Report of the NESARA Demonstration, July 2 2004, in front of World Court, The Hague, The Netherlands.

+ Report of handling out flyers, July 3 2004, in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


Dear All of Us,

here is the report of the NESARA demo July 2 in front of World Court + the report of handing out flyers in Rotterdam.

Monique and Miep started this morning by doing a walk on the World Peace Pathway that surrounds the World Peace Flame. Monique was telling Miep that she new that on one of these stones the name of the country is written. Miep looked down at the stones and she saw one with letters on it. She touched it and noticed that it was loose. She took it in her hands and it was very clear written from which country this stone was and also there were some signs scratched into it. Miep kept the beautiful stone in her pocket. When Miep and I were handing out flyers in front of World Court, a car was arriving in front of us and stopped, opened the window...and it was a World Court Judge. It was the Judge from the same country as where the stone that Miep found came from. So Miep told him about the stone and I translated it for her. The Judge put up his reading-glasses, took the stone in his hand and told us what the scratched signs are meaning. He asked us who is responsible for these stones. I told him about the people of the Life Foundation. The Judge said:"They have to take better care of this. This is not just something you have got here!" We shaked hands with this very kind World Court Judge and he wished us good-luck and all the best.

We used the NESARA NOW NESARA YES banner again! It is the purple one with the yellow letters. I made tunnels on the back so we can put poles in them.

We met two students who both won a scholarship for International Rights. Therefore they were doing some visits at World Court with a jurist in International Rights (who did his studying in France). They came out of the Peace Palace and walked towards us, while reading our T-shirts. The jurist said to me: "We are looking for a law that will give us world peace!" And we told them about the NESARA law. They took flyers in several languages with them.

There were a few busses with people of the Baha'i Gospel Choir who were visiting the Peace Palace. In total there were hundred gospel singers from nine different countries and from twentyfive States of the US to sing for worldpeace and to swing for humanlove in Rotterdam and Amsterdam this weekend. And we handed out flyers to each one of them. And answered their questions about NESARA.

For the coming week we will do the demonstration an hour earlier because of another demonstration that will be held on the same spot during the proclamation of the result of the Israelian Wall case in World Court. During our next demonstration we are planning to make a new NESARA banner (6,50 x 0.60 meter). So, we cannot use rain that day!

On Saturday, July 3, 2004, Fanny, Richard and I were in the centre of Rotterdam handing out NESARA flyers. Here is a short report of some of the experiences we had:

Richard and Fanny spoke to a man who was very surprised to hear about NESARA and he wandered why he had never read of this before.

Fanny and I gave a flyer to a man who said: "Do I know this? Yes, I do know this!" He told us he has been working in the US for the election campaign for Ralph Nader for President. And during that time he learned about NESARA. The man left with his wife before we even could ask all the questions that were in our minds.

I handed out a flyer to a man who, after reading it, told me: ""I know what this flyer is about. I am an American. Why do you think I live in Holland?" He told me that his father was once running a very good business in the US. And that the CIA and others destroyed all of it, so his father now lifes at the 'bottom of society' without any money or social security. He said he knew all about the people with the BIG money and their power. He asked me: "Do you have any idea what you are into? Aren't you scared doing this?" I said that people must revolt against this system - when no-one does anything, what will happen then? He said: "God bless you".

So, dear people on this beautiful planet, dear all of us, - we need NESARA to be announced as soon as


With love to All of Us, Nel.