Report of World Court demo April 30, 2004 NESARA.


Dear All of Us,

This morning when I arrived at the Peace Palace, Henk was already present. Henk, who is following the Dove Reports and is living in The Netherlands, was joining us for the first time. We really were glad having him around, as Miep was saying: "He is a centipede - it seems he can do anything!" "Therefore: "Henk, thank you for being with us!!"

Today there were two Monique's: "our own Monique" plus another Monique who came for the first time. Monique is also a NESARA supporter and living in The Netherlands. "Dear Monique, it was good to get to know you. Thank you for coming".

Again we handed out flyers in many different languages today. For the very first time there was a bus with Russian tourists. We talked to people from Leningrad and they took English flyers with them. They only spoke a little English.

Today we discussed NESARA with people from Norway, Sweden and Finland. They also took the English flyers with them.

Miep talked about NESARA to a boy and a girl for a long time. The boy was impressed by seeing all those banners. I heard him say: "Wow, this is giving me a great feeling!! Look at all those countries!"

In the pictures of the demonstration we did last week ( you can see NESARA reflected in the World Peace Flame (The Life Foundation). In that picture you can also see that the ground around the Peace Flame was 'under reconstruction'. On today's pictures you can see The World Peace Pathway. On April 27, 2004, 196 countries joined together as a statement for peace. The Pathway is built from the contributions of 196 countries and regions, representing 100% of humanity. In a unique display of cooperation and solidarity, Embassies and Foreign Ministries from every country of the world procured stones representing the cultural heritage of their nations. Stones used in this Pathway are for example: a piece of a rock of "seal-island", marble of the Akropolis, a piece of the Wall of Berlin, jade from China and other stones that were silent witnesses of historical occurences and revolutions. (See some of the pictures)

Ambassadors from the international community made a statement on the opening of the Pathway. Part of this statement I want to share with you:

"As ambassadors representing our countries for the formation of the World Peace Pathway in the ‘peace and justice city’ of The Hague, The Netherlands, we welcome the inauguration of this important monument to peace.
We believe our coming together in this initiative forms a powerful statement that the nations of the world can unite in peace and friendship. We are convinced that peace is not only possible; it is one of the most urgent needs of our time. We affirm that every single human being has the right to peace and justice; and that at the same time peace is a responsibility we must all assume.
As human beings it is natural that we aim to provide our own children with full and satisfying lives. As citizens of the world, we affirm an additional commitment. We will also endeavor to provide full and satisfying lives for humanity’s future generations.
It takes courage, faith and commitment to unite in the cause of peace. The World Peace Pathway will serve to inspire individuals and nations worldwide to come together in peace, solidarity and friendship."

Monique and I also spoke about NESARA to a member of the board of The Life Foundation in The Netherlands. The man was happy to see us being there and hearing that NESARA will bring what the World Peace Path stands for: Peace on Earth. We exchanged information and emailadresses.

Then I spoke with two ladies from the USA. They were very surprised to learn about this new American law. They took a good look at all the banners and took flyers with them. They said they were going to look for more information on the website.

I know that soon there will be Peace on Earth!

With a big hug to All of Us,