Report of the Demonstration in front of the Peace Palace, the Hague,

April 23, 2004


Dear All of Us,

When I arrived at the Peace Palace around 09.30 AM there were already 4 busses with tourists. And a World Court Judge drove by.

When Miep, Monique and Lenie arrived, we started to put up the banners. At the same time a young English speaking women was looking for a place to parc her bike. She told us she was going to the library of the Peace Palace and I told her she could probably parc her bike more safely in the bicycle stand behind the gates. She said she already asked, but she was not alowed to. She also asked to take a walk in the beautiful Peace Palace garden, but she only had entrance into the library and nowhere else. She asked me what this demonstration was about. And I told her all about NESARA. She was very interested and she told me she wanted to take flyers in several languages with her. Because of the bond we felt for World Peace we walked arm in arm to the folder with flyers. She told me she was a lawyer in Italy.

Mari-Elise and I also talked to a lawyer from England. He fully agreed about the US needing another government.

Then Lenie and I talked to Serge and Marian. They liked what they heard about the NESARA law. We had a discussion about peace and war. Serge asked me why we people are making fools of ourselves; Why do we people let everything happen? I asked him: When we should ask all the people in the world, what they want: peace or war - what do you think their answer will be? He said most of them will choose for peace. We agreed that the majority of the people on earth do want peace. What would happen if all the people wanting peace should stand up for peace all together - what would happen? We are the majority, when we should do it all together at the same time, wouldn't we be strong enough to change things for the better? I am sure All of Us together will be strong enough. So Serge and I wondered: Why don't we? What is keeping us? When Serge and Marian left us they told us it was with a hopefull feeling inside.

Lenie spoke to one of the guides of the busses, whom we speak almost every friday and she told Lenie: "People talk about NESARA in the busses for a long time after they have visited the demonstration in front of the Peace Palace."

I saw a guide come out of a bus with tourists behind her. She walked to the banners and while pointing to them, she was telling the tourists that there is a demonstration for a new law each friday in front of the Peace Palace. Then she pointed to some of us explaining that we are the people to ask questions to. This is great, it looks like we are becoming part of their programme!

Suddenly a televisioncrew of TV West (Netherlands) came out of a bus. They were looking for a good spot to do something, so they told me. I handed out flyers to them, they only had little time so I quickly told them about the NESARA law and the open announcement period which they filmed. But will we see it on the tv?

Again this day we talked to a lot of people from all around the world. And each time people are interested in NESARA, you can feel the bond we share for World Peace.

Horst came to us again, it took him a four hour drive. "Dear Horst, it was good to share this day with you again!"

After 28 demonstrations I want to show my respect for the NESARA Supporters being active every friday in front of World Court. Every friday we are out there. Every friday we have a wonderful day together, sharing NESARA news with the public. I hereby embrace all of you!

Especially I want to mentioned Monique, Miep, Rob and Lenie. Monique is the one who mostly is making the copies (so we have enough flyers in stock), she controls the 'money-pot', she is taking care of the sticks and she stranslates the Dove Reports into Dutch (together with me). Miep is always taking care of the coffee and the tea, she looks after our 'permit' (which is very dear to her) and she is our mother overthere; today we celebrated her 70th birthday (!). Rob has very good ideas (for example the banners all of you are sending us, was his idea) and he is always there when I need someone to consult with. And Lenie is taking real good care of Miep. I just want to say to all of us outthere every friday: I love you!

Next friday we in The Netherlands are celebrating "Queensday" and also on "Queensday" we will be in front of World Court.

All of us, we demand NESARA to be announced immediately!!

I love you All, Nel.



Dear all of you,

Like past week I went alone to The Haque because Ad had to work again. The weather was also this time splendid.

There were lots of tourists which we could offer our flyers. Several times I had a short of longer conversation.

I saw a judge of the driving towards the Peace Palace. He stopped his car and when I wanted to give him a flyer he said. I already did receive your information, you better give it to someone else and I wish you good luck!

Today we also spend some time to the birthday of Miep. She did find this not necessary, but we did.

I also stood a while for the peace flame. And I saw that the sun was shining straight on the flame behind the glass. This gave a magnificent sight which I find difficult to describe. It was like something was going to be born out of the light. This made me feel very glad.

And this morning we did receive by e-mail a picture taken by Barry in which you can see the word NESARA reflecting in the peace flame. This matches my experience with the flame perfectly because it is NESARA what will be born soon.

Lots of love Marianne.