Demonstration June 11,2004 Peace Palace, The Hague, The Netherlands.


Dear All of Us,

We all arrived early at the new demonstration spot in front of the Peace Palace. We all did our very best to find the best place where to put the golden NESARA table and where to stand with the banners.

Horst came all the way from Hamburg (Germany) again. And also Lucia (Netherlands) was with us today. A new NTAT member, Fanny (Netherlands) joined us for the first time. And Ad and Marianne made it to the new spot also. So, today there were about 12 NESARA supporters at the demo.

There was this group of Chinese tourists standing next to the NESARA flyer stand. Monique handed out Chinese flyers to them. One of them, began to read out loud the Chinese text to the others. It was good to hear and see that they all understood what NESARA was about.

While handing out flyers in front of World Court, I spoke with some of the 'familiar' guides who came with the busses and the tourists. One of them asked me for flyers in several languages and he said: "I will tell them all about it on our way back". And another guide said she found it a cold day and said she already told people why we are doing this demonstration. So, when these tourists came out of the bus, they already had some info about NESARA and they all wanted flyers. When it looked like this bus was ready to leave, the busdriver came out for more flyers.

And one of the World Court Judges drove by, he smiled and waved at us.

Below Rob will tell you more about this sunny and windy day in front of World Court.

If all goes well, we will be wearing NESARA T-shirts during the next demonstrations in front of World Court.

With Love to All of Us, Nel.




Once again, Henk showed up at exactly 8am to pick me up for our drive to Den Haag. It seems he has spent the last two weeks building and improving the flyer stand. This week he built a very sturdy travel/storage box on wheels for the stand to be stored in and moved about easily to the restaurant nearby. As well, he added a clever attachment to the table so that our new longer banners can be supported by this feature on one end with one of us supporting it on the other. This way, only 2 of us are required to support the banners. However, with todays gusty winds, supporting the flyer stand and banners required more of us from keeping it from toppling over, which it still managed to do a few times today.

After holding one end of the banners for a bit, I switched places and took some flyers across the street to distribute to a group waiting for the tour. An English speaking group of four were leaving and were curious what the demo was about. I handed them the flyers which they eagerly took and I explained that we are here supporting NESARA, which will return America back to Constitutional Law. They got it immediately. One man said, "That's what's really needed". They all were very critical and sarcastic about Bush and they could not wait to get rid of him. The next group of four, two from Australia and a mother/daughter from the US were also interested. They all agreed that this sounded like a great idea and wanted to know more. I told them that under Constitutional Law, America is not to meddle in the affairs of other Sovereign Countries which the daughter thought was surely needed. However, the mother was not comfortable hearing about this and was anxious to leave. The daughter was still prepared to listen and did for a bit longer before saying goodbye. The Australian couple were very happy to hear about it all and they wished me 'good luck' many, many times. This always makes me smile and I am usually quick to add that although NESARA starts in America, it is in fact intended for the entire world's people, and that none of us here representing NESARA are in fact Americans. She understood, however as she was leaving and in her excitement, she once again wished me 'good luck'. A Canadian group I talked to briefly, were also happy to hear about Bush being removed.

The second half of my time was spent with an extraordinary young man who wandered by during his Thai visa wait. After explaining the main points, I usually then wait to see the reaction before saying more. Not only did he want more but his questions were so thoughtful and intelligent, that it required my utmost to satisfy his thirst. What made this encounter so unique, was that once he was satisfied with the 3D mechanics of what was planned, he then wanted to know how the Spiritual played in all of this. I have never been asked this question before and it blew me away how he intuitively understood what is actually happening. However, his one question to me near the end of our talk brought home why NESARA is so important to me. After me telling him that there is the possibility of NESARA being announced in the next few months, he wanted to know why I then bother standing here? I had to think about it and then I answered, "I am here to meet you and share this hopeful, wonderful news". A bit later I realized that I am also here because 3 years ago I met a stranger, and during a similar encounter like I just experienced, I learned about NESARA which immediately gave me hope and changed my life, and that if I can do that for just one person by standing here four hours a week, my time is well spent".

In Peace & Love, Rob


Ad and Marianne:

Ad had to work today very early for a few hours, but after that we went to The Hague. We arrived at about 11:45 AM. For us it was the first time we were on the new spot. The double sided banners were tied up to the new table which Henk had made and also hold by ourselves. It somestimes felt like windsurfing, because there was a strong wind. One time the table with the holder for all the NESARA flyers was blown down. We had to pick up all the flyers and we sorted them out again by language. From that point there also was somebody necessary to hold the table. There were again tourists from different country's who we could give our flyers. It was lovely to be there again spreading the news of NESARA and to see each other again.

Love Ad and Marianne.