The thirtieth demonstration for NESARA in front of World Court, The Hague, The Netherlands


Dear All of Us,

Today was the thirtieth demonstration for NESARA in front of World Court. It was a rainy day.

The demonstration started with 3 busses with American tourists. We handed out flyers en told them about NESARA. None of them ever heard about NESARA. I spoke to three of these American tourists but they did not agree with Bush being removed. When they said this, a very sweet American lady came to me, held my hands and said: "Thank you for standing out here and for telling people what is happening in the world. And please don't listen to these people. We are travelling in the same bus. It is America you know, even in the bus. On behalf of all the world's people I thank you for what you are doing." She also told me that her children would be very, very interested in this NESARA law, because all of them are in peace movements - so she took some flyers with her to gave to her children. (Dear Dove, you see the tourists are also helping in connecting people to share the news of NESARA’s solutions and benefits with other movements!)

"Dear American lady, I thank you for your sweet words and for coming to us."

There were students from Montenegro. They came from the Old Yugoslavia, they said. And they were making a tour in the Peace Palace. They were surprised to hear about the NESARA law and its benefits.

Horst came to be with us again with his "NESARA is your life" board. I feel deep respect for what Horst is doing so often: coming all the way for Hamburg to be at the demonstration for NESARA in front of World Court!

And I also feel deep respect for Henk. Henk came to our demonstration for the second time. He drove to Den Haag, in his blue van, yesterday night at about 12.00 pm. He slept in his van on the parking place in front of the Peace Palace. The busses with tourists began to come in at 08.00 am and they woke him up. Then he had breakfast in his van and waited for us to arrive. He also brought us a table to put Miep's coffee and tea on. "Dear Henk, it is so good to have you around!" Today present at this demonstration were: Jan Kees, Monique, Miep, Nel, Lenie, Corry, Hugo, Mari-Elise, Horst, Henk, Lucia, Ada, Naomi, Janna, William. After the demonstration I called Miep and she told me that at 15.45 pm Robin (webmaster finally made it to Den Haag. Robin wanted to be at this demonstration but the traffic was terrible and it took him half a day to get to us. Some of us were already gone when he arrived. So he went to our after-NESARA-café and there he met Monique, Miep, Hugo and Horst. "Hope to see you next time, Robin!"

Miep handed out an English flyer to a World Court Judge. He told her he also wanted a Dutch flyer. Off course Miep gave him what he wanted, but she was amazed about his question.

I handed out a flyer to a lady working for the Israelian Embassy. NESARA was unknown to her until today......

And there were a lot of tourists from Greece. And they all left with NESARA flyers.

Miep talked to one of the bus drivers working for a well-known tour operator. The man said that his boss told them not to accept any flyers from us at the NESARA demo in front of the Peace Palace. The boss said that these NESARA flyers distract the attention of the tourists. The next bus of the same tour operator, opened his window for Miep and Miep told him what his colleague had said about accepting flyers. This bus driver responded with: "Oh, is that so! Well, then I will put your flyers on our notice-board in the office!"

NESARA will Be!!

With a heart full of Trust, Nel.




When I arrived at the Peace Palace Miep, Monique and Henk were already in a conversation. I found out that Henk was at the parking place in front of the Palace at 12.00 pm at night and he was the VERY FIRST! Henk wanted to spend the day with us. I can understand him (in December I came to see the NESARA demo one time, now it is May, and I still come every Friday).

Together we unloaded Monique's car, all the sticks, the coffee and the tea were in there. In the meantime Nel arrived with the banners.

At that time it was still dry, but after an hour it started to rain. We did not hang up the thick banners because of the rain.

Regularly busses arrived, this time again with Americans and people from Russia. Today there also was a group from Greece.

A group of people from Sarajevo did have much interest in our English flyers.

Because of the rain, most of the tourists stayed in the busses to take pictures of the Peace Palace. When it was almost 14.00 pm, we rolled up all the wet banners and put them in Nel's bags. She will make sure that we can hang them up dry next week, because we keep going - untill NESARA is announced! NESARA NOW!

With a lot of Love, Lenie.