33th demonstration at the World Court, The Hague, Netherlands.


Dear All of Us,

May 28, 2004 - it was the 33 NESARA demonstration in front of World Court and there was this beautiful sunshine.

We were visited by the chief commissionar of the police. He was bringing us the new permit for the next 6 months. But as from next week there are some new rules for us to follow:

- we are not allowed to put the banners in the flowerbed anymore

- we have to do the NESARA demonstration across the street (near the national monument which was placed there for the victims of World War II)

- we are not allowed to put the banners in the ground or fasten them to anything

- we have to hold the banners

- we are not allowed to take the banners anywhere else, they have to be hold only at the new spot

- we do are allowed to hand out flyers in front of the Peace Palace

- we do are allowed to wear NESARA t-shirts or something like that

The chief of police told Monique and me that the word "permit" is not the right word to use. Because, so he said, in the Netherlands, people do not need a permit to demonstrate. What people need to do when they want to demonstrate is to send a written notification to the police headoffice. The police will send this notification to the mayor of the city. Then the chief commissionar of the police will advice the mayor how to deal with the coming demonstration. Then the mayor will undersign the notification and add any rules, he and the chief commissionar think are necessary to guarantee the safety of all people during the demonstration. So, he said, the only thing needed to do a demonstration is a written notification and therefore we cannot speak of a permit.

The chief commissionar, Monique, Henk and I went across the street to take a look at the new place for the NESARA demonstrations. We noticed that the spot, although it is a bit farther, is facing the entrance of the Peace Palace (see the picture).

So, to some of us this 33 demonstration for NESARA felt a bit like we ended a period in which we shared a lot of NESARA information with a lot of people from all over the world and in which we entered into good relations with some of the World Court Judges, with some of the Peace Palace personnel, with all those policemen visiting us, with most of the busdrivers of the touroperators, with a lot of guides, with people living near the Peace Palace, with people of the Life Foundation (World Peace Flame), etc.

As from next week we will start a new period of NESARA demonstrations. And we will keep doing demonstrations for as long as it takes to get NESARA announced!

Today during the NESARA demonstration there was a bus with American tourists. They were doing a cruise in Europe within 14 days. In a few days they will return to the United States knowing about a new American law that will change their lifes once this law is announced.

I also spoke with a motor-cyclist from Scotland. He was visiting Den Haag and wanted to see the Peace Palace. But he did not only see the Peace Palace, he saw a lot of banners from different countries, which made him very curious. I told him about NESARA, he took flyers with him and slowly he passed by all the banners taking his time to have a good look at each one of them.

And Miep had this wonderful confirmation of one of the World Court Judges! A car with a World Court Judge behind the wheel stopped near Miep, he opened his window and she said to him: "Tell me, please, the petition, inside World Court?" He answered: "Yes, yes I know." Miep said: "World Peace for the people." He said: "NESARA Now" while pointing to one of the banners.

We saw a car with 4 people in it. In the front we recognized 2 World Court Judges. The driver (a W.C. Judge) stopped for Miep and opened his window. He was talking to Miep but she did not understand him and she called for me. While I was coming their way, the car waited for me and I greeted the Judges. The Judge behind the wheel said to me: "I want you to know that I already have a lot of flyers. Please use them for other people. And good luck." Both the Judges in front of the car smiled at us. And the two people in the back of the car waved at us using NESARA flyers (see the picture).

This demonstration for NESARA had a wonderful ending with a fantastic NESARA movie made by Henk (below Rob will tell you more about this movie). To some of us this movie felt like a honour - therefore I want to say: "Dear Henk, thank you for all that you are doing for us and for the demonstrations for NESARA!"

This coming week we will be using our creative minds again to come up with some very good ideas how to show all those banners from different countries just by holding them and how to attract the attention of the World Court Judges and the public. And (in consultation with Dove) we will make a new banner requesting the Judges to remove the 8 betrayers from the NESARA committee.

I want to thank all the other NESARA supporters who are sending in their reports of their NESARA activities. I love reading them, it is giving me the possibility to feel the NTAT network all around the world.

I think that this is helping us to be and to feel united!

With Love to All of Us, Nel.




It was a glorious day in front of the palace sharing NESARA under the warmth of the sun, with all who were interested.

Henk picked me up this morning and with his brother Siebe and we all drove to Den Haag for the demo. Nel arrived shortly after with the banners and soon followed Monique and Miep with the poles and refreshments. Once the banners were up, we were ready for the day. In spite of only a few buses showing up, I did get to speak to a variety of people. I explained NESARA to two gentlemen from Tunisia who were very receptive to the news. They being from a Muslim country, it is no wonder. A fellow on a bike wanted to know what NESARA was and after explaining to him the key points he said it sounded unrealistic but he still wished to take a flyer. A sympathetic couple from Ireland were very happy to hear the news and wished me luck. I thanked them and stated however, that NESARA is also for them, the world's people as well as for Americans, and it is in all our best interests to suppor t and make sure it gets announced. I also got to talk with a group of American students traveling about Europe. They understood the danger bush poses and expressed their anger at his behavior. Once they understood the significance of America returning to Constitutional Law, NESARA became much clearer for them. Without exception, everyone asked when this will happen and when I said perhaps this summer, they were all very excited.

After we packed up, Henk had a very special surprise for us. At the restaurant we meet in, he set up a tv and dvd player to show us a movie he made of the past three demos. It's classic. He did a great job of editing the film into a very entertaining documentary. We need to find a way to share it with all who are interested in seeing it. In a short period of time, Henk has become an integral part of the group.

Today was the last demo on the old permit. Our next demo starts the new 6 month permit just granted to us. Until the next time,

In Peace & Love, Rob



The day started beautiful, not only the weather was beautiful, but the start of the demo at the Peace Palace was very good.

Rob drove along with Henk, also Henk's brother was there. He became enthusiastic by the stories Henk told him, so therefore he wanted to share a day with us and see how things really are going. Nel, Miep, Monique, Rob,Jan Kees, Henk, brother and me were busy with the sticks and banners en in no-time we had put the banners up in the flowerbed in front of the Peace Palace.

The flyerstand Henk made was put strategical in place so every passer-by 'dares' to take a flyer. We enjoyed the sight of people searching for the flyer written in the language they can read.

Today, again we did explain what NESARA is about to a lot of people. That is giving me a happy feeling.

The police came to bring us a new 'permit'. This permit allows us to demonstrate for NESARA in front of the Peace Palace for another half year. But we have to go across the street to do the demonstrations. We cannot use the flowerbed anymore. We will use our creativity again to come up with new ideas.

After the demonstration we all watched the video Henk made on a playful way. The film is of a very good quality and to my opinion it can be broadcast on the TV stations in the Netherlands and I found the film very informative.

As beautiful as this day started, as beautiful it ended and not only the weather was beautiful.

With a lot of love, Lenie.