The 31e demonstration for NESARA in front of World Court, The Hague, The Netherlands


Dear All of Us,

May 14, 2004 was a sunny day. A beautiful day on which we did the vigil for World Peace during the demonstration for NESARA. Several people from the USA, Germany and the Netherlands let us know by email they would join us in the vigil.

It was good to have a place of silence during this NESARA demonstration. After so many months being there in front of World Court, it felt like a grateful challenge to open the door for NESARA, for world peace, with other NESARA supporters all over the world all at the same time.

One lady was sitting on one of the benches and she was looking at some of us sitting on the ground and on the chairs near candles and flowers during the vigil. I invited her to join us in the vigil and she did. She told me she was a member of the Life Foundation. And she said she will be back next friday and bring us a plan of the World Peace Pathway which tells us exactly which stone is from which country.

During this demonstration several groups of Dutch cyclists-tourists with guides came to see the Peace Palace. And they all left with NESARA flyers.

I spoke to a cameraman who was filming our banners. He told me that he and an English speaking lady were making a film of the three International Courts in The Hague: The International Court of Justice, The International Criminal Court and The Yugoslavia Tribunal. They did shoot a lot of banners but they did not want any information about NESARA. The cameraman said that since all these banners were in front of World Court, it probably had something to do with this International Court of Justice, but it was in substance of no importance for their film.

Today Henk brought us something beautiful: it was a standard for our NESARA flyers (see the picture). The intention is that tourists can take NESARA flyers freely in their own language. And they did! We agreed that one of us should be near the standard to tell the NESARA story that goes with the flyers. The standard is working very well. I saw some tourists from China - one them saw the NESARA standard for flyers and he took the Chinese flyers and handed them out to his friends. They only spoke the Chinese language but according to the smiles I saw on their faces when they read the flyers, I knew they understood what it said.

After 31 demonstrations some of the banners need some small 'repair work'. In the coming weeks I am going to take care of that. Also the banners became dirty after all those months. The dirt tells us a NESARA story of what happened since October 2003.

NESARA supporters being present today: Horst, Jan Kees, Henk, Ada, Ad, Marianne, Hugo, Mari-Elise, Rob, Barry, Corry, Monique, Miep, Lenie, Menno, Robert, Richard and Nel.

Best love to all of us and with deep respect for all that is happening which is bringing us NESARA, Nel.


Marianne and Ad:

It was lovely weather and it was the day of the vigil for world peace during the NESARA Demo.

When we arrived roundabout 10.10 A.M. it was already busy with coaches with tourists. Also several groups of cyclists came to the Peace Palace today.

Peculiar was a group of English with their old-timers, cabriolets of the make Panther, who visited the Peace Palace. They were really interested in NESARA and readily took our flyers.

Marianne spoke together with Rob with an American police-officer, who had lost family at 9-11. True enough he was for severe measures, to enable that terrorists could be arrested at an early hour, but he was also accessible for the information that 9-11 was not really a terrorist attack, but a

CIA-operation on orders from the Bush regime. He had served in Vietnam and experienced that what was really going on was not covered correctly by the media.

Today we first met Henk and his inspiring ideas for the group as a whole. He made a sort of standard with trays for the NESARA-flyers in different languages and on top of that a sort of publication-board. On the publication-board people were pointed out that they could take the NESARA-flyers freely and that there was also a vigil for world peace for which they could light a candle. What a terrific idea Henk, thank you!

The vigil for world peace was, for our part, a great success. Next to the peace flame monument there was a spot arranged with little chairs, carpets and candles. It was a tremendous experience to meditate for world peace together, in varying composition, knowing that people from over the whole world were joining us.

Love and peace

Marianne and Ad