Dear All,

Here is the report of the NESARA demo March 26, 2004 in front of World Court.

With Love, Nel.


Dear All of Us,

March 26, 2004 was a sunny day.
Today Susan Callard (Susan & Richard Callard are the NTATdirectors for Europe) was visiting us. She came all the way from the Black Forrest in Germany. She came by plane (and she went home by train). Susan brought a delicious cake with her, made by her mother. "Dear Susan, I had a wonderful day, mostly because I got to know you as a very dear friend. Thank you for being with us (and for being there for me)."

Also Horst came to us again. It took him 5 hours to get to us. On his way to The Hague, he saw snow, rain and storm. But when he arrived in the Netherlands, the sky was blue and the sun was shining! "Horst, thank you again for joining us!"

Days before the demonstration I had decided to use all the banners we have. I was thinking of calling the police and ask for crush-barriers, but for some reason I didn't. Much to my surprise we saw a lot of crush-barriers when we arrived at the Peace Palace (they were there because of the funeral of our Queen-mother Juliana next week). I took the liberty to use them for fastening the banners. (Unfortunately we did not have room enough for all the banners.)
While we were busy doing that, a policecar arrived. People inside the Peace Palace called the police to complain about us putting banners in the flowerbed. So the police came to warn us that people inside had problems with that. The police said to me: "It is so silly, please go on like you are used to. You are doing this for 24 weeks now and now they are complaining? Please go ahead, good luck and have a very nice day!"

A lot of things happened today. Here is a summary:

- Three students were being put through hazing (see the picture). They were wearing 'United Nations' helmets. They just had to sit down on the bench and had to wait what would happen next. They only knew that at the end of the day they had to know what the United Nations are doing in the Middle East. And at the end of this day they were also able to tell about NESARA.
- There was this bus from Belgium, with French talking tourists. When they were out of the bus, I got in to hand out a flyer to the busdriver. He told me he

knew everything about NESARA. He said: "There is one Judge to many overthere in US Supreme Court."

- I met a Senior International Consultant of the Danish Institute for Human Rights. He was leaving the Peace Palace and asked me what NESARA was. After my explanation, he told me about the International Project on the Future of Asylum and Migration. This project produced the 'Declaration of The Hague on the Future on Asylum and Migration Policy', which was received, addressed upon and launched by the Secretary General of the United Nations, Mr. Kofi Annan, at the Peace Palace in The Hague, November 22, 2002. For more information:

- A journalist of the ANP came on our path today. ( The ANP, Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau, has been the leading National Press Agency of the Netherlands for more than 60 years. Currently, ANP provides a large number of Dutch newspapers, broadcasting stations and non-media organisations with up-to-the-minute domestic and international news.) This journalist was looking for a demonstration of people of Congo. I told him he probably arrived at the wrong court. He called his office and they confirmed he should be at the International Criminal Court in The Hague. But before he left us, he listened to what I had to say about NESARA and he made pictures of some of our banners. Susan was a big help because she advised me which banners to use for the pictures.

- During the day several policemen came by. This was really heartwarming to us. When they come to greet us, we can feel the mutual respect.

At the end of the demonstration we put all the crush-barriers back. We went for our hot-chocolate-drink and after that Susan and I went to the Central Station to catch her train.

We ended this demonstration with a very satisfied feeling. We will be in front of World Court again next friday.

I love you All, Nel.


Dear All,

Every Friday I say to my daughter "What's it gonna be today" She replies: "I don't know, just have
Faith". But I felt this week would be different, and this feeling we shared all.
I had the intention to ask every judge who stopped by to urge them to call the four justices, as
Dove put in her report and to tell them to give the green light. I have succeeded very well.
We had the plan to put out all the banners this time, but how to go about... There are so many! Our
prayer had been answered because a whole bunch of crush-barriers were put on the location. All the
poles and barriers carried a banner, what a beautiful sight!
The first 2 young people who I asked from which country they came, said "Australia" I showed them
the banner from their country. Amazed they looked and made a picture of it.
The first CDJ car arrived, with it's window already open, I asked him if he, when inside, would call
all justices and ask them to give the green light. He accepted the flyer and laughed "I'll see what
I can do". Nel was in the neigbourhood and said that the judge surely understood all.
There was a touringcar bus from Germany and Horst, only just arrived, could speak to them. We have
spoken to the touringcar driver en handed out German flyers.
When busses with Japanese and Chinese people arrived, they first didn't want any flyers and said
"no-no-no". But you have to be very careful, because when they see the Chinese flyers they are very
interested and want them all.
There were also two little children from China, age 4 and 6 year, who were put on the photo with
their daddy by Corry, whilst making the V sign with their fingers, it felt so moving.
We also seen a groep from Czech Republic, but it was very hard to talk to them, while they didn't speak any
English. They did understand the word "peace" on the banner and I have told them a bit about Nesara.
There was also a banner from their land, and they were very happy to see it.
My friendly gentleman friend who, every time he passes by asks, what the latest news is, came by and
I said to him that every day could be THE day. When I showed him my collection of pictures of the
Judges, he recognized them and said this one is from that country and so on. With a big smile he
wished us good luck.
Susan (wife of Richard, the European NTAT directors) was also with us. Nel picked her up from the
airport Schiphol. I was very pleased to see. She immediately started to help
and present flyers. Susan, you helped me wonderfully. Your knowledge of the German language was very
handy. We had hardly any time to taste the homemade cake, but it was delicious.
The heavens, sparkling blue, showed two times two white peace doves, which flew over me. A beautiful
There came a CDJ car and I saw that the driver had a bag of french fries, I asked him if I might
pass him a flyer and he agreed. He asked me if I wanted some fries. I told him: "I'm not alone". He
offered me the bag and I just took it. He said:" No No not all, that is my lunch! We both laughed
and he mentioned the old Dutch proverb "If you give them a finger, they will take the whole hand".
Two gentlemen came out of the Peace Palace, one of them we recognized as a judge. So I asked them if
they wanted a flyer. They looked at me, so serene, so open. And after a break in which we only
looked, it felt very great. Nel and I asked this judge also if he would to call the justices in America.
And so this day a lot of very nice people came onto my path.
Today I gave everthing I had, the day started beautiful and ended for me knowing that it was all
well. I did my prayer near the Peaceflame with all the people that couldn't be there with us.

Lot's of love and big hugs,
I love you all

Mother Miep