The report of the demonstration for NESARA in front of The Peace Palace on April 9, 2004:


Dear All of Us,

Good Friday - The Peace Palace was closed. But today, before we even started to put the banners up, the first busses arrived. Busses with American tourists. We told people from Washington D.C. about NESARA. They were so enthusiastic they promised to distribute the NESARA flyers in Washington D.C.!

Today I felt like putting some of the banners in a different 'scenery'. And since Paul came to be with us, it was easy to do: this time we also put some banners on the corners of the footpaths.

It was a lively day in front of the Palace:

We handed out a flyer and told about NESARA to someone who works for

We met a German tourist who will put NESARA flyers in a German third world shop. A few hours later, we met a Dutch person who said she is planning to put flyers in a Dutch third world shop.

At the end of the demonstration we were out of Spanish flyers!

Ada came again during lunchbreak. She brought all of us beautiful mini 'black grape' plants for Easter. "Ada, again: thank you!"

People being present today at the demonstration: Richard, Barry, Corry, Miep, Nel, Jelle, Paul, Monique, Lenie, Hugo and Mari-Elise, Lucy, Ad, Horst (came from Hamburg!) and Jan Kees.

Ad, Miep and Paul will tell you more about todays demonstration. Next week (April 16, 2004) we will be there again!!

I love you All, Nel

(I am using the beautiful 'mobile NESARA billboard' picture as background on my computerscreen: every time I see it, it brings a big smile to my face!)



Today was a strange experience for me. For the first time I went to the Hague alone.

Although the Peace Palace was closed in connection with Good Friday, we met quite a lot of tourists and passers-by.

I spoke among others with a group of Turkish military men who were employed by the NATO-headquarters in Belgium. They made a trip of a week through a couple of countries, visiting the Peace Palace there-by.

They were very interested in NESARA and were very peace-minded. When Hugo told them there are also 40,000 of U.S. military men involved in the preparation for NESARA, primarily on security tasks, their interest was even more aroused. One of the military men finished the conversation with a statement of Ataturk. Peace starts with yourself, at home and only from there world peace can be achieved.

I fully agree with that statement and I told this military man, that the announcement of NESARA finally will bring world peace within reach!

I love and bless you all




Dear All,

Lenie, Nel and Corry were already present when Monique and I arrived at the Peace Palace. Today the gates were closed. So we did not see any CD or CDJ cars. But so many other people we there instead: busses with many tourists from America, China, Japan, Croatian, New Zealand, Germany, and Canada. Also many people were passing by. When I explained the German people what NESARA was about, they perfectly understood me. We handed out a lot of flyers today: "Susan and Richard, if you where here today, your hearts would have been given you a happy and wonderful feeling. Susan, you know, how it is to be here at the Peace Palace. How it is to experience being here. How it is to see hopefull and bright eyes. This is doing me so much good. To have hope soon to live in a better world. A big hug to the both of you, from your Miep and I wish you quiet and peacefull Easter."

We talked to the busdrivers and the guides about the good things NESARA will brings us. People gave me heartwarming reactions, they told me to go on with this beautiful work we are doing.

It was good to see all those banners hanging: it attracs a lot of attention. Today we used also another way to place the banners. Paul, thank you, it was so good meeting you again. Also Horst came all the way from Hamburg again. Horst came to help me everytime I asked him to. Thank you, Horst. Also Jan Kees came at the right moment, every time I met Spanish people. Thanks Jan Kees, every time I needed you, you were there. Ada came by and she gave every one us a beautiful little present. Thank you, Ada.

We patiently will wait what the coming days will bring us. I wait what Dove will tell us in her reports. "Dove, you are giving me so much energy I can fly and to put my feet where they need to be. To me you are a captain who is giving me all the information. A captain who is steering for NESARA."

The peace doves have shown themselves several times today. There was a moment when a predatory bird tried to catch a peace dove. It gave us a start, but we were glad that he did not succeed.

I know that when I take one step forward during our demonstrations, at the same time on several places on earth 3 steps forward will be taken automatically. I am convinced that there will be a lot of discussions about NESARA in several livingsrooms somewhere on this planet.

We saw one World Court Judge driving his car, passing by us very slowly. He took the side-entrance. Each one of us, knows this is my favorite. It feels so good to me. It was very nice that we were with many people at the demonstration today.

With Love and Peace, your Miep.



Namaste All Nesara FANS ,

It ' s for me such a comfort to have the idea I AM not alone here in The Hague. And we are invisible connected with all of you out there all over the world .

To me this GOOD Friday is special in my experience as a representative of all people of this planet.

With my feet on this planet & my inner SELF good - beauty - truth.

This simple act & react like acupunture needle in planet earth ,wiht our special energy we ask and activated earths grid.

Todays energie was again RESPECT & LOVE .

We make all the difference with both feet on the ground and trust in the good of us and anchor this energy .

Point to our selfs and become our SELF.

I welcome NESARA NOW WON in this accept the good-beauty-truth and anchor our SELF.

Namaste All Paul