Another fun & exciting day. We were joined today by Detlev, who started driving very early this a.m. from Germany to be here (4 1/2hrs). Monique & I met Nel and Detlev near the Court where we gave them their 'NESARA Now' hand-painted T's which we did this morning. Charged by Dove's report that we were being noticed and making a difference, we all offered to share the 'good news' with as many people that were there. At 2 p.m. we went to the gate for the 'tour' we booked yesterday of the Palace. When they asked under what name we booked, we told them NESARA, which they had recorded :). The tour took about 45 minutes and at the end the Tour Guide offered to take our group photo, which we have enclosed. She was curious about our T's and about NESARA and after we gave her our flyer she offered us good luck. The four of us left the building feeling victorious.

..taking with me the joy, happiness and pleasure that we all experienced being in 'divine service'.

I eagerly await the time we all (Dove readers) get together. In a few short days, five complete strangers met for the first time with similar intent and together, made a difference. Perhaps this is our preview of how the whole world will bond together, after NESARA's announcement, and take action based on the 'highest good of all'. Miraculous times. In Peace & Love, Rob


Our time today by the World Court felt more like a celebration than a demonstration. Buoyed by the 'great news' that finally the Court had given us the 'go' signal, Monique and I left the house happy and with a slight feeling of sadness knowing that our work here is almost complete. We picked up Miep, Monique's young 68 yr mom who made sure we all ate and drank enough while she energetically handed out flyers. By 10 a.m. others had joined us who heard the call and everyone did what was comfortable and the 'demonstration' began. There were always a few police officers with us who were very friendly, helpful and truly interested in NESARA. One of the officers was gracious enough to take a group photo of everyone who came to be there (which we include).

We attracted much more attention than the previous days. Perhaps it was the old sheets we hung from the trees beside the Peace Palace. I believe what got the most attention was the yellow sign which says "NESARA Removes Bush". We got quite a few thumbs up on that one. The demonstration ended (2 p.m.) in glorious sunshine, something we haven't seen much of this week. The Palace looked magnificent today basking in the sun, as we gave thanks to it and all inside, before we drove off. I will be traveling home today with many new friends in my life, a tear in my eye and joy in my heart knowing, we will all be 'home soon'.

In Peace & Love, Rob