Dear All,

Here is the report of the demonstration of April 2, 2004 in front of the
Peace Palace.

With Love, Nel.

Lieve Allemaal,

Hier is het verslag van de demonstratie van 2 april, 2004 op de stoep van
het Vredespaleis.

Veel liefs, Nel.

*webmaster: het verslag is niet in het Nederlands vertaald.


Dear All of Us,

On Thursday we downloaded the new 6 pointflyer from the site.
And I am very glad to have this flyer, because all the information is on one
side. So less copy costs! Thank you Dove, Scott and the

We started this day with 6 people: Nel, Monique, Miep, Lenie, Hugo and
Mari-Elise. We used the whole flower-bed again to display the banners. And
before it was 12.00 o'clock we had seen and talked about NESARA to a lot of
people coming from: America, China, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Belgium,
Canada, Australia. It is very nice to give people a flyer in their own
language. They appreciate that very much (especially people from China).
But the most striking today were the busses with the American tourists: it
was the first time for us meeting so many American people. And they were
very, very interested!! Especially they were impressed by seeing all the
American banners about supporting NESARA.

During the demonstration Corry came and Rob came all the way from Groningen.
Also Barry,Ada, Gabbi, Menno and Robert came to join us.
Today we saw a lot of World Court Judges and a lot of CDJ license plated

All of a sudden I saw a cameraman filming the banners. He told me he was a
cameraman of the Radio Television of Croatia.
After a while a delegation of 5 men and 1 woman came out of the Peace
Palace. A reporter and the cameraman came to do an interview and a
securityman told us we had to keep a distance. After the interview the
securityman stepped aside and Miep and I handed out the new 6point flyers to
all of them. While getting in their car, I saw they were reading the flyers
and I heard the lady said "NESARA". I asked the reporter about these people.
He told me the lady was the Minister of Justice of Croatia. He said that in
Croatia half of all the Ministers are women. He said that at the end of the
year 2004 there will be Presidential elections in Croatia and the
expectation is that the result of these elections will be: the first female

After finishing the demonstration, Rob and I sat down on a bench for a while
and we were visited by a peace dove again!

With a lot of love.....Nel.


My bus arrived at the Peace Palace at 09.30 am. The sun was shining, it felt
peaceful. Two white doves were looking for some food on the ground near the
World Peace Flame and stayed there undisturbed, in spite of people getting
closer to make a picture of them. It was a pity, for there were no NESARA
activists yet to make a picture. When Nel arrived the doves were gone. Later
on, one Peace Dove came back and we did take a picture of that one.
Today there were busses coming and going all the time. We could hand out a
lot of Chinese flyers! Fortunate, Monique copied 50 Chinese flyers.
A guide of two busses with American tourists asked us all about NESARA
because he wanted to tell the people in the bus what our demonstration was
for. He was very enthusiastic about NESARA being so BIG!!
The flyers we are handing out in front of The Peace Palace, are being spread
all over the world. That idea makes me very happy!
Today we were a small group of NESARA activists and we had to do a lot of
work. But we did it out of love. After finishing the demonstration together
we drank hot-chocolate.

With love, Lenie.