Report of the demonstration, d.d. june 25, 2004, The Hague, The Netherlands.


Dear All of Us,

June 25, 2004 - there was a strong wind and a bit of rain.

I want to start this report by greeting Ghabriele from Germany. Last Friday Ghabriele took a day off from work and came by train all the way to Den Haag.. "Dear Ghabriele, we all are glad that we have met you. It really was a surprise for us to suddenly see you coming specially for the NESARA demo in front of World Court all the way from Cologne (Köln). Thank you for sharing this demonstration with us! See you soon."

The wind was very strong and that made it difficult for us to hold the poles. Especially the telescopic poles Henk made. They are great. The banners are much more visible.

There were workers on the roof of the building behind the spot where we do the NESARA demonstrations. One of these man looked down at us and he saw us doing a lot effort to hold the poles in the wind. He came down to help us out and he brought us some big tie-raps to attach the poles to the lamp-posts or to the traffic signs. We were touched by his gesture and explained to him that we were not allowed to tie the banners to whatever is standing there. And off course we told him about NESARA. And he was glad to have found a possible solution for all the problems there are in this world. He was very excited about Michael Moore's film Fahrenheit 9/11, and he said he was feeling impatient for he wants to see that film as soon as possible!

We met a lot of people and we handed out flyers to all of them:

There was this Englishman and after reading the flyer he said: "They can take Tony Blair with them at the same time!"

Several busses with Greek tourists, and a bus with American students: their guide had to take a lot of pictures of this whole group in front of the Peace Palace for each student brought his/her own camera.

A young woman from Vietnam was very glad to see our demonstration. She took a flyer and told us that she recognized this as being a demonstration. In Vietnam they only learn about demonstrations via television. They are not allowed to demonstrate in Vietnam, she said, but they see it on television very, very often. She said she was impressed and very glad that she run into a demonstration herself here in the Netherlands and to run into NESARA information.

Then we met a journalist/writer from Georgia. This very passionate woman, was so very grateful that we are demonstrating for world peace for such a long time now. She told us that the coupe d'etat we saw in the news on television some time ago, when the people of Georgia assault the governmentsbuilding and dismissed their President was not what we here in the Netherlands think it was. We here in the Netherlands have the idea that the people of Georgia took back their power and took responsibility for their lives. But this passionate woman told us it was all influenced by the American government. For there is an oil pipeline running beneath Georgia - and therefore this land and its inhabitants are being used and instigate by the American government, she said. She also told us that the sitting President of Georgia did his education within the same group as the American Presidents did and at the same Universities, etc. She said this President is "a friend of Bush". She is going back to Georgia from July 2 till July 31 to make herself heard, to say what she has to say to the people of her country about all of this. When she is back in Den Haag, she will return to us at the NESARA demonstration in front of World Court and tell us what happened when she was in Georgia in July 2004. She supports us and we sure support her! "Dear lady from Georgia, thank you for being!"

Rob and I also talked to an American who knew all about the manipulation done by the American government, he knew all about the Illuminati, etc. but he never had heard of an American law named NESARA. So we did have a lot to share with this man. And he was astonished at us being there in front of the International Court of Justice to share the good news of NESARA with people. This man said: "That I have to come all the way to the Netherlands to learn about NESARA!!" Rob and I both were happy to share the NESARA news with this man, for he saw that it was a way to create world peace.

We had a wonderful demonstration this Friday. And Miep had a small conversation again with two of the World Court Judges. At the end of this demo we had a very satisfied feeling.
We will go on. Next Friday, July 2, 2004, we will be there again.

A few weeks ago I found Euro 50,= in my rucksack. I put it in our 'moneypot'. But I keep forgetting to mention it and I do want to thank the donor of this money. So: "Dear One, I do not know who you are, but on behalf of all the NESARA supporters in front of World Court, I thank you!"

Also we received a very generous gift from Gordon (Canada). "Dear Gordon, blessings and lots of thanks to you! Our 'moneypot' is well-lined right now and that feels very good to all of us. Gordon, I thank you."

Below you will find a little report of todays demonstration made by Henk.


I give All of Us a very big hug full of trust that NESARA will bring us World Peace, Nel.


Dear friends,

Rob and Horst were asking me if I was interested

to write a little report of the demo.

Well, here it is!

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