Demonstation, june 18 2004, in front of the World Court, The Hague, The Netherlands.

Dear All of Us,

A few weeks ago I was talking with Dove about using NESARA T-shirts during the demonstrations in front of World Court. Dove suggested that it would be great if we could use the sign that is on the mobile billboard trucks in Washington. So, I have had made us NESARA teeshirst with that picture on them. And as of todays demonstration we are wearing them. See the pictures!

Bart delivered me the sign that is on the mobile billboards in Washington: "Thank you Bart!" The teeshirts are a great succes; for example: some of the World Court Judges took a good look at Miep's teeshirt.

Knowing now, what reading the message on these 'T-shirts does to people, I think it can be a good idea when we use them more often. Not only for a demonstration or for handing out flyers, but why not wearing NESARA T-shirts when we go to some kind of event or a gathering. Like Lenie kept her NESARA T-shirt on when she had to go to a party with collagues after todays NESARA demonstration. Maybe this is an idea not only for us, but for all the NESARA supporters all over the world?

Janna, Mari-Elise's daughter, did a "lecturing engagement" on school about NESARA. She made a beautiful blue NESARA banner saying: Children of the World for NESARA. All the names of her class mates are on the banner. "Thank you Janna, it is beautiful!"

Maaike (Miep's granddaughter) was with us again today. She held banners, handed out flyers and did all what was necessary.

Right now I am working on putting more banners together for the coming demo's. So we will have more variation.

Below you can read 2 wonderful reports of todays demonstration written by Monique and Miep.

Very big hugs to All, for supporting and thinking of us which is giving us a lot of strength!

With Love, Nel.



Dear All,

This morning we were prepared for quite some rain as was forecasted, but to our

surprise the weather turned out nice and quite sunny. My niece Maaike came along

with us today. She was wanting to come to the demo for a while but has to go to

school on fridays.

We were just starting to unpack, while a young man approached me and asked if it

was correct that he saw the word NESARA on one of the banners lying on a pile

waiting to be set up. I said that was correct, and he told me that a few years

ago his mother brought NESARA under his attention. He told me he is from Austin,

Texas, studying for a year now in Amsterdam, and came that day out to The Hague

applying for a visa at the Russian embassy. He had no idea that he was standing

right in front of the World Court, though thought the building to be quite

impressive. We were both amazed, for me that someone approached me knowing about

NESARA who just happened to pass by, and for him to find our NESARA presence 'by

coincidence'. He left saying he might join us next week if he's able.

Mari-Elise and Hugo arrived with a truly beautiful banner showing the support of

the Children for NESARA, made by daughter Janna. While Maaike and me were

admiring this beautiful sign, a large parade of children biked happily along, we

took that as another sign of their support.

Another beautiful sign of the children is that a contest was held among some

local primary schools to create a design for the two new benches made out of

concrete, that will be placed near the Peace Flame. The winners of the contest

made two beautiful designs for the benches, one is a peace dove and one a

colorful rainbow!. What beautiful symbols and designs made out of concrete, I

can just imagine how beautiful and colorful a city could look if architects

would involve the children in their designs As the groundwork on the benches

has just started I can not wait to see the progress of this, as I did understand

the benches will be in mosaic.

A salute and a Big warm thanks to the Children!

Later on a couple of African people I believe from Zambia passed by, they said

that this is exactly what the African people need. With much interest they took

a flyer, kept wishing us good luck and said to be sure to check it out.

A young couple from Belgium passed by the Peace Palace on their bike and were

very interested as the young man mentioned in Belgium efforts were long going

without much success to come to a lower charge in commission rates and taxation.

They immediately felt that the concept of NESARA was so grand and all

encompassing that they gladly took a flyer and were very interested to get into


Nearly at the end of the demo a car came out of the Palace gates. I recognised

this car that's driven by a lady who normally passes us by with great, sometimes

agressive speed and a bit of a grumpy look to say the least.

Today to my astonishment for the first time she stopped before Miep and took a

flyer and while she drove off I saw such a gorgeous smile showing so much

beauty, that I could hardly believe this was the same woman.

Today it was again another great day in front of World Court, All is changing

and can be seen and felt, simply awesome! NESARA NOW!

Lot's of Love,




Friday morning, the 38 time on our way to the Peace Palace. We took everything possibly needed, because they did spell a lot of rain for today. In the morning I asked: Would you please give me a sign to let me know I am doing what is right in this place overhere? Why doubts, do'nt ask me, they just were there.

I started with a new T-shirt that Nel has had made for us: beautiful!

Handing out flyers is more difficult now, because you have to look out when you go across the street: you have to look left, rifht and in front of you for traffic. And I am a normal human being , with 2 hands and 2 feet. And they really aren't left (-handed). There was enough work to do. Not many busses, but a lot of people being interested. I already was busy for a while, when I saw this CDJ car coming. It was kind of a jeep, but it was a clean one! And it was driving slowly. Yes, Miep this is going to work. A exquisite looking young woman looked at me very friendly and accepted a flyer. The woman drove on, and Monique was coming my way saying: Mam, that is so good! This woman never looked at us during al thes 37 weeks, she always drove by us and now I see this! Mam, onbelievable! I had to look up and had to thank for that sign. I was glad.

And there were some other nice things that happened today. The driver who stopped, and said: Madame, I already have so many, what shall I do with them? I answered: When you really read the all, you can use the backside for you shoppinglist. Laughing and wishing me succes, he drove off.

Maaike, my granddaughter was with us again. She helped with everything that had to be done. "Maaike, thank you! From grandma."

It was good weather, with sunshine. And we all walked in our new white teeshirts. And about 2.20PM we made a picture of the group in front of the Peace Palace.

My question of this morning is being answered. I took that good energy from this earth with me for a whole new week.

I thank you all, we are a great team. I give all of you a big hug.

With lots of love, your Miep.