Report of the Demonstration in front of the Peace Palace, the Hague,

April 16, 2004


Dear All of us,

April 16, 2004 was a very sunny and warm day.

Before I left home I choosed to do 2 things: first I prepared 4 postcards to send to the 4 top officers in the Pentagon. I used pictures of our demonstrations in front of the Peace Palace. And second I translated the Dove Report of April 15 into Dutch. Since April 5, 2004 Monique and I are translating the Dove Reports into Dutch and we put them on the website.

On my way to the Peace Palace I passed another biker and when she saw my bike being all packed and ready, she asked: "Going on holiday?" I told her where I was going and why. We stopped and I told her about NESARA. She said she wanted to know everything about this new law and she would go to the, the and the sites for all the info. And she said: "All the people on this planet should know about NESARA!"

Arriving at the Peace Palace there was no time for the coffee or tea Miep always brings us. And there was no time to put up the banners: busses, busses and more busses with tourists were coming in: we started with American tourists. We spoke to people from California and Washington. They were very interested when we told them about the NESARA law. While talking to these American tourists, we greeted a World Court Judge.

Sometime during this demonstration, one of the many moments when there were a lot of people in front of the Palace, we greeted another World Court Judge.

Today 16 people were doing this demonstration for NESARA: Miep, Nel, Corry, Catharina, Monique, Mari-Elise, Barry, Jan Kees, Richard, Lenie, Marijke, Heleen, Ada, Marianne, Hugo and Shane.

You know what is very striking and heartwarming to us? The guides and busdrivers are becoming supporters. They support NESARA and they support us being there each week. The demonstration in front of the Peace Palace is really becoming a meeting point. Many guides and busdrivers are acquainted with the demonstration now. They come out of their busses to say hello and ask how things are going. I even heard two guides explaning NESARA to some tourists.

There was this one bus with Dutch people. A man came to me and asked me about NESARA. After my explanation I asked him if he was the guide of this group tourists. He was laughing at my question and he showed me his card: he was the Mayor of Schiedam (a city in The Netherlands). Hugo and Mari-Elise handed out a flyer and talked to the mayor of Utrecht (also a city in The Netherlands). All people in this group were Mayors and town councillors from different cities in The Netherlands visiting the Peace Palace. And we handed out NESARA flyers to all of them!

Then there were some busses with tourists from Hongary and busses with people from Portugal. Also we spoke to people from Turkey again.

One of us being there in front of the Peace Palace has a Turkish neighbour. This Turkish man cannot be with us supporting NESARA because of his profession. But he offered to translate the flyer we are using into Turkish! "Dear neighbour, we thank you!"

There also was this bus with people from Thailand. These people were very enthusiastic hearing about the NESARA law. They told us that when they started this tour this morning, they all received a packed lunch. But they didn't need this provision for lunch, because they all brought their own packed lunches. So they offered the provided lunches to us. We accepted this offer in gratitude. And this French speaking busdriver took about ten French flyers with him.

Now I want to tell you one more thing: Suddenly Shane was there among us. Shane is living in Australia. And he is a big NESARA supporter and is always reading the Dove reports. So he was impressed by the demonstrations being held every friday in front of World Court in Den Haag. But he asked himself: Is this really true? Are they really there every friday? "Does that Peace Palace really excist?" So he came to the Netherlands, he is staying in Amsterdam with friends and he came to the Peace Palace this friday. And there we were - of course we were! We met him when he had this big smile on his face! You can see Shane on some of the pictures. "Dear Shane, thank you for coming! You visiting us, gave us confirmation that we are on the right track! Every people on this Earth should know about the changes NESARA will bring us for the good of All. See you next friday. And then we will use the Australian banner!"

I love you All, Nel.



Report of the NESARA demo of April 16, 2004

This time it was me (Marianne) who went alone to the Peace Palace. Ad had to work. The weather was magnificent. I was glad to see the others. Last week I couldn’t be there, because a very close relative had passed away and I was helping with the preparations of the cremation. The cremation service was beautiful. This Friday I brought some photo’s of the beautifully decorated coffin and some text with me. So I could share some of my experiences.

But of course I came for NESARA. There were lots of busses with tourists from America, China, Portugal, Germany and Japan. I had a conversation with a Dutch speaking bus driver, with a bus full of Americans. He was really interested and asked for flyers so he could give these flyers to his passengers.

Some time later Catherina asked me where this long man was. She wanted to meet him. She thought he had come to us, to be with us and to share the news of NESARA. I could tell her, he was an interested bus driver, who had leaved already.

However there was someone who had especially come to us. This was Shane from Australia. He wanted to see If we were really there in front of the Peace Palace. Nice to met you, Shane.

We are very grateful, that we can stand here in the name of so much people who support NESARA over whole the world.

Love Marianne.



The sun was already there when I woke up, what a beautiful weather! Very good weather to be in front of the Peace Palace. This was the first time we did not have to use our coats. That blue sky with the Peace Palace in the sunshine!

It was 10.00 am when a lot of busses arrived already. Part of us handed out flyers and the rest started to put up the banners. Those busses kept coming and going all day long. At the end of the demonstration we were out of a lot of flyers in different languages.

All of us went into NESARA conversations with interested people.

I am glad Monique and Nel are translating the Dove Reports into Dutch, so everyone can read the newest NESARA developments.

Halfway this demonstration I accost somebody, he said he came from Australia and that he is a NESARA fan. He wanted to see with his own eyes if we were really there in front of the Peace Palace. And he wanted to experience this demonstration also. Next week, Shane will still be in The Netherlands and he will join us then, great!

Again it was a very fine day and: NESARA NOW - in this time period!

With much love, Lenie.