by bus. Also these elderly people were very enthusiastic and took willingly the flyers. When the bus drove off, one elderly lady put her thumb up to Marianne. She read the flyer in the bus and was apparently very pleased with the contents of the flyer.

Roundabout 00.45 P.M. we did our meditation around the peace flame. It was long ago that we did the meditation with such a large group. It felt great and Miep put this feeling into words by an emotional word of thanks to all present.

Because of the increasing wind and rain, several sticks were already broken, we were forced to clear away the banners early. Because it had become quiet with visitors and passers-by also, Nel suggested to go to the Heraut somewhat earlier than normally. We all found that a good idea. Certainly us, because we normally have to leave a bit early for the sake of our children, and therefore miss the visits to the Heraut.

The atmosphere in the Heraut was just terrific. It felt like a sort of foretaste of the celebration of the announcement of NESARA.

We had the feeling, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, it was our thirteenth visit (of Marianne and Ad) to the World Court, and we see thirteen as a holy number and certainly not as an unlucky number. The feeling dominated that we can celebrate the announcement of NESARA next week!

On our way back we heard on the radio a discussion programme about the unjust accusation of Islamites of all kinds of matters. I told Marianne that I read on the internet recently that the reconciliation of the various religions, especially between Christianity and Islam, is anticipated in the near future.

Immediately after that I saw a truck of the HEMA, a Dutch department store, with both a Dutch and an Islamic customer, with beard, moustache and turban, depicted on it. That was a confirmation of WE ARE ALL ONE!

We expect to have the party of the announcement of NESARA next week!

We love you all,

Marianne and Ad



Detlev, Mira, Detlef and Tatjana of Germany where also with us today. They drove 5 hours to The Hague in the car. Today there were many busses with German- tourists and they handed out a lot of German flyers and told the people about NESARA.

Every week Miep and Nel are distributing many flyers to the people who pass the Peace Palace.

For the first time Heleen and Therees were with us. They came from Noord Holland. It was beautiful so with eachother.

Half past 12 we did the meditation and the spirit was in everybody.

One o'clock it was raining cats and dogs, we stopped the demostration and after that we went for a hot chocolate (our tradition).

And now we wait for the announcement in the week of 22 March.

With love, Lenie.