Report of Handling out Flyers. The Hague, November 23, 2003


With the slow day yesterday and with the coming demonstration tomorrow at

The World Court, we decided to warm up by handing out flyers at the

Binnenhof (Government Buildings) located in a busy downtown area. The

buildings take up a large city block and have an outdoor pedestrian

walkway through it, where people walk or bike from one end to the other.

Nel stood in the center with Monique and I at either end and we were kept

very busy sharing good news with hundreds of people. I needed to walk

through the passageway to refill everyone's flyers and I was amazed at how

many people were walking each way reading and carrying our NESARA flyers

which made me laugh out loud and put a big smile on my face.

At one point a tinted window gov't car showed up with the chauffeur

running around to open the door for someone important who Monique at once

handed a flyer to. She also spotted The Minister of Economic Affairs and

handed him a flyer as well. At some point, as were handing out NESARA

flyers, we attracted many other curious pedestrians who actually came

nearer to us to take one. Many people on bikes, while pedaling past us,

reached out and took flyers without stopping and read it while continuing

along (only in Holland). There were many police officers about and after

finding out what Nel was doing, actually suggested she do it in the

sun(light), as the weather was a bit cold.

However, Hugo and Marie, after handing out well over 100 flyers beneath

the Prime Minister's office, were finally approached by two other officers

who informed them that a permit is needed to hand out flyers. They

immediately stopped and informed the rest of us to stop as well, which we

did. In spite of quitting a little earlier then expected, we all still

managed to give out over 300 NESARA 'good news flyers'.

I believe that after today's efforts, we are all now in great shape for

the demonstration tomorrow at World Court.

In Peace & Love,