June 4 2004, Demonstraton at the World Court, Peace Palace, The Hague, The Netherlands


Dear All of Us,

This Thursday Lenie, Monique and I did some "handicraft" for the NESARA demonstration. Lenie and I did some magic things to some of the banners. We put the big German banner, the Canadian banner and the "we demand NESARA's announcement" banner together and we made one big 'doublesided' banner of it. We also did the same thing with four other banners: the Texas banner, the Oregon banner, the Netherlands flag and the Australian / New Zealand banner. Monique and I made a new banner, which is saying: REMOVE 8 BETRAYERS DELAYING WORLD PEACE NESARA NOW!!

Also Henk has been very busy this week creating a beautiful golden NESARA table with a NESARA sign on it to attract people's attention (see the pictures). We used all this together for the NESARA demo on the new spot across the street. This spot is facing the entrance of the Peace Palace.

Today in front of the Palace there was a lot to see: the President of New Zealand was there, and our Dutch Prinses Maxima, and the Ambassador of Turkey with a former Minister for Foreign Affairs of Turkey. Below Rob will tell you more about these experiences.

We started this demonstration with 6 people: Monique, Miep, Lenie, Rob, Henk and me.

When Miep and I were handing out flyers in front of World Court, a lady who is working in the Peace Palace said to me that she noticed we have been there for about 8 months and now she was getting curious what this NESARA law was about. So I told her about NESARA and I saw the smile coming on her face. All those months she did not have taken the time to speak to us, she said. She was glad she did so today because she wants World Peace as soon as possible.

Two blue vans (roofing business) were looking for a parking place in front of the Peace Palace. I handed out flyers to the drivers. After a while we saw these two man on the roof of one of the buildings near the Peace Palace. They looked down and they saw us standing there doing the demonstration for NESARA and they saw Monique giving us coffee.

They were screaming that they would come down to us because they also liked coffee. And so they did (see the pictures). And while drinking their coffee, they were listening to Monique and Miep who told them about NESARA.

There was a German bus with Chinese tourists. They were very enthusiastic about us having Chinese flyers. And we told the guide and one of the tourists about NESARA. Before they left, they took pictures with us standing next to them and with the demonstration in the background.

Henk is planning to make the NESARA table foldable and on wheels for the coming demonstrations. And he was wandering whether there was a place to park or to stall this foldable table, so he doesn't have to transport it every week. I told the restaurant keeper of the little restaurant where we always go after the demo's about Henk's plan and that we are looking for a place to park this table. And he offered his help right away. So as from next friday we can leave the foldable NESARA table on wheels in 'the Heraut'- "Dear Hans and Lien, thank you for your help and all you do for us and the NESARA demonstration!"

During the next days we will do our best again to come up with more ideas for the coming demonstration.

With a big hug to All of Us, Nel.




Henk drove me to Den Haag this morning under cloudy skies but mild weather, for our first demo in our new location, with a new NESARA petition at World Court.

When we were told last week that among other changes we would have to hold the banners and not put them in the ground across the street from the palace, I suggested to Nel that we combine many of the banners into one large banner so that two people holding the banners at both ends could show more. Lenie, Nel and Monique did a great job most of yesterday doing just that. For people and cars passing by, to every car coming and going from the palace gates, our new larger banners were quite visible. Henk improved the flyer stand by adding a large NESARA sign on top, which can also be seen quite clearly from a distance. By some of us holding the banners and others handing out flyers near the gates, I believe we created a very active presence out there today. Many tourists came across the street to check out the flyer stand and ask questions.

As usual, you get different reactions to what you say, according to each persons beliefs. One man to whom I explained NESARA said "It was unrealistic". I then asked him if he thought world peace was unrealistic and he said "Yes". I then said, "Well, everyone one of us here believes world peace is possible". Another man I talked to soon after saw the possibility and wanted to know more, to which I gladly obliged . At some point I noticed Nel, Miep and Lenie talking to a group of Middle Eastern men and was told that one of the men was a former Turkish Cabinet Minister. I asked Corrie to hold the banner pole and I went across the street to thank them and their government for their bravery in speaking the truth by accusing the Israeli Government recently of 'State Terrorism" against the Palestinian People and although he said he spoke no english, he understood and said that the terrorists are Sharon and Bush and he a greed that the capital of terrorism is in Washington, D.C.

There was a large police presence today beginning with a motorcycle escort for one of the Dutch Royalty and the Prime Minister of New Zealand. Before the escort left the palace, we positioned ourselves and especially the N.Z. banner, so as to be seen. When we realized they would be exiting slightly away from us, we immediately moved in their direction and saw many of the occupants in each of the cars turning to see our signs. How perfect that of all the banners that were chosen to be in the new, larger banners for today's demo, the one from New Zealand was also included.

As well, we watched many police officers arriving at different intervals to be tested on questioning and handcuffing a troublemaker off the street. An actress was hired to be the 'bad women' acting out and being arrested many times, right in front of the palace flowerbed.

Many of the judges passed by our new location and some waved and said hello. Our new banner requesting the removal of the eight betrayers was positioned well for their viewing. We learned a lot today on what improvements we can make for our future demos in this location and our presence there next time will be even better.

In Peace & Love, Rob