Highlights of the NESARA demonstration March 20, 2004, in Amsterdam.

Dear All of Us,

Our meetingpoint in Amsterdam was near the national monument on the Dam. It
is in the center of the city. We stood there, holding the banner: WE DEMAND
NESARA'S ANNOUNCEMENT IN MARCH 2004. It was raining and there was a very
strong wind!
During the demonstration NESARA supporters were everywhere on the square
handing out flyers and holding banners. There was this lady of the RTV Noord
Holland interviewing Nel and later on Richard was interviewed by a reporter
of that same station. Someone passing by saw one of our NESARA banners and
he asked a policeman (who was standing near us) what NESARA was. Much to our
surprise the policeman started answering this question with perfect words.
He was telling about NESARA being an American law, signed by President
Clinton in 2000 for the first time, etc. etc. This policeman stood near us
long enough to hear us telling 'the NESARA story' over and over again.
And there we went with all the other peace activists walking through
Amsterdam for about one and a half hours. We shared a lot of information
with a lot of people. It felt so good to act as one and to be one in that
moment. Knowing also that in other parts of the world people were doing (or
were going to do) the exact same thing for PEACE ON EARTH!!
NESARA supporters joining us: Joris, Jet, Richard, Wienand, Freed, Margriet,
Barry, Mari-Elise, Hugo, Monique, Miep, Rob, Paul, Thea, Lenie, Nel B. with
a lot friends and Nel.

NESARA NOW, NESARA YES......I love you All, Nel.